Sunday was an incredible day of surf and end of Summer sunshine. @ekosurfergirl was stylin at 56th St in her Slipins SurfSkin Mini-stayed in place and kept her Sun protected. These beauties are 25% off until Sept 21st, so only a couple more days of Summer and Savings. Tap pic to Shop NOW

Ahhh the shear joy-those final days of summer and the waters still warm enough. All you need is a Slipins Rashguard with 60+UPF and you can trunk it🏄🏼‍♂️. On sale thru Sept 21st at slipins.com or tap pic to Shop NOW. @indogirl58 will enjoy this pic of her man!!!

Surf’s Up and Suns Out!! Perfect recipe for Slipins Surfskins🏄🏼‍♂️. @kja_designs catching a few on a recent trip to Nicaragua wearing his favorite Whale Shark!! Tap pic to see all the Slipins Sun Protective SurfSkins!!

Summer is still Happening. Play and have Fun in the Sun while it lasts😎. Slipins Sun Protective Swimwear allow you to enjoy every sunny minute of it🏄‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🤩. @saltlifepirateprincess looking sexy as hell in Plum Gorgeous💜

Nothing will come of nothing. -King Lear 💜 @slipinsurfskins Plum Gorgeous
#slipinsurfskins #slipinsurfskinmini

I’ve Got The Blues. @sheri.daye in Blue Water Shells DiveSkin with total blue accessories-including her Catch💙💙. Tap pic to see this and all the other beautiful Slipins Sun Protective WaterWear!!

Having FUN NOW!!! Who knew Sun Protection could be so Fabulous!!!

Almost FREE. Freediving is such freedom. This is an image by @jferrara_photo of @bobcatlisa in our discontinued Rose Tie Dye Slipins Sun Protective Swimsuit. So pretty, not on our slipins.com anymore, but somehow I just found two XS in a bin. If you email Robin@slipins.com, I will send it to you for free. Free to a good home in the US!!! Only 2 left so if you are an XS, let me know!!!

Have a Whale(Shark) of a weekend! Still feels like Summer. #nowetsuitneeded @justinebean

Can it see me?!? Talk about camouflage!!! @manta_raes is wearing Slipins SAMS Shark Invisibility DiveSkin. It’s AWESOME. Tap Pic to see more! Shop NOW!!

Day 6 of #pathtopincha is learning to fall out of it. 1-cartwheeling out (which I find really awkward, but I’ll give it another go tomorrow) 2-rolling out (my favourite!) and 3- falling into forearmwheel which I also can’t do. So I worked on it with my feet on a raised surface. After my practice, I went home and stretched on my yogawheel which #dominothesphynx joined me (love that little guy to bits 💕) this was 113/150 #150timespincha #alliszonspinchaprogress #forearmfriday #forearmbalance #forearmstand #pinchapractice wearing my #slipinsurfskins , my fave outfits to wear to circus! #circuseveryday
Thanks to the hosts and sponsors for organizing this challenge! It’s so great to be practicing with everyone.
Your lovely hosts:
🌸 @uc.yoga
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Be Reflective on this Sunday Morning of the Labor Day Weekend! I mean by wearing your Reflections Slipins of Choice🤩. Tap pics to see them all and Shop NOW!!!

Slipins Water Wagon tucked in for the night just outside Hood River, Oregon. I could spend some time here👍😍. Plenty of activities that are perfect for wearing Slipins Sun Protective WaterWear.

Whale Shark Wednesday can be so exciting. This was just sent to me by @girlsthatscuba of @jabra_cadabra in Slipins Whale Shark swimming with her new best friend👍. Tap pic to see all the super cool Slipins Diveskins🧜🏻‍♀️

How are you getting ready for Labor Day Weekend?!? @thepinkfins is enjoying her Fun in the Sun even more by wearing her Slipins!! 60+UPF is so important for this end of summer celebration and beyond.

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