Her snoring is next level tonight 😂😂 😴 💤 #sleepingthroughthestorm #furbaby #snugglebug

@ronniek58, As I watched you drive off to work for the last time this morning I couldn’t have been any prouder of you! It’s still hard to believe that this thing that started a little over 36 years ago has come to a close. Same as it is with life, there have been so many interesting twists and ups and downs through the years. You have seen many changes, adjustments, STORMS! victories, disappointments, times of celebration, and a few very sad losses. Through it all you continued to serve and lead with an unwavering dedication. You are an incredible man, genuine through and through and so deserving of this newfound freedom! On this, your last day of work, I’m sitting here missing you just as much as I did on your first day and just like back then I can’t wait until you get home and answer all my thousand questions about your day! I love you and can’t wait to start this new chapter of our lives!
#youngretiree #noalarmclock #sleepingthroughthestorm #freedom

Photo Cred: Wade Shoemaker

Not a fan of this Nor’easter. Gonna spend the rest of the day napping under this blanket. #chillynewpenny #noreaster #sleepingthroughthestorm #nopooping #stayingdry #snowday

Storms are nothing when you have your sister! Oh Mckaela, if only you knew how much I love you 💕 #sleepingthroughthestorm #sister #benotafraid

He left me His peace! The peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension. Philippians 4:7 #hispeace #jesus #sleepingthroughthestorm

Ahhhh routine!... Someone is happy mum is back at work and there’s no more holiday chaos. #sleepingthroughthestorm #dontshopadopt #introvertedcat #loveshismomma

The most talented @greg_blackman_music is getting slept on. This cannot run. Ask @ragnbonemanuk ask lowkey ask @sway_dasafo this guy neefs to be heard.
Stop #sleepingthroughthestorm 🎤🔊🇬🇧

We're all still hiding from #stormbrian which is raging on 24 hours later 🌪 the dog isn't that impressed with the lack of walks, so he's decided to sleep through most of it 😴

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