The first picture used to be my daily pink drink. I have saved over 2,000.00 just by switching to a natural plant based alternative. This new formula doesn’t give me jitters or crashes. It gives me all Day sustainable energy. And when I need a pick me up I have a tiny capsule that is only 1.00 per serving (you can’t even get a gas station coffee for that cheap) the tiny capsule is full of energy and helps your metal clarity. What?! Energy supplement with health benefits??? Yes please!!!!! Just a few things I have gained by ditching this toxic pink drink for a healthy alternative:
Better skin 😊
Better mood 😁
Better eating habits 😄
Better food choices 🥗
Less snacking/sweet cravings 🥨 🍭 🍫
Better sleep 😴
Ditched 💊
Much healthier no more 😷 11/12 months
Self love 💗
New friendships 👯‍♀️
More travel ✈️ Time freedom ⏱
Watch my babies grow 👶
Best pregnancy 🤰🏻 and 🤱🏻 experience (out of 4 csections)
I was able to send my son to a Christian pre-school 🙏🏼 All because I trusted In my lord and savior and his plans are much bigger than mine 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I was trying to fight it and said I would never share about this stuff. Here I am and I feel like I can’t yell loud enough 🗣📢 if you are a living human being I have something for you. I have helped so many feel their best I can’t stop, won’t stop!!! #rockstar #pinkdrink #tiredasamother #momlife #bestlife #energydrink #tiredaf #momminonabudget #sleeplikeadad #healthyandhappy #fitfam #fitmom #fitdad #dadlife #rockstar #energydrink #cantstopwontstop

Amen! 🙌🏼 #Repost @fourboutiqueyeg
My thoughts exactly this morning.... 💤 (@baethelabel, we just had to repost)

Cheers to all you Mommas with newborns or teething minis, or babies who just don’t feel like sleeping is their jam! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏼 #sleepisoverrated #toddlersareassholes #newbornphase

I started taking these three products 4 years ago. They have changed sooo much in my life, I will forever be grateful. I haven’t missed a single day since I started. Are you ready for a change? An amazing one?

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If you’re tired of being tired, sick all the time, and constantly craving sugary foods or have a bloated stomach, this one bottle will solve it all!! I’m seriously getting the best sleep, only get sick ONCE and only when I’m pregnant, and easily turn down horrible foods. It even helps while I’m pregnant.
You’d be surprised what gut balance can do. #fixitall #sleeplikeadad #nomoresickdays

Here we have a glimpse into the life of a mother. See how the children are piled on top of the mother as she tries to lay on the couch while the father sleeps peacefully, untouched on the other couch? 😆 #ThisIsMotherhood #SleepLikeADad #PileOnMommy

Trust me, I was a HUGE skeptic. I said “no thank you” a few times when I first heard about Thrive. I’m soooooo thankful I gave it a chance. Almost 4 years later, I’m still starting my day with those 3 easy steps. What can Thrive do for you? #energy #nomoremombie #mentalclarity #nomoreachesanddiscomforts #sleeplikeadad #feelalive #healthy

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there! One thing I know about being a mom is that it’s nearly impossible for a mom to get all the sleep they deserve. In honor of Mother’s Day tag a mom that you think deserves more sleep to enter her for the chance to win a free bottle of Zen Melts!
-You can tag as many mom’s as you’d like but each mom only one time each.
-No tagging of yourself.
-All potential winners most be located within the USA. *at the point in time we only ship within the USA, sorry this is not my rule and hopefully in the near future we will be expanding ☺️

What’s your ‘vice’ to get you through your days?
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I am jealous of how much sleep he gets

Ever lie in bed and watch your hubby sleep so peacefully and be filled with a jealous rage? Yep, us too 😩
#sleep #quoteoftheday #mumlife #sleeplikeababy #sleeplikeadad #parenthood #mumsandbubs #lifewithkids #kidsclique #jealous #motherhood #parenting

Late night PROBIOTIC TIP!! #youarewelcome

Taking your #probiotic at bedtime, when the digestive system has very little activity, and the pH of your stomach is relatively low, gives the good bacteria a higher chance of attaching to the intestinal wall and thriving.⠀

Combine that tip with a powerhouse probiotic supplement, that also has 4 digestive enzymes and an antifungal, and you're going to finally realize why I can't keep quiet about the difference it makes toward improving your gut health. ⠀

Healthy gut = deep quality⠀

#sleeplikeadad lol! ⠀

For real, I can't make this stuff up! ⠀

#GoodNightsleeps! 😴 🌙 💤

There is something about simplicity that I have began to crave. .
One of the things I hear most from people is that their sleep is so deep when they get their gut and blood sugar levels balanced and healthy. I'll never forget the first morning that I woke up feeling incredibly, incredibly rested from my first night of true deep sleep.
Don't we need that?! We work so hard all day long, for our bosses, our children, our family and friends, and then we go to bed and sleep restlessly and then start all over again. Totally exhausted. That's not good for our bodies, y'all!! Here is a late night PROBIOTIC TIP! Taking your probiotic at bedtime - when the digestive system has very little activity and the pH of your stomach is relatively low - gives the good bacteria a higher chance of attaching to the intestinal wall and thriving. Combine that tip with a powerhouse probiotic supplement that also has four digestive enzymes and an antifungal, and you will finally realize why I can't keep quiet about gut health. Healthy gut = deep quality sleep.
#goodnightsleep #sleeplikeababy #ourbodiesneedrest #deepsleep #everynight #sleeplikeadad #simplicity

So thankful I gave probiotics a chance! Better sleep, reduced sugar cravings, reduced inflammation, reduced seasonal allergies. I'm living my best life and I am so feeling so blessed every time I get to enjoy doing all the things I missed when my health was poor!

To be the best mom & wife, the best ME that I can be! I'm in a #bettermood😆 More #patient 🧘‍♀️ More #energetic 🏃‍♀️ More #FUN 🤩 I #sleeplikeaDAD 😴 my #digestion is on point, & I feel better than I did 10yrs ago! #Thriveexperience #Thrivewithme #premiumnutrition #disruptiveinnovation #shiftingtheindustry

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