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Morning blueberry face.

While one poppet had Keto blueberry pancakes 🥞 the other had dinn-fast (dinner for breakfast) before he could have anything else.

Nothing better than warm winter sunshine ☀️ streaming through the kitchen on a frosty Winters morning.

Making all things glimmer and shine when you look over the frozen grass, the icy ❄️ paddocks and the droplets of water hanging off the fence.

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Baxter and Amanda twinning @la_toosh. A lovely start to our working week. #cavoodle #hairyjackets #slowmornings

Drinking sunshine straight from the orchard this morning 🌿 I’m trying to conserve all the peels for non-toxic cleaning products, seed cups and candied peel 🍊
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Anyone nut free healthy chocolate crackles? Perfect lunchbox snacks for our little humans. -
5 minute Chocolate crackle 🍫
* 2 cups puffed rice * 1/4 cup hemp seeds
* 1/4 cup chia seeds
* 1/4 cup dried blueberries * 1/4 cup shredded coconut * 1 cup dark choc chips
* 1 tbsp rice malt syrup
in a mixing bowl add everything but chocolate and rice malt. In a seperate bowl melt chocolate and rice malt together then mix through all ingredients. Once all coated press firmly into your little trays and freeze till set. Serve as they are which is nut free 🙌🏼🙌🏼 or if you don’t have a problem with nuts I put some PB on the top and chopped up strawberries. 🍓

So often in our lives ... we live
We go through motions
Hit the alarm everyday ... some days a few minutes off here and there
Frequent the same routes
Follow similar routines
Get stumped on the same places in life and same thought traffic jam processing that we can’t seem to ever feel like it’s not rush hour & we try to change up our habits and ways of everything but than find those to become habitual soon after as well
What about actually living the way we want?
In the mindset we want to live it in?
When we think goals we often think or picture work, Work, shatter the glass cieling boss lady, let’s try to make more money somewhere, gotta climb this societal ladder here and this one there- types of goals
Yes, we gotta make it - I get that
Yes we gotta rise - I’m on it but ... Bring your soul to the table
Bring your heart to the table
Bring your mind to the table

What does living life mean to you?
And not just living ... LIVING.
Life in a way that has you ignited by your own way of life & mindset & tribe
Have grace when you think about this .. you’ll realize there is so much within you that you’ve dreamed on, or missed out on or so much you wish you would’ve realized you could’ve done NOW & not waited for “when the timing was right”
Love yourself through those “sigh” moments of feeling you’ve missed out on some of your own magical life because .... it starts now
Realize what sets your soul on fire
Ponder Who you want to surround you in this
Connect with What feels you want to bring back or have more of full force and constinsncy
& next ... LIVE.
Because I let go of the “someday” & I grabbed hold of all the feels I wanted alllll up in my life & I’m choosing to live and thrive accordingly
So, I’m living up in the mountains for a few more hours and I’ll wake back up and drink coffee in a mug, with no alarm & most importantly
I will be feeling some mad gratitude for this life I LIVE
Because I refuse to live any way else.

Nascer do sol

| | Keep shining beautiful one. The world needs your light. | | 🌞


I remember when I picked this little book from the shelf in the gift store and I thought to myself, "I could do with a reminder somedays." Like today. I needed one. And just incase you need one too, know that you are an amazing girl. MashaAllah 😊

Slow mornings with hot coffee & then cold brew from Costco right after that 😜 this morning I set up a little painting station & ollie went to town creating blue clouds & green grass. I bought the walnut paint well from @willowandburl & it is adorable ♥️ I hope you all are having a good Monday (with two coffees in, I know I am 😂😴☕️).

I’m loving our slow, snuggly mornings consisting of sleeping in, lots of coffee and cartoons before we take on the day ☕️ || but let’s get real, I’m really the only one trying to “sleep in” 😂 ( & sometimes Nixon 🙌🏼) || but sometimes, as of late, these two have been waking up and sneaking down stairs without telling me and turning on the TV and grabbing the bag of Cheerios 😅 || I haven’t decided if I love it cause it buys me some more Zzz’s and they’re getting more independent or if it makes me sad cause they’re getting more independent, growing up too fast & don’t need me quite as much in the mornings 😭 || but it’s their little “thing” they have together as siblings and I feel like they’re bonding with it & I don’t want to interrupt their little time together, so I just pretend I don’t hear them “sneaking” downstairs ☺️ || plus, I love ease dropping on their little conversations 😍 || but trust me, after about 20 minutes of me laying in bed with one eye open and listening to them downstairs playing, one of them comes up and needs me for something ☺️ || and usually it’s Nixon saying “Mom I have to poop, will you wipe my butt when I’m done?” 🤣 || so for now, I’ll enjoy that extra 20 minutes of “sleep” 😆 || #bittersweet .
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Early morning cuddles from all of my boys - I’ll take ‘em!❤️ #HappyMonday #LuckyMama

В борьбе между сердцем и головой в конце концов побеждает желудок.———————————————————————————
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Every morning, after they do chores, Poppy steals away to our ever growing raspberry patch. Sometimes the others join her, but lose interest once the low hanging fruit is gone. She stays behind, let’s her eyes focus, crouches and slinks until every last blushing berry is eaten.

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“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.” -Carl Jung.
The remnants of a toy's tea party. Someone has definitely been hard at work!
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