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I just enjoyed seeing this the other day. You don't see people reading the paper as much anymore. #lostart #slowerpace

I could get used to this costal lifestyle. #coffeeandabook #slowerpace #nowheretobe

Flight is booked! New potential opportunities await and I look forward to the possibilities. Leaving the city in the rear view in search of a slower pace and higher quality of life. Hopefully this trip will be a productive one as I expect it will be. #opportunityknocks #newcareer #mountains #slowerpace

Blue skies with fluffy clouds, pastry park date, birds singing lovely songs, green gardens through our window, sleepy Gwen and a 32 week 👶🏻 bb bump. My day has been lovely so far in Hudson, New York. #upstateny #slowerpace #32weeks #babybump 💚🌿✨

#Shenzhen, thank you for last night. The people treated me like one of their own. They spoke to me in Chinese and shied away when I replied #languagebarrier. I love their love for #bicycles for going around the city. I appreciate the #slowerpace, a nice contrast to HK. I will be back once I manage to get another visa.
Shout-out to #shangrila for the hospitality and "free" Wi-Fi.

I showed a neat little mini farm in Kodak this morning. I could do this life. #slowerpace #farmlife #growstuff #makestuff

Daydreaming of a slower pace this Sunday... a pace in which we appreciate all of the wild flowers, and all of the bees!
I hope your Sunday is beautiful!
- laurel
#getoutside #slowerpace #farmlife

When weekdays don't feel like weekdays #coffeehouse #kepong #coffeearoma #slowerpace #life

Perfect place to start the day! #ocean #slowerpace #headinghome


As a lover of #sehiddengems and #localproduce, it's good to see @timeoutlondon giving a big shout out to our special place #kent #coast #escapethecity #spacetobreathe
#Repost @timeoutlondon (@get_repost)
Take this as a sign to escape London this weekend. Jump on a train and discover Whitstable, one of the many #SEhiddengems offering a slice of tranquility from the city. [Picture: @charlieirons]

I just enjoyed seeing this the other day. You don't see people reading the paper as much anymore. #lostart #slowerpace

Front Porch Sittin' here in #NC // one knows that they definitely are in the #south when this setup is in the #airport

#freeupmyinsta Day 4: THE WEEKEND - this sums up one of my favourite things to do at a weekend: take time to enjoy a more substantial and leisurely breakfast. Whether that means at home, in bed, with a paper to read or radio on, or brunch out... I just feel there is no better way to start any weekend 😎 #brunch #breakfast #relax #weekend #weekendvibes #slowerpace #timetorelax

I don't really "do" exercise. Yes, I actually said that. I am terrible at making the time for it and frankly, I just don't enjoy it that much. I've had spurts of being a "runner" and a "kick boxer" but really the only consistent forms of exercise I truly enjoy are rock climbing and yoga. I used to live in Baltimore and would start some of my mornings on my rooftop deck doing yoga and overlooking the city. It was blissful. Back then, I took the time for myself because, well, I was the only person I really needed to look after.
Then, motherhood happened. That "me" priority time got replaced by taking care of little people. And I was good with that. Later on, I started to climb again and go to the gym more. Then, I got sick. For an entire year. I had to start all over again and it felt like I was starting from scratch but I appreciate so much more now just having "normal" days where I feel good and my body can do whatever it wants to do. I don't ever take it for granted. Now as my kids get older, I'm beginning to get some of that time and momentum back and am working to get back into a healthy groove. Today, I couldn't find my yoga mats (I guess it's been that long 😬) but I just needed to do something...even if it was just a few minutes. No matter how busy I get, it always seems to draw me back and even if it's just ten quick minutes at a time, I'm always happy I did it. Especially when this handsome little guy will do some with me.
I prefer a slower pace for things- I rise slowly for the day, I stretch like a cat till I'm good and loosened up for the day, I abhor being rushed (unfortunately so do my kids lol) and the thought of rushing my family place to place on any given day makes my head throb. I think that's why I love newborn photography so much- it's peaceful, we operate at a slow pace, no rushing and we just go with poses that work for each baby. Poco a poco, little by little, kinda like yoga. It's funny how things in our life go together, even when it doesn't seem obvious. Today is day one of getting back on the saddle and you know what? I'm giving myself a big, fat pat on the back.

I showed a neat little mini farm in Kodak this morning. I could do this life. #slowerpace #farmlife #growstuff #makestuff

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