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😜🤗😱😡🤣 #notinthislifetimetour2017 #gnr2017 #axlthegreat #axlrose #slash #gnr #duffmckagan #axlisperfection credit: @slash_world 🖤 Please follow their cool page :))

I've been a little m.i.a. on making actual posts on this account for the past like 5 days (other than last night) cause I kinda got lazy for getting new pictures to edit and I own 6 accounts now which is prob not a good idea for me cause I get flustered but I'll manage.😂#slash #gnr #warrendemartini #ratt #steventyler #aerosmith

Excuse me???? What in the actual fuck is this?? When I die, if the autopsy results don't say I died from an overdose of his dick I'm gonna know I failed @ life. Like this whole thing is a blessing to my ears and eyes and heart but omg especially towards the end when he's like moving his hips and his hand is resting on the guitar??? Holy fuck. Please fuck me until I can't breathe and go straight into a coma and need life support and a feeding tube to fully function again. Please.

The Ritz,1988.
I swear I watch this gig every other day and that surely means my addiction with this band is becoming a problem.

@Slash, guitarrista do @GunsNRoses, está trabalhando com material inédito no Twiins Enterprises Studios de Burbank, na Califórnia, segundo apurou a MetalInjection.Net. O site cita um tuíte da marca de amplificadores Marshall que mostrou uma imagem do músico compondo na última sexta-feira, dia 21 de abril. De acordo com a Metal Injection, não está claro se Slash está gravando um trabalho solo ou para o Guns N´Roses. No entanto, cita uma recente entrevista de Axl Rose na qual ele afirma que a banda pretende lançar um disco de inéditas. #slash #guns #gunsnroses #rock #89fm #aradiorock #vivaorock #therockneverends🎸🎶🎸🎶🎸🎶


#slash nice picture of slash

Hello LA. It hasn't been too long! 🌸
This is my current mood.
Where are you located right now? ~ Photo Credit @corabell99 ~

At @slash_lisbon 💇
Hair: @pedroribeirohairdesign
Makeup by me 😍

good night y'all, can't wait for next week bc i'm seeing megadeth :)

oh god look how perfect slash is.💯❤ a real guitarist doesn't even care if it rain, we just wanna play guitar and make the people around us to be happy💯❤
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It's not a problem you can stop it's rock n' roll🔫🌹
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