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I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON 😤😴 #Work #SleepIsKey #GoodMorning Hope your morning is better than mine ☕️☀️

We barely fit on the bed, but he didnt want to spend fathers day any other way. #sleepiskey #happyfathersday ❤️

Not too firm. Not to soft. Zotto gives you the feeling you’re sleeping on a cloud – not in one. #zotto #sleepiskey

For all y'all that know me, now y'all know where I get the ability to fall asleep at anytime and anywhere!! Happy Father's Day to the best man around!! #fathersday #bestmanalive #sleepiskey

Sooo our new @performasleep mattress came in today, she lays down to "try it out" and 90 seconds later is literally passed out 😂needless to say I'd say it's pretty amazing! @sabread33
#recoveright #sleepiskey #catchinzzzzz

before i took this i was napping. and then i had another nap after. #sleepiskey

What have I learned in the navy you ask? Well I've learned how to sleep absolutely anywhere. #navy #training #SleepIsKey


When your child wakes up before 6am. I had to give him the phone this morning so I could get an extra hour sleep. Have my sister in law staying tonight so need to be awake. #mummyproblems #sotired #toddlerprobs #toddlerdoesntsleep #toddler #moresleep #sleepiskey

Looking for 5 people with #fitbits that want to #track their #sleeping. DM me if you are interested!!

We are getting wild and crazy on our Friday night! PJs on, Chinese Take-Out for dinner, Mighty Ducks on Netflix, and snuggling up with this sassy pup. #TurnDownForWhat
Hope you're snuggled up and getting ready for an #epic Saturday.

#sleepiskey I gave up on my dreams this morning. 😞 #nappingisforoldpeopleandtots #ineed8hours #onetime

With tomorrow being the first day of school and tonight being the first day of term 3 for dancing that means that it means early bed and early mornings😭 But I decide to get up 20 minutes earlier than I actually need to get ready for school so that I can allow myself time to stretch for at least 15 minutes (depending on how long it actually takes me to get out of my bed)😂💪 With states in 5 weeks it is full speed ahead with my strength, flexibility and fitness so that I can perform my best all year and hopefully if I dance well enough and put in enough work I can take home that top prize🤞🙀 But, it doesn't stop there after states there's no break because my hardcore training will continue right through to the national championship💯💪🍀 I'll continue posting my progress and some of my new tips and tricks I learn along the way!!! Wish me luck😬 But in the end it should all be worth it! #dedicated 👊 #kidhealth #readyforwhatcomes #strength #fitness #flexibility #readytorumble #sleepiskey #statescomeatme

A rare glimpse of what Joelle will look like and experience readjusting to normal schedule tomorrow Mikey has me down to a T!!! 🙈😜😬 #redeyefeels #adulting #hard #waaaaa #sleepiskey #comingorgoing #aircrew #tired #tantrum

#FitTipFriday - Get enough sleep! 😴 If you snooze you win, not lose.
While there are many factors (age, activity levels, gender, etc.) in deciding how much sleep someone should get per night, a good rule of thumb is to get between 7-10 hours of sleep.
Sleep, exercise, and nutrition are all equally important when going after our fitness goals and simply living a healthy lifestyle in general. If our eating and exercise regime is balanced, but our sleep schedule is constantly off, we are hindering the results we are working so hard for.
Lack of sleep can be our body's (and muscles) worst enemy as it causes several negative mental and physical side effects. SOME of which include: 👇🏼
🍩A disruption in our hunger hormones (leptin and ghrelin) which leads to increased hunger and a slowed metabolism. Sleep literally controls our diet in a sense
😣Increased cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which is associated with fat gain and also slows down the production of growth hormone
🍭Insulin resistance (the master storage hormone) - lack of sleep can cause a dysfunction in our fat cells, which in short, leads to excess insulin and fat storage in all the wrong places
☕️Caffeine dependency (!!!!)
💪🏼Decreased muscle growth - we tear muscle fibers in the gym and repair/grow stronger muscles during rest. Lack of sleep makes it harder for our body to recover from exercise, by slowing down the production of growth hormone
We all experience nights where we don't get a lot of sleep and that's life! Just know that consistently getting enough is crucial in living a healthy lifestyle and seeing the results you want.
@exanimofit #hiddengymhq #fitnessjourney #sleepiscrucial #rewardyourhardworkwithsleep #nutritioniskey #exerciseiskey #sleepiskey #consistencymatters

Well I guess that takes care of crib training.
Did you know that lack of sleep could be one of the reasons you are struggling with weight loss?

1. If you are short on sleep, you are more likely to skip your workout because you are too tired. Hello snooze button.

2. Lack of sleep dulls your brain's decision making skills and impulse control. Hello cupcakes.
3. When tired, your body produces more ghrelin, the hormone that tells your body to eat. Hello munchies.
4. Your body will produce more cortisol, the stress hormone. Elevated levels of cortisol inhibit breakdown of fat for energy. Instead, your body clings to the fat. Hello love handles.
5. Lack of sleep can lead to insulin resistance, which means your body will again store more fat. Hello muffin top. 😴😴😴😴😴

May we all sleep as well as McQuanna sleeps 😴 #kittylife #northernmaine #sleepiskey

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