SeLeNa IsN't FaMoUs BeCaUsE Of JuStIn
ArIoLa, DeMi AnD MiLeY aRe fLoP
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After 5 months without posting anything, here I am.
(Opinion asked by @icugomez)
I can't even understand she think it could be good idea to post that on Twitter. The prank isn't the problem, this is pretty funny. But the way it turned is the real problem. She made fun of her friend who freaked out cause a girl he didn't know and never saw grabbed his private part. Is she stupid ? This isn't funny, this is a fucking sexual assault. You think because he's a man, this is normal to do something like that? You can't laugh at that when you're supposed to defend raped victims, etc. You don't understand why people got offended or why they came at you? Well yes, we have to educate you. And after that you think people will take you seriously or will listen to you. Well, I don't want to. I lost a lot of respect for you Demi. #demilovato #lovatic #deliflopvato #selenagomez #selenator #slutena #slutenator

Well you know that I dislike this hairstyle and why I dislike it on her so let's not waste our time on that again. I like her makeup. I just wish she did a line of eyeliner or she added a darker eyeshadow on the sides of her eyes to open her them. And I would prefer a darker red for her lips. But this color is good too for her skin tone. Otherwise, I like her contouring, it stays natural and that's good.

I like her shirt, it's cute and cool, I like the color of the pattern, it's very beautiful. Plus it matches perfectly with her leather pants which fit her so damn good. Now let's talk about this horrible coat. It's horrible cause it's not beautiful at all and even more because it's real fur. I don't think I need to say anything more. This is her choice but that doesn't look good and that's not good.

I'm not very fan of her boots. The tip is too square and the buckle is too big, we only see that on her shoes. #selenagomez #selenator #slutena #slutenator

A selenator (@selenitazx) asked my opinion on this video a long time ago but I totally forgot, so sorry. But here it is.
Her voice doesn't sound bad, Good for you always was one of the best song for her. It's really easy to sing it. Well she sounds nervous and nasal so thats not the best for a singer but she always looks she just wants to be sexy for this song. And that seems to be enough for her fans. But honestly I can't really decide if I like it or not cause her voice doesn't sound "normal" like ahe was really singing in live. You can hear that they isolated her voice and amplified it. I don't know if they used anything to change her voice but that's weird. #selenagomez #selenator #slutena #slutenator @selenagomez

I don't understand why people attack Mandy for commenting that. She just wanted to clear some points and she was right to do that. Why would she let selenators blaming Selena's team for her own decisions. At least now selenators can stop searching 56 excuses. Selena chose to work with Woody Allen can though she knew what he did. #selenagomez #selenator #slutena #slutenator

I don't wanna talk about her hairstyle in the first pics cause she was working out so of course she's not gonna make a spectacular or stylised hairstyle. And of course she wasn't wearing makeup. In the other hand, her makeup in the second pics looks very good. I like the little contouring she did and this blush makes her look very good and healthy. Plus, the nude lipstick and just a mascara on her eyes make the makeup look natural. I like seeing her with beanie, she looks so cute, but this one looks too big.

I like her white sweater, it looks good on her. I just hope she didn't wear it while training cause that not good to wear something as hot as a sweater while working out. Otherwise, I always like when a woman wear a big sweater with leggings. About leggings, they always look great on her and I really like this color. I just don't like how she wears her socks, she put them on top of her leggings this isn't beautiful and this is so old-fashioned.
I like her sweater, for the same reasons than for the white one. It's cool and look good on her. I don't feel anything special for the sweatpants, it's just simple and basic. Both pieces of cloth together look more like a pyjama to be honest even more with those boots. And I like her denim jacket but it doesn't match with the outfit. It looks good with the sweater but not with the sweatpants. Denim pants would make the outfit look way better.

Her white sneakers are cool and cute but again I hope she wore something else cause they're not good for working out, she could get injured with this kind of shoes. And I kinda like her boots but again they make the outfit looks even more like a pyjama lol. #selenagomez #selenator #slutena #slutenator

Why do I think that Selena didn't deserve this award that much?
7 top 10 hits: this is good but there is nothing g awesome about that. A lot of female artists have 7+ top 10 hits.
2 n°1 albums: I repeat myself but a lot of female artists have 2+ n°1 albums.
3 hits in the top 40 in 2017: Nothing big again. For example, Rihanna bad 4 hits in the top 40 in 2017 and she even had two of them in the top 5.
3 n°1 hits on the Pop Songs Charts: Many female artists have way more n°1, like Katy Perry who has 11.
Most followed person on Instagram: LMFAO, how is that even an achievement in the music industry? I use Katy Perry as an example again, but she's the most followed artist on Twitter and I've never seen anyone talking about that as an achievement.

