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Aren’t you the one that always post photoshop pictures of yourself as well as degrading other woman? Aren’t you the one that continues to drink & smoke after your surgery when that’s the reason why you needed a new kidney in the first place?
#slutena #slutenahoemez

I AM SO SICK OF HER LIES! The picture on the left is from today, but waaaait a minute, where's her scar from her kidney transplant🤔🤔🤔🤔 I must admit she's a real good attention seeker BUT people you have to wake up👏 Selrat only wants attention!!!!! damn Justin sweetie leave her before it's too late. #slutenahoemez #selrat #playbackqueen #selenacantsing #slutena

More like.
" Photoshop is beautiful, get photoshopped " smh.
#slutena #slutenahoemez

I really want @djtayjames on JB5 #justinbieber

Y’all have spring break? Cause ya girl does and the best of this is that I don’t go to school on Monday next week. Then we have the SAT exam and I’m gonna fail if I don’t study 💀. So imma use this time to study and hopefully I won’t disappoint no one lmao. If there are any veteran SAT takers (who probably are in college) felt the struggle 😩. I don’t wanna fail and I better not.

Don't look at the "Selenators" and "Me/Slutenators", that doesn't matter. What I want to show you guys with this video is that it's pretty damn pathetic of him trying to become a singer in the music industry. Taylor is a pretty good example of how good you need to be (at least) to have a slight chance. The industry is no piece of cake and his ass won't survive a day in there. (Well, for people who wants to be respected for their work, if you don't care about respect just do it Selly Boo. 😂)
#ronnie #slutenahoemez #slutena #floplena #fakelena #selala #music #taylorswift #arianagrande #demilovato #mileycyrus #justinbieber #jasonmccann #kidrauhl @taylorswift

Para todas as pessoas que dizem que a Hailey nao é ninguem e é obssecada, bem, ontem ela apresentou genuinamente uma premiação e foi bastante comentada no Twitter, logo após teve um jantar com Johnny e Jeremy, sim, porque quando se é irrelevante você naturalmente é convidada para fazer os dois, certo? Quero dizer, é claro que ela é muito querida por todos ao seu redor, todos a amam, não aconteceu nada entre Justin e Hailey de tão ruim e errado que impeça Jeremy e Hailey de serem amigos ok? Então definitivamente eles podem fazer isso. #haileybaldwin

So what I've been missing while I was gone was this jelena bullshit.. Honestly idfk what's going on between them and I don't care at this point... If Justin wanna be a dumbass let him. If Selena is using him for fame again let her. They used to be so toxic and with the news of them "getting back together" then "taking a break" like I'm just- it's a never ending cycle but WHATEVER it's THEIR STUPID LIVES I can't control them and neither can any jelenators. They might not end up getting married hun so keep dreaming #jelenatoes #slutena #slutenahoemez

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