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•• Did my daughter seriously just ask me to sing Bieber at nap time instead of Let it Go? I suppose there is hope..... •• #bieberfever #naptimehustle

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As a Mom, what vacation spot is on your bucket list?!➕➕

REAL MAMA REVIEW ➕➕ I met this Mama pictured above on Instagram, and even though we lived in the same area (Orange County, CA, anyone else?!), I never met Jordan face to face. Her baby was having some trouble sleeping all night in the crib, and waking every 2 hours to nurse. We focused on some foundations, routines, nutrition, and by the 4th night, baby Shiloh slept 12 hours straight with a dream feed in her crib 🙌🏼🙌🏼. Here's what she had to say about her experience:
"Shiloh is 5 months old and is doing incredible at night! She has dropped her feedings and sleeps most nights up to 12 hours without waking- I can't believe it! As a result, her naps have become longer during the day as well- it has been such a pleasure to work with Lauren and Sleep & the City!"
This did NOT involve CIO- in fact none of my methods & tricks involve that. We work to form a plan that YOU are comfortable with, one that fits YOUR lifestyle, not someone else's, all while keeping your bond with your baby a top priority. Drop me an email- let's do this! ➕➕ #satcreview

FACT or FICTION: "In order to sleep train your baby, you must completely Night wean first."
True or false? This is a GOOD one, so leave your guess below and tag a bestie that you think would know this answer! I'll break down this fact or fiction later this week! ••

➕➕ CALIFORNIA MAMAS! I'll be hosting a small Mom lunch today at the Malibu Farm from 1:30-3:30, stop by and say 👋🏼 if you're in the area! #socalithurts #malibumoms ➕➕

➕➕Fact or Fiction REVEALED: We asked you guys earlier this week to answer whether or not "toddlers usually drop their nap by age 4" and you guys killed it! The answer: FACT! While some parents will see the nap slowly disappear starting after their child's 3rd birthday, most children will only require quiet time by the time their 4th celebration rolls around. When did your older child drop his or her nap completely? ➕➕
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🎉NEW BLOG! 🎉 Woke up tired again this morning? 😴 In honor of #NationalRelaxationDay, read out our latest #blog post to learn what you can do to become a great sleeper. You don't have to be tired anymore! (Link in Instagram profile 👆)

FACT or FICTION: "In order to sleep train your baby, you must completely Night wean first."
True or false? This is a GOOD one, so leave your guess below and tag a bestie that you think would know this answer! I'll break down this fact or fiction later this week! ••

How much sleep does my baby need? This article shares how much sleep babies at different stages actually need.
Written by @jollybabies_sleep_consultant Pragati Arora.


An article I wrote especially for @thedeepsleepco - these guys are a fantastic online resource for all your sleep needs.. check them out! Link to article here: www.thedeepsleepco.com/self-settling/ #sleepconsultant #babysleeptips #parentcoach #sleepblog #sleepwell #sophieacott #sleepplayloveco #deepsleepco

Is your baby having trouble settling? Read this blog post written by the talented Sophie from @sleepplayloveco.⠀

Read our blog on sleep tips that will make you love bedtime.


•• STATUS: This is me, waiting for my husband to get home. 🤣 Anyone else ready to pour a glass of wine?
Also- I just picked up a BUNCH of these tiny bow headbands from @lovedbysophiaclaire for my pregnant Mommy friends, and she's doing a 35% off promo all day (and throwing in a free braided paci clip!) These are too precious for those Insta pictures and family photos 😍 Hope your hubbies get home soon and TGIF! •• #lovedbysophiaclaire

How do you know if your baby is tired?????
Read our latest blog on how to know when your baby is tired by Melanie Quinten from @the_heart_of_sleep

Sleep regressions! Who's survived one? Who's in the middle of one? Anyone with a child will know what I'm on about. Sleep regressions are so exhausting but also NORMAL. Check out the link in my bio for my latest @breastfeeding_world blog post - all about #sleepregressions and how to survive! #sleep #sweetsleep #babysleep #toddlersleep #whatsleep #nosleep #sleepisfortheweak #ineedsleep #sleeplessnights #sleepingbeauty #sleepy #mbloggers #mbloggersuk #pbloggersuk #pbloggers #parentingblog #sleepblog

Six months of room sharing bliss, and it's about time I talked about it! My latest blog is now live! Check out the link tree in profile.

Having a hard time balancing your child's sleep needs with fun in the summertime sun? Then check out my blog post that shares my Top 5 Summertime Sleep Tips. Link in bio.
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Is it REALLY time to get up now? 😴😴😴 All raise your hands if you had a wriggler (aka toddler) in bed with you last night? 🙋 Head on over to our blog for some tips and have your wriggler start sleeping in their own bed tonight..! 🙌 #sleepblog #sleep #accidentalcosleeping #transition #regression #change #babysleep #toddlersleep #babysleepexpert

😴 Sleep is an essential pillar of human health. It is the time our bodies require to rest and rejuvenate. However, waking up feeling energised and refreshed has become somewhat of a distant memory for many of us... 😴⠀

Have you read our blog post on sleep?⠀

Find it from the link in our bio! 😘

I've put together a post all about sleep and how to make it a priority (more why it SHOULD be a priority) with some little tips and tricks. Have a read (link in bio) and perhaps try to get the most out of your sleep this week! 😴😴😴😴

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