I'm so scared that in the years to come I'll forget about these bands. I'll forget about the music that got me through so many things when people couldnt. I dont want to be changed by the media. Changed by the opinions of my peers. Changed by the people that dont want to except. When my brother was into this kind of music things got worse for him instead of better, but for me everything has gotten so much better. I'm so much more happier. I never thought I could look at a picture of someone and uncontrollably smile, but I can. These bands are the reason im here and I dont want to forget about them. When people criticize them it hurts, because they are criticizing the people, the music, that kept me from ending it all. My brother can go on about how when he was into this music his mental illnesses got worse, but it wont change the fact that I'm HERE, living, breathing. He made the same decisions I have. He didnt believe in God, he listen to emo bands, and hardcore bands. For him it got worse. When I got into these bands I thought it would never get better, that I would constantly be severely depressed, but, I'm not. I'm so happy. My friends dont like that I talk about bands all the time, but, would you stop talking about the people that saved your life, and provided happiness?

She says she wants to end it all when she's all alone in her room
She cries
The way she feels inside is too much for her
When all you got is these four walls
It's not that hard to feel so small
Or even exist at all

wow i'm in a kinda good mood this morning, i hope you all are doing well 💗
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Same old story,same routine🦇

I bet your cat isn't as cute as mine

@sleepingwithsirens you guys where beyond amazing tonight! ❤️💕😭🎶 can’t wait for your new album!! ❤️💕🙏🏼 #sleepingwithsirens #kellinquinn #music #fillmore #philadelphia #band

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