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Happy Mother's Day to the greatest Mom out there! You have been by side through everything. You taught me how to be and act as a man. This next chapter in my life wouldn't be this exciting if it wasnt for you! I love you mom #family #slatter #mothersday #mamasboy

The two beasts ;) #frank #slatter

The #PowerRangers we deserved! Man how cool would that of been? •
If anyone is interested. I may do some art with this in mind. That would be pretty legit! •
Tag a Power Rangers or #Savedbythebell fan!

That face's or mood #mukajelek #slatter

Salou was unreal, top holiday with the SUFC lads ⚽️🍻🍔#Salou #Slatter #Gaffer #Sangriezios

Habrá Otras 2 Luchas Eliminatorias
Los Ganadores Se Unirán a #HypeBros , #AmericanAlpha & #Rhyno/ #Slatter


Late thursday night training with speed, agility and Futsal👊

March through the strain of adversity! 🙏

#Mi n ma kid blood #GenahSyde #Slatter

Sorry about the quality of the clip but the quality of the performance was increadible❤ At this point in the game we have the lead with 2-0! We have to win to qualify for the final play-off. We have patience...
We play great...
This goal is perfect in the situation we were in!

Great Day at work👊
Both teams ready for the final next week.

We are often together, we do this together. We work for eachother i good times and in bad. The coming weekend is one we have been longing for: 2 teams in OIS-cupen klass P14. 1 in Klass P13. And also a friendly match against the talented Särö. The Boys are ready...👊

We're working harder and harder. The progressions are well thought through and clear, which builds strength and confidence. Our football becomes more complex, yet more simple. The runs become more constant and challenging.

A football players workload is intermittent. At Boys Academy, we make a conscious effort to keep our running intermittent, matching that of the players work during a match. Different colours and numbered cones signal which exercise you must do.

This taping reduces the effects of slatter syndrome. Slatter is a pain in the knee which can affect young people as they grow. In Boys Academy, we take full responsibility for injuries, and use our knowledge and experience to prevent & deal with most football-related injuries.

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