I'm not saying she doesn't deserve this award at all, I just think there are other artists who deserved it more. And when you look at the "achievements that made them choose Selena as the woman of the year you see that I'm right. #selenagomez #selenator #slutena #slutenator @selenagomez

I think every hairstyles look pretty good. The beanie looks cute on her. I like when her hair is done and a little messy and wavy. I just prefer when her bands are on the side. I like her hairstyle for the red carpet too, it's more structured and worked but her hair looks oily which is the only bad point to me. And the only hairstyle I dont really like is the low ponytail, but she was going to the gym so that's ok. The first makeup is natural, her contouring looks very good. The second is very simple and natura tool she just has makeup, foundation and lipstick on. The red lipstick looks pretty good but I prefer the second one, it looks better. The third makeup isn't her best. Hung should have opened her eyes with a light eyeshadow color. This lipstick color is too dark for her, that doesn't look good on her skin. I don't like any of her sunglasses. I don't like the shape of the first one but at least they kinda fit her face. The second are way too round for her. And the last one too, plus they look like binoculars.

The first outfit is cool, simple and comfy. I like her hoodie which match perfectly with the sweatpants and her jacket is very original and makes the rest look cute. I really don't like the first dress. The flowers, the cut and the lenght give a old look. And the white bandeau under a transparent black dress doesn't look good. This is too visible, she should have worn a black one. The second dress is super sexy and beautiful but not for her. This looks too small for her and again it makes her shoulder looks larger. But the last third dress is the worst. It may looks better without a white top under it but here it just looks old and ugly to me. That doesn't even fit her. The fifth outfit could look great but the pieces don't go together. First of all, the turtleneck without a bra makes her boobs looks saggy and of course the fabric makes it looks transparent with the flashes. She should know it after the black dress accident. Otherwise it could look good with the shorts or the jacket buy both don't look good together. The jacket is a random cloth while the shorts are more chic.

Me and my friend fixed some lyrics.
Selena's songs about Justin be like.

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And I am like " 😮 " really?
From Selena's family I am not expecting something else,they are all trashes.
He never said something bad about her,he never hit her while she slapped him many times in the public,he cried and she was laughing her flat ass off.
He was saying just great things about her.
" The most elegant princess in the world " rings a bell?
While she called him just bad things,she liked posts that were against him.
He was into the hospital <=> she was to parties.
Selenators are saying " if a man can show his nipples why can't a woman too? " that's right,but also in my opinion.


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I love both hairstyles on her. They make her face thinner than is to the volume on the top of her head. And I like the little wavy strands of her falling to the sides of her hair in the second pics. Her first makeup is on point. The eye makeup open her eyes, the contouring gives a fresh look and this nude lipstick is perfect to complete the makeup. The second one is a little too much. I just like the contouring. Otherwise, Hung overlined her lips too much and the eye makeup is too dark for her that makes her eyes look so small.

This yellow dress is one of my fave dress on her. The color is honestly so beautiful and really compliments her skin tone. And the cut is just perfect for her body shape. It's straight which is perfect for a H body and it shows off her legs which are the best part of her body, to me. I don't really know what to think about the second outfit. I mean this is sexy but maybe a little too much. The cleavage, the cuts in the pants, the leather. That could makes her look a little vulgar. And some things just doesn't fit her. The belt markes her waist too much which makes the outfit looks too tight and the top makes her shoulder looks so large.. good outfit but not for her.

The first shoes are my fave, again. They're beautiful, thin and look very feminine. Plus they match perfectly with the dress. I also like the second shoes of course, they're cool and more rock n roll which is also perfect for her outfit. #selenagomez #selenator #slutena #slutenator

You all " IS THE ANGLE " 😐

Wtf 😂 nose job alert

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(I know I'm late but I'll explain later.) This is one of her worst performance ever, and that's sad cause that could have been one of her best. Mainly thanks to the staging, which was original, interesting and cool. But Selena makes everything looks bored af. I know some of you say she was just playing her role but even at the end she has this look on her face saying she didn't even give 50% of herself into this performance. And I don't think I really need to talk about her voice. Well we don't even hear it, this is just playback during the whole thing. And don't tell me "the backing track was just too loud" cause if it was the case we would hear two voices and here we just hear one thing, the track. Plus, she even missed her lyrics so.. #selenagomez #selenator #slutena #slutenator @selenagomez

So.. Just give up on this show,teens are killing themselves and you don't care.
You can't imagine the pain from their parents,you can't imagine it.
People are looking at your show,and not everyone is having a " pink life " and isn't such a hypocrite like you that doesn't give two fucks about anything.
I was reading a girl's caze,and I was crying at the end,that girl killed herself ( Rest in peace sweetheart )
Are you that careless to don't give a fuck about the people that your show kills?
You are such a hypocrite to say " I care about people " everytime you hop on the stage,but if you cared you'd give up on the show.
Don't make everything about yourself,the kidney transplant just to make yourself look innocent and perfect.
Imagine having a kid and dying because of " Selena Gomez " and her raping show,with suicide.
Put yourself in the parents place that lost their kids.

@selenagomez ( Please tag her,I really want her to see it.) #slutenator #selenagomez

What a woman of year right?😂I mean she did nothing special and so many artists deserved it but sel????🤔
Btw the music on the video it's just for FUN,don't atack!
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Q: physics or chemistry?
Me: chemistry for sure!
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