Came to the end of my first #Slenderiix journey started at 301 pounds now im at 269 pounds. I lost 32pounds with 7% body fat! With no exercises! Im now on my second Journey! Stay posted for those results because now is Slenderiix plus gym! Wait! Did i mention i also gained muscle mass!?🤔 lol. YES! 💪it does NOT! affect your muscle IN WHATS SO EVER!
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This is how I start my day like a ROCKSTAR!!!👌😎👊
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I felt like I was doing so great after about 7 months drinking Elite that I actually thought I didn't really need it anymore. Ive been drinking it sporadically a few times a week, maybe. (However my husband Dean loves it for his heartburn/digestion issues & he works with the public but hasn't got sick in since Elite came out so he continued.) What I noticed was... My stomach was bloating, back to drinking full pots of coffee by lunch, my sleep went back in the toilet (some night sweats, needed naps), my face just wasn't healing as fast (I looked dehydrated!), I was getting pain (also arthritis) & spasms back in my hands, neck/arm, feet & sciatic nerve again... and I was feeling REALLY "down"... my "dark mood" was back. So Last week I decided to start drinking it again, but EVERY DAY.. and again by about day 4 I started noticing I was feeling happy again.. ❤️sleeping very soundly but I'm up at 6 or 7am (no alarm clock) morning pain gone, ready to go DO something, walking the dogs for a whole hour every day... my face is clearing up (itchy dry patches clearing up). Bathroom/stomach issues are back to normal (Woohoo!) my aches/pain have gone away... can walk & also grip my woodburning tool without spasms 💕 honestly not trying to do an infomercial... just me sharing something that's really helping me FEEL better all around 💖
- Megan D

Elite™ provides a defence against stress by reducing cortisol levels, improved immunity, and collagen loss. Elite™ helps your emotional well-being, both reflected in youthful, healthy looking skin, improved sleep, improved digestive and immune systems, reduction of inflammation and joint pain!

• Preserves collagen protein & hyaluronic acid
• Reduces cortisol & supports a positive mood
• Helps decrease fatigue
• Helps maintain skin elasticity & tone
• Supports healthy digestive & immune systems
• Fights against the shortening of telomeres
• Improves mental clarity & focus
• Promotes a calm relaxed state of mind

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About to enjoy some much needed sushi. It feels great getting healthy honestly! #weightlosssupport #slenderiix #xceler8 #ariix #trusttheprocess

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🚨 Alerte #témoignage de ouf 🚨

Parce qu'il n'y a rien de mieux que des témoignages de personnes tatoués ! 🎉Quasiment 20kg perdu pour cette cliente qui a utilisé nos gouttes #slenderiix pendant un mois 🎉

Envie de vous laisser tenter ?
Contactez moi ❗

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4월 24일♡♡ 슬랜더라이즈 한국 런칭♡♡
넘나 기다려진다♡♡ 천연 임파선 다이어트~♡♡ 이미 해외에서 다이어트 제품1등😍😍
올여름엔 나도 저렇게 이쁜옷입어야지♡♡ #애릭스 #애릭스코리아 #4월24일 #런칭 #슬랜더라이즈 #천연 #임파선다이어트 #다이어트 #한방울톡 #나도 #올해는 #다이어트 #성공 #ㅋㅋㅋ

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How much is that dress in the window? The one that's a little tight... but not for long!
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오늘도 보람있는
발걸음^^ 카메라만 들며
통한듯이 모여드는 #퓨리티
이게 이 사업이다 ㅋㅋ

#일상이 되어버린 ^^
#습관이 되어버린 ^^ 드디어


먹는 법 터득하는중 ㅋㅋ


現在85kg -25kgですね(笑)
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Hey everyone, when I was rushing to cut down body fat and build up muscle I hit up @melvin_alvarez_ cause I knew he worked for this supplement company called Ariix. What’s special about them is all of there products are natural and approved by (to many companies to count), to be safe for you and your body. I wanted to do something natural and Melvin suggested the Slenderiix program. These products resulted in increased energy, and a faster metabolism, which resulted in trimming down my body fat while putting on 20lbs of muscle, just in the 6 months I used it last year. I wanted to confirm and make sure it worked before posting something about it. I’m pretty happy with the results and if you want to use a natural supplement that truly will help you! Use Ariix and contact @melvin_alvarez_ for anymore info! Thank you again bro! #slimdown #bulkup #slenderiix #Ariix

Thankyou @nattirvine for my goodies today can’t wait to get started!! #slenderiix #cleaneating #healthyoptions

Sono una guasta feste, che Sono tra l'altro finite da pochi giorni e ci sentiamo gonfie e stanche, il nostro organismo è in sovraccarico dal pranzo di Natale al cenone di San Silvestro. La soluzione al problema esiste. #seifelice #detox #clean #slenderiix

Gente , trabalhar com resultados extraordinários e maravilhoso...#ariix #slenderiix #viversaudavel...#€

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