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Sleep. It's such an amazing thing. Have you ever stopped to think about it? 😴 >>>Here are 5 NEED TO KNOW facts about sleep.<<<
1. Quality sleep engages our bodies restorative systems including cellular growth, muscle/organ repair, detoxification, memory consolidation, skin regeneration and much more.
2. Adults need a minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep for optimum health.
3. Less than 7 hours (or sleep that is disturbed repeatedly) sets you at risk for health issues. Short term issues include slow metabolism/weight gain, depression, anxiety, decreased short term memory, poor cognitive function, decreased immune function, increased stress, increased appetite. Long term issues include high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity and more.
4. Insomniacs are 10x more likely to develop depression and 17x more likely to have significant anxiety.
5. Your gut effects your sleep in a *BIG* way!
>>>How does your gut effect sleep?<<<
1. Over 80% of your sleep hormones are produced in your gut. An unbalanced gut can equal suppressed sleep-inducing hormones. Que insomnia. 🙁
2. The reverse is also true. Hormones that give us energy and wakefulness (which should be lowest between 10 pm & 8 am) can be elevated during the night in those with an imbalance gut.
3. Studies show that gut bacteria either increase or decrease these hormone levels (depending on good-to-bad bacteria ratio).
4. The vagus nerve is the thick "super highway" that runs from your brain to your gut. 90% of the neural fibers in the vagus nerve run from gut to brain and only 10% from brain to gut. Our gut clearly has a LOT to say to our brain!
>>>How did I go from an exhausted, poor quality sleeper (waking up frequently, walking and talking in sleep regularly, having crazy vivid dreams constantly) to sleeping like a rock every night without fail?<<<
1. Making sleep a priority. Changing the way I think about the importance of sleep for my health.
2. Taking some beloved supplements that improve my gut health in a MAJOR way. >>If you are a struggling sleeper, we NEED to chat. I have something that you need and will be so thankful for!<<

After a week of crappy sleep and waking up tired I was so happy to get the mail today!! Omegas + the best probiotic + magnesium = the best sleep 😴 #plantbased #nofishburps #sleeplikeadad #nightnight

20 weeks pregnant and still sleeping like a champ thanks to this product right here!!! With my other 3 kiddos I literally would be up at all hours of the night. I would read book after book to try to get more sleepy only to sleep an hour and wake back up. I started to have some insomnia a few weeks ago and bumped up my probiotic and I’m sleeping like a champ again! PLUS it boosts my immune system! #winning #sleeplikeadad #20weeks #sleep #pregnancy #supplements #healthymom #happywifehappylife

New packaging. Same 3 steps. Look, feel, and BE your best with the #ThriveExperience!
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Let’s be real... I love me some sleep! 💤 Being in my warm, comfy bed is one of the best parts of my day!! 🛏
I used to struggle to get a good nights sleep, and I’d wake up exhausted. 😴 seriously....it would take me HOURS each night to fall asleep. But then I started learning more about this gut health thing and how it can affect our sleep. 😳

Interesting read in the comments. ⬇️ Learned that 90% of our serotonin is created in our gut and that this helps create melatonin which helps us sleep. 💤

So many swear by our probiotic & omega supplements to help them get a good night’s rest! 👇🏼👇🏼 💭 80% of the melatonin is made in your GUT
💭 probiotics increase levels of tryptophan (amino acid that converts into serotonin, and then into melatonin)
💭 gut microbes regulate the amount of serotonin produced in your body... healthy gut = more serotonin (deficiency in serotonin disrupts your sleep)
💭 good bacteria help to produce GABA, the calming chemical in your brain

Plexus has helped my gut get into a healthier state so that it NATURALLY creates more serotonin which helps create more melatonin WITHOUT some magic sleeping pill! 6-7 hours of sleep never felt so good! 💕#sleeplikeadad

🤣 Guess who’s already zonked out at my house? Oh well 🤷‍♀️ he did let me get extra sleep this morning and has been a big help today. Shout out to my hubby who has made dinner the last three nights in a row. Sunday I convinced him to make pizza roll and got everybody on board for making it a Sunday night tradition.
#sleeplikeadad #almostbedtime😴 #winterbreakisover #backonschedule

Sweet dreams are made of #ease, who are we to disagree? I didn’t make my goldenmilk tea tonight but thankfully I’ve got this amazing combo handy! 😌
Green lipped mussel: Sourced from New Zealand• Bromelain: An enzyme found in pineapples•Turmeric: Contains the bioactive curcumin 😴

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22 months ago I started my health journey. I was exhausted, drained, spread thin, never slept, stressed, and hated the way I looked. I dealt with daily chronic pain/joint pain, headaches, allergies... things all I thought were just normal or part of growing older. Until one day, I took a leap of faith to try health supplements. I will be the first to tell you, I was a huge skeptic! I thought eating right and working out would make me healthy. Little did I know the war that was going on inside my body!!! ⠀
People mention to me how "thin" or "skinny" I am now, but this has become so much more than reaching that pants size for me! I love the way I feel and look now. I have an amazing support system around me. I'm able to be the best mom and wife to my family that I can be. I get to be healthy, and help others around me be healthy too! So yes, those 21 inches and 28 lbs I have lost is pretty awesome, but the way I feel on the inside is just priceless!! ⠀
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Bakers life. Finished at 8am and crashed on the couch with noisy kids. #sleeplikeadad #bakerlife #christmascrazy

I did not realize that poor gut health led to insomnia. It makes so much sense why probiotics helps with insomnia. 😴 I'm so thankful for sleep and ProBio5!! Do you wake up between 1 and 3 am ???
Your body is trying to tell you something!

When a person has yeast overgrowth, the first major organ invaded by yeast is the liver. After months to years of continuing invasion into deeper tissues, It causes the liver to malfunction, either through direct poisoning or through interruption of the liver’s normal processes. The result is excess levels of toxin in the bloodstream, especially evident between 1 and 3 am when it appears the liver goes through a natural nightly change. These toxins are generally irritating to the nervous system, causing irritability, anxiety and panic, depression, racing or hard-beating heart, and of course insomnia. This explains why the mind is filled with thoughts and won’t turn off in the middle of the night. Yeast overgrowth is not your friend. This is why a probiotic (Plexus Probio5) with the ingredient #chitosanase to kill the yeast overgrowth is so important for a good night's rest!

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How did you sleep last night? I Slept AWWmazing. 🛌 Which is exactly how I’ll sleep tonight! 😴

Plexus has amazing NATURAL products that will get you snoozing in no time. 💤💤💤 Better sleep was something I didn't expect Plexus to help me with 😳 #truth ➡️ BUT Did you know that 80% of your melatonin 💤 is made in your gut? If you're not sleeping well...It may be time to try Probio5 and MegaX!! #riskfree #NotTiredAnymore
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My view this morning at 5:30🙃 yes he’s watching Moana cause mama wanted to go back to sleep 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

After the ridonkulous day I had, I'm so thankful for the best probiotic and my #natural #sleepaid #sleeplikeadad #frozencrewsonplexus

Just a cheeky one for the Dads 😂 Even after 17 yrs of being parents my lovely husband still manages to sleep through any night time dramas with the kiddies! I’m not sure I’ve ever slept deeply again since becoming a mother. What about you? #allaboutdads #hottopics #sleep #sleeplikeadad #aboutbirthonline #dadhumour

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