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10 lbs down ❤️#slimmindown

Cleaned my diet up and already starting to cut down loosing size in my waist 😁... Can't wait to see how the next couple of months go 🙈🙈🙈🙈 #gainsongains #slimmindown #dechereicome #vegasbaby #stoked

😃... 🙁... 😆😆😆

Stay fit don't quit! My night at work today was great! Some of my AFF fam! Love them! #thecamptransformationcenter #stayfitdontquit #campmodesto #slimmindown #iwannabebetter

I will become the best racer I can be and won't lose a single position at the end of a moto again..🔥 #TrainInsane #Insanity #SlimminDown #Stronger

- Fierce. 🔥😈👄💋 #SlimminDown

#mancandymonday I for sure have the best workout partner! #itworksdistributor #slimmindown #daybyday

Yesterday in my cold-induced haze I was getting caught up on Linked-In when I realized that my profile pic hadn't been changed in over a year. Although the woman is the same smiley happy girl inside, that picture on the left no longer represents who I am now. I'm so much more comfortable in my own skin, I feel energetic and powerful, and I am healthy and strong! So I changed my profile and intend to keep updating it as my journey continues. #outwiththeoldinwiththenew #slimmindown #2017ismyyear #beachbody #39lbsdown 🏋🏼‍♀️


10 lbs down ❤️#slimmindown

"Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it!" -R.H Sin

Living my best life every day! Today: work-hat-invites-gym-jam-C&C! So excited for weigh in tomorrow! ✌🏽

#weightloss #journey #badass #livethebestlife #lovinglife #winning #bestday #fire #herbalifenutrition #watchmeorjoinme #workfromhome #higherfrequency #feelinggood #energy #slimmindown #grateful

Who's having a booster this morning??? 🙋🙋🙋
Having me extra energy today! •

#morning #booster #warmwater #energy #fatburn #lesskcal #sinsfree #slimmindown #soeasy #losingweight #healthyroutetosuccess

So this is sort of embarrassing.. but at the same time sort of cool. I am officially down 25lbs - slow progress is better than no progress for sure. I'm feeling really really good these days! Neat to see the side by side and stoked that I can comfortably wear this swim suit again after 6 years! Starting to focus on gaining muscle now. STAY TUNED 💪🏼😊 #WorkinOnMyFitness #Fitness #Health #GetHealthy #Fitlife #Weights #weightlifting #gymlife #nopainNogain #feelingood #HealthyEating #progress #Fitnessmotivation #goals #goalsetting #goalSquashing #youcandoit #fitnessgoals #trainhard #noexcuses #training #slimmindown #skinny #yay

Y'ALL!!!!!!! Today is my ONE YEAR Plexus Anniversary!!!!! Take a look at this difference!!!!!! I'm so serious when I tell you this stuff is amazing. I couldn't be happier and couldn't be more thankful for 1) the products of course and 2) someone sharing it with me!!!! The journey has been so fun and I have loved every second of it. I'm WAY healthier and I NEVER thought that was even possible. I tried diet after diet after giving things up for certain period of time and then just go right back into drinking soda and eating all the sugary cupcakes and cookies I could!!! But y'all, these products have helped me control my portion sizes, level my blood sugar and cholesterol levels, curb my sugar cravings, give me natural energy (no more energy drinks or being a coffee zombie!!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿), and killed inflammation. All I did was the Plexus Slim, Biocleanse and Probio aka the infamous Triplex Combo. My gut is healthy and my heart is happy. Plexus makes me brave to try new things that I wouldn't have dared taste before, seriously ask @ashleyluster she's been a witness through the whole thing!!! Grateful to be on her team and excelling in my own business as well.
#plexuspost #plexustriplex #triplexcombo #slim #slimmindown #guthealth #healthyfromtheinsideout #noregrets #happylife #thankful #workoutlover #running #running #killsinflammation #getgoodguts #plexus96 #plexiverssary #oneyearwithplexus #sothankful oh and I've officially lost 50 lbs!!!!! #weightdown #weightmanagment #weightlossjourney

Look what came in today @llaurenevanss!!! So excited!! #slimmindown #healthylife

I'm literally 💩ing myself preparing to hit send on this post. I don't think I've shown my stomach publicly since like 7th grade, let alone after what seems like a lifetime of baby making. 😬 But, my word is everything and when I started this latest program I promised myself and many of you that I would show you all what a real person looks like before and after committing to something like this. And this whole health journey has been about stepping FAR out of my comfort zone so here it goes. Me in all my glory. ((Gulp!))
It's amazing what 3 weeks of clean eating, regular exercise and a daily shake can do. Am I perfect? Hell no. Do I still need a lot of core work? Hell yes. (Wink wink @ashly_fit) But I am definitely getting stronger, leaner and more toned. And in just 3 weeks, I LOST 4.5 POUNDS AND 5 INCHES! And the even better news is that I gained 1/2 inch each in my arms and thighs which means most of my inches were lost in my chest, waist and hips. So it's working!!
I loved Shift Shop so much that I'm going to do it again starting on Monday, Aug 7th. Who wants to join me??? It can all be done at home and is a great compliment to anything you might already be doing for fitness. And you'll get to do it with me, virtually of course. 😘

So I'm not sure there are even words to adequately describe the joy I am feeling having hit a HUGE goal that I've been chasing...friends, I have lost FORTY FREAKIN' POUNDS in 11 months. 40!!!!! I think back to the woman I was this time last year and the transformation for me is momentous, not only physically but mentally as well.
I had just turned 43 years old and was at my heaviest non-pregnant weight ever. I had just had to have a hysterectomy that Spring due to ongoing health issues and had been living with Crohn's disease for 13 years which at some points I was taking up to 12 pills a day to keep under control. I had a highly stressful job and was sitting at a computer all day. I was always tired, I constantly felt lethargic and I did not recognize the woman staring back at me in the mirror. Despite all of that I was a super happy person, just one that also had a desire deep down inside to change. I wanted it. And I knew I deserved it.
But the reality is it took me years to get as unhealthy as I was. And it took me just as long to make the decision to commit to becoming a better me. I was scared of what "sacrifices" I would have to make to see results. I was also afraid that I didn't have the mental fortitude to change enough for it to last. But clearly I was wrong.
Deciding to commit, and I mean really commit, to eating clean and exercising is one of the most amazing, rewarding, life altering decisions I've ever made. The impact it's had on my life alone is mind blowing, let alone my kids and friends and family.
So here I am today. Still definitely a work in progress, but 40 lbs lighter. I no longer take any prescription medications at all. ZERO. I seriously feel like a million bucks.
I am so grateful to so many people who have supported me during this, especially Ray, @fitmomcourt, my challenge group family and @ashly_fit ...I just simply don't know what I did to deserve you all dropping into my life, but I will be forever grateful.
So now I will go eat Mexican food to celebrate!

#postworkoutselfie Today was 45-minutes of strength training with weights and 12-minutes of core work. I am 💩'd. But I'm so proud that I can motivate myself at home when the hubs and kids are just chillin' in the living room. I've got #goals and am seeing lots of changes that I'm liking from this program. Now I get to go do laundry. 😪#glamourouslife #azmomlife #azmom #2017ismyyear #day18of21 #slimmindown

My cover for my next single "Caballeros negros" b/w " me gusta la playa pero nunca nadar" :) #justbythebeachRecords #vacaciones #bukueone #SlimminDown #Chickenlegs #nobellybutton

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