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Back stage @themarcjacobs such an honor to be part of this.
Lead hair: @guidopalau
Repost from @backstagebombshell #mjresort #girlsonfilm #slavesofnewyork #shokuninclik #patrickgnadeau

#girlsonfilm #slavesofnewyork 😈🀘🏼 #bts @marcjacobs

Line-Lapse-Photography #slavesofnewyork this is a standard line length at Trader Joe's in NYC

I love this woman. Perhaps because I'm slowly turning into her. After reading and watching #slavesofnewyork I realized that not much has changed in NYC in the past 30 years re: apartment-hunting, dating, making a livable wage. I, too, will one day move into the woods to get away from it all. And buy a pony. #tamajanowitz's memoir #scream is on sale today. Meet her tonite @strandbookstore πŸ’…πŸ‘πŸ”‘πŸ’ΈπŸŽ


When you prop out your husband's furniture collection with one of your favorite books and the author sees it and makes an inquiry on the piece!😍#tamajanowitz #slavesofnewyork @ependerleithandco

Check out this inconsiderate dick hole. Got enough room on both sides of your piece of shit car, fuckface? #slavesofnewyork #alternatesideparking #nyc #brooklyn #parkingsuckersofinstagram

Goin' back to the #80s with this #classic new in the shop! #slavesofnewyork #popculture #fiction #vintagebooks

Bernadette Peters in "Slaves of New York" 1989 with her ashtray hat. #1980s #noveltyhat #bernadettepeters #slavesofnewyork #ashtrayhat

Not the most aesthetically pleasing post but I found this letter from 1989 (!) wedged between two pages of a hand-me-down copy of #TamaJanowitz’s #SlavesOfNewYork. There are no names listed and as a whole it’s vague enough to tickle fascination yet vulnerable enough to share since the writer has such a beautiful honesty writing from her/his perspective. I’ve transcribed both sides and included it below in hopes you can help flesh out the mysterious story. πŸ“
β€œMarch 18, 1989

So I’ve decided to run with this idea of you moving down here. Things, I’m sure, are far too fucked up and complicated for you to see the light at the end, but my life, being so simple and routine, allows for day dreaming and future planning.
I have found a car for you - a genuine junker but it runs and is only $400 maybe less. It belongs to a fellow employee who is leaving for Greece in a couple of months - only a thought. I have been asking the wait persons what restaurants they would recommend working at. Good money? Good environment? Hip crowd? etc. I have a list.
There is a danger to all of this future planning - that being that you won’t move down or something just won’t work out. Is it even a good idea for us to cohabitate? My thoughts are experiencing a luxury yours are not allowed right now. One day at a time.”

Two faves, one profile. πŸ“š

Buono Notte from my safe refuge.., tomorrow I will get SO MUCH DONE! I swear. #obsessed #instarenovation #upstateismagic #instapicoftheday #paintingfloors 3 rooms in!! #nomoremanhattan #slavesofnewyork πŸ‘πŸ˜·βœŒοΈοΈπŸ‘»πŸš

They out here. A#alternatesideparking people don't sleep! I see you πŸ‘€ ticket givers! #slavesofnewyork

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