Just received this gorgeous edition for one of the best films of the last decade. ⛈
(also the film that made me realize how much I love @jessicachastain)

It’s not one of my favourite Carpenter films, but I couldn’t say no to Christine in 4K for only $20. Pristine mint slipcover, too. 🤤

Picked up this flick last night, too. I dig the look of it and it sounds cool enough. Anyone see this yet?

France is giving Mask of the Phantasm and SubZero the slipcover love that they should’ve been given here in North America. You dropped the bat-ball, Warner Archive.

My Blu-Ray Collection, Not including the Steelbooks and Collectors Editions

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This is a Blind Buy for me, however i cant wait to watch this one finally, i missed it in cinema, what are your thoughts of this movie

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Who else is freakin’ excited for the Glass trailer reveal at SDCC this weekend?!

Blu-Ray update, finally have this movie, no Steelbook sadly bit this Sleeve is Just 😍😍 i realy loved the movie, Alicia Vikander did an Amazing job with this one

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Bubba Ho-Tep is, to me, a masterpiece. It’s in my Top 3 for Bruce Campbell roles and is — believe it or not — my favourite Don Coscarelli film. Another fantastic release from Scream Factory, too.

Craving a new Riddick adventure... doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, game, or comic. Hell, I’d especially love to see Scream Factory take a swing at Pitch Black since they’re working with Universal. 🙏🏻

I watched the first three parts last Halloween, so I think I’m due for a rewatch of parts 4 to 8.

Saw that this came out today and I had to buy it. It’s only $14.96 at Walmart, Well Go USA put together a sharp-looking package, and Moorhead & Benson’s last film, Spring, was such a beautiful Lovecraftian homage that I felt blind-buying their new flick would be worth it. 👌

And with the addition of this flick to my collection, I now officially own my Top 3 horror films from 2017: Happy Death Day, Tragedy Girls, and IT. Now I just need The Devil’s Candy and I’ll be satisfied. (And to also keep hoping that Netflix gives The Babysitter a physical release)

Was it as good as the original? Not even close. But was it still fun? Most definitely. It’s awesome that Universal put out this Best Buy exclusive 4K/3D/Blu-ray combo pack. No DVDs = thank you very much!

Watching with my Love ❤️📽️, Coco again i love this moviegets beter every time i see
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