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👃🏽Of course I listen to The Smiths while I work. I'm a walking cliché but I don't really have a problem with that.
thank you to the ones that read my posts, I'm not looking to hide my tools, I just don't like replying things when they are on the caption 🙃
Ok, the info! the needle! the tool! it's a kantan needle, I buy mines on amazon.uk, and If you go back a few posts you'll find all the info you could want.
New info! difference between a kantan needle and a punch needle:
the punch needle only looks similar but actually has nothing to do with how this other one works. the punch needle has the thread in the middle of it, punches a hole on the fabric and when it retracts, a loop of thread remains catched on the fabric. that way you get something like a back stitch on one side and a loop on the other. it works for decorative purposes but it doesn't last. if you pull the thread a bit the whole embroidery comes off.
the kantan needle needs both your hands to form the stitch: one pierces the fabric from one side and the other threads the hook from the other side each time you make a stitch. that way you get a back stitch on the front and a chain stitch on the back and the embroidery is secured and doesn't come off. hope this helps! look for tambour embroidery videos to understand the procedure better.

Se você pudesse dar uma legenda pra essa foto, qual seria? 💛✨ Vem pro stories e conheça todos os detalhes na nossa edição especial do "Look do Tour". {cuplovershop.com.br} #nósvestimossonhos

From my old backyard ❤️ @sondeflor linen combination, I'll never forget the beauty of these meadows :) #style #outfit #linen #slowfashion #sunshinecoast

I think it's time for a haircut 💇🏽😅🥀 New video will be up on the channel tomorrow! Skipped last week to take a few days off and recharge ⚡️now that I'm back to having a routine again and life is good! Less stress, more time to work out and be creative. 👌🏼 Let me know what videos you'd like to see next!

Um jeito diferente pra usar um clássico! ❤️Preto e branco ❤️

Trying to survive the vacation with 5 pieces of clothing.. so far so good

Cinchie shorts( in rust) will be available xs-large for made to order in any color tomorrow 😻

Also ft. The blaze hempkini top! 😳😊

Fashion revolution week may have been a few months ago but I'm still not done asking brands #whomademyclothes. 👁✨👁It is important to not only demand quality in the clothes we buy but also in the lives of the people who make them. We are entitled to ask for radical transparency along the entire supply chain of a company whose products we are interested in purchasing. The way we choose to spend our money sends a huge message about what we as customers value. If we want to see a world of transparency, ethical labour, fair-trade, and sustainable business practices we have to make this known! Support the brands that are paving the way and never be afraid to questions the ones that are not! Things like making a phone call or sending a quick email can make a huge difference because it shows what we care about. If the world sees the demand for ethical and sustainable production, it will create the supply! This is far bigger than clothing, and applies to every industry from cars, to food, property and everything in between. Let's ask for the change we want to see in the world 🌍🌿♻️🌾💚✨ #sustainableliving #believeinbetter 👇🏼 more in comments


Floating down city streets. .
Image inspiration @blockshoptextiles .
📷 @dartphoto .
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Time to tag more pants. How do you like our new hang tags made from recycled paper?
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Do any of you journal? If so, do you find it beneficial?🤷🏽‍♀️

|N E W| 💜1950s Bobbie Brooks white cotton skirt set! Too cute with purple and pink woven ribbons and lacy trim • size medium-large • $48 + shipping

We will never find success until we admit to ourselves that every excuse we make is just well-curated bullshit. .
Go check out my newest blog post (link in bio!! ⬆️) to read more of my thoughts on excuses, and how to overcome them! 🙌🙌🙌

Throwback Thursday!
From Holi to Rakhi - the evergreen #aamirkhan sporting our Hisbiscus enamel Buttons.

Find more information on www.azga.in

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Shop Earthlike at shop.gaatha.com ~a tale of crafts! #gaatha #gaathahandicrafts #craftedwithlove #supportlocal #artisans #slowfashion #kidsfashion #earthlikedesign #gaatha.handicrafts

Wonderful indigo. Handwoven and hand dyed scarf from Little Flower. #wfto #fairtrade #indigo #blue #handwoven #slowfashion #fairaccessories #scarves #cotton #circles #lovelythings

Just in! Lots of beautiful pieces in sizes 14-20. Some new with tags and nothing over $60.

Is your Darwin Cup dress waiting for you?

This Saturday ❤ come and say Hi 👋
This will be our last market outing before we go on baby leave 😍
Although we will try and update our etsy and website shops 👌

palm porn

[Merci!] Client satisfaction is our top priority.

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Compassion will cure more then condemnation.
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