{Texas A&M} Game Day Chili! I counted down the days until football season 🏈 and it’s finally here...
Along with cooler weather...we have rain 🌧 you can find us chowing down on this chili and watching football all day tomorrow🙌🏻

It’s the last night in our apartment. This place has been frustrating, old, hard to maintain, noisy, and a lot of other unkind words. But it has also been my favorite place in the whole world for the past three years. It’s the place we painstakingly prepared for our kids and brought them home to. We made the most of it and really truly appreciated it. It was a safe place for our kids and for us in our hardest moments. I’m nothing if not sentimental, so I’m getting a bit teary thinking about all the great times. But the memories belong to us, not this place. And we walked through our new house today and I couldn’t believe it was ours. It’s so beautiful and there are days I never thought I’d ever live in an actual house ever again much less one as beautiful as it. So excited for this new chapter. Thankful for my husband’s new job that’s making this possible, and for our old tiny apartment, and for a lot more memories to come.

Son (pissed): Mum, why do you play that song over and over and over and over again!!! .
Badass mum: Because my darling, it gives me lots and lots and lots and lots of blinkin joy. .
We all have a song that just fills us with utter joy. A song that takes us away from our constant thinking. Play it over and over my lovey and transcend to a happy place.
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this summer was extra sweet, with moments like this ✨ we put our feet in the pacific and belly laughed in lake michigan. we collected sea shells and made watermelon popsicles every day. we brought lunch to the park and danced through the sprinklers. it was the first year I got to watch my boy leave his footprints in the sand and splash salty water in his hair, and I am grateful for photos like this one so I never forget the happiness the summer of ‘18 brought me and my little family 🙏🏼 #magicofchildhood

We spent this rainy day at the library and then home reading books 📚 This boy read through two out of three of his in about 2 hours, even skipping lunch, it always amazes me how much and how fast he can devour books. The littlest ones were napping so we had this blissful time to just read quietly together and I wanted to document this special little moment of peace with my first baby ♥️

I just sent this to my son in college up in Maine #iphonexsmax #iphoneonly college kids can’t afford new iPhones lmao

Thanks to @aveenous for sending me these products! We use them on a daily basis and it was nice to get them free this time. I have never tried their hand and face wipes which are awesome! Had to stop my 2 year old from using them all up on her baby doll.
Aveeno Baby products are hypoallergenic, fragnance-free and gentle on baby's sensitive skin and I'm not going to hide, it makes skin so smooth and soft I can't help but use them too! 🙈

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They look so sweet when they sleep 🖤 i can just look at my princess all day hope she starts to feel better it’s breaking my heart that she’s sick and all she’s doing is calling out for her daddy .

Today was such a good day. I went and had an appointment with Nutrition today and was so excited that all my lab values were normal. Also got to spend some time with my husband and Wilder, so that’s always nice! So if you haven’t noticed I’m totally in love with the rust colored things and also mustard colored things! Pretty sure these will be my colors of fall and winter long.

I’ve definitely been investing in myself more, when it comes to buying clothes. Because before I was totally not spending money on myself when I came to clothes. So now since I have made a capsule wardrobe and buy more quality pieces.
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So yesterday I was very mistaken about our weather situation. But I PROMISE today really did feel like fall. 🍂 So this weekend will be filled with fall activities and I can’t wait.
If only that little hat still fit Eli. So so cute. 🧡
What are you all doing this weekend?👇🏻

We’ve got the best of both worlds!!

Spent the morning just the two of us ❤️

🌿What a stunning photo of beautiful Indianna wearing our Brigitte bow in pink floral~
🌿thanks for sharing @life.with.our.littles_ 📸

I am normally all about comfort when it comes to clothing (for me + the babies) but I just couldn't help myself with this little dress 😍

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