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Taco inspired twice baked potato w ground veal @es_jayy gets the creation cred #eatlikeshit #putitinme #slutsville #tacotuesday #butonawednesday

We ‘bout to fuck your whole world up, Reno! #mobrule916 @breakout_punk_band @prince.robot #slutsville

I am so certain that punk and hardcore are spaces that women belong. A community which empowers us, instead of belittling, abusing and hyper-sexualizing us is real and accessible, and a constant positive momentum towards spaces which are more comfortable for women, queer folx, and people of color is the punkest fucking thing in the world. I love every single person who had a hand in tonight. Infinite love to all of my best friends in @sissyfit.hxc @awakebutstillinbed @dyingforitca and new friends in @frequencywithin and #slutsville for shredding the shit out of tonight. I’m consistently in awe of the incredibly talented female musicians around me, thank you all for teaching me by example the power and comfort of unabashedly expressing your emotions. You make me so fucking whole. This is #girlsrule 🧡🧡🧡

Feeeeeeeeed us. Tabitha and Gretchen at #Slutsville

#Slutsville times with robe designer @clickthreetimes

No idea where this is but I'd sure like to find out #slutsville lol

My main hoe came to visit the dirty south.
Gonna show her how we drink Caprice Kir and tear the town down in Malmö tonight! 💅🍻

I quite like these boots. Too much??? Can’t work out if it’s #classy or #slutsville

Total wallflower.

Night Perrie in a tree. #slutsville

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