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At the concert while everyone was like omg Britney yas slay queen you own everything I was like lol uh can I get these backup dancers numbers like yes please sweat in my mouth but then an overwhelming sense of pain came over me as God reminded me there is only One Hoe. Wonho. #thankyou #slampoetry Oh and I'm in New York now hehe everyone is so posh here like just a minute ago a man went rampaging through the streets screaming about missing the bus. I feel so urban

@DouglasRidloff is a poet and the executive director of @ASLSLAM, an open space for poets to perform their work in American Sign Language (ASL). Unlike spoken word, ASL poetry doesn’t rely on rhyming patterns, meter or written wordplay; rather, the art is “more about the movement, a visual rhyme versus an audio rhyme.”

Here, Douglas is performing a poem titled “Cityscape Portrait 1:5,” using alliterative and alternating handshapes to capture the pace and rhythm of New York City.
#ASL #SignLanguage #ASLSLAM #SlamPoetry #poetry

Killing me softly : The feeling when you are forced to endure something really unpleasant but avoiding that thing would actually be a lot worse.

Have you ever experienced this?

She was the picture perfect prize,
and may have been less than half my size…
but I never stood a chance.
See sometimes saying nothing - says everything.
So I sit here in silence,
since sounds of silent satisfaction sink slowly,
satisfied when you would just show me - your smile.
And you had eyes like sunrise,
rare like fireflies in midnight skies,
a perfect picture of perfection in disguise
as brown and white spheres of atmosphere
that pull the air from my lungs when you come near,
so my greatest fear is to no longer be able to
whisper in your ear... because you're not here.
#OinkaPigLove #SlamPoet

Sharon Butter, Michael Donalds & Stacey Brown @ your service.
#Cynthia #slampoetry #qantas #qf2

@silkroadfestival - 24 июня в 17.00 Санжар Мади @sanjar.madi и Зара Есенаман представят отрывок из знаменитого айтыса 1871 г. "Биржан и Сара" в стиле слэм поэзии! Ждем вас на поэтические вечера #expo2017poetry иллюстрации Ассоль Сас.
#slampoetry #astana

Let's Play

Big Day - Big Pay - Buy Clothes - Bad Decision. #slampoetry ☕️


Here I swing, hanging from my heart strings, cut me free I don't want to feel anymore. Let me leap from this cliff, give me the clarity of the man who has jumped I want to see if this inflated heart will carry me or continue to let me fall.

Big Day - Big Pay - Buy Clothes - Bad Decision. #slampoetry ☕️

Here we go again,
No longer trying to make amends.
I can hear the angry yelling,
Listing all the reasons why I'm not perfect,
Reminding me that the only way I get to feel is worthless,
Providing me with this resentment,
Putting me in situations in which I try climbing out of the hole you dug for me as you planned to burry me deep in a state of depression.
Your expression shows contentment.
You succeeded, I feel restless.
I am weak and unable to compete
I am below you, I have accepted defeat
I am sorry master, I am sorry...
I am sorry.
I realized that I can't force myself to end everything on a more positive note. This is no longer leaving things behind, but instead it demonstrates listening to the part of me that wants to give up. Although that is what happens in this short piece, I don't encourage anyone to give up or to settle. Fight for what you want and believe in, as long as it is beneficial for you. Get through your issues in the most mature and positive way possible. I wish you success and happiness<3 good night

#lawdamercy @Regrann from @eccentrich - If you've never seen poets battle it out for bragging rights and cash, you don't want to miss the debut of Exit 36 Poetry Slam!! Come out and enjoy some amazing poetry, network and to hear our latest announcement.

Hosted by yours truly at the beautiful Ali Cultural Arts
Hope to see you all there

#aliculturalarts #slampoetry #954 #pompano #exit36 #southflorida #culturalarts #supportthearts - #regrann

hey all you prejudiced bafoons-
why dont you take a walk in my shoes
before making snap judgements on the choices i choose
because then maybe youll see its not just bright radiant hues
but that often times im stuck alone in the blues
don't judge me by my pictures
im a story you havent read
so why dont you let your mind be lead
as i take you through all the stories left unsaid
see i really think we've all just been mislead
and our very own have done the misleading
but please i just ask that you pay attention when im reading
maybe you just need guidance inorder to understand the reading
listen to the story instead of just completing ...or not even really starting

you see we're so fixated on a cover's illustration
that we think we've observed enough to make accusations
but maybe thats whats wrong with our nation
not the increase in black population
but just the increased number of prejudiced caucasians
maybe all we need is more open-minded congregations
real conversations
no, it doesnt take any legislation
we alone can blend these colors in the greatest feat of chromatic integration
we just have to jump right in without hesitation-
ya see, i can say this all in rhyme rhythm or even alliteration
but really it comes from within each of us to end this unsaid segregation - {h.d}

inspired by Suli Breaks --- #poetry #metaphor #hiddenmeaning #truth #poetrygram #poetsofinsta #poem #poemsofinsta #poetryofig #poetryisnotdead #poetryporn #poetrycommunity #newaccount #poetrylove #feelings #words #wordporn #SuliBreaks #slampoetry #modernissues #modernart #modernpoetry #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #spoken #integration #segregation #ittakeseverything #ittakeseachofus

Someone once told me you were dangerous
Maybe I should have known
But something in the way you took my breath away
With nothing but a smile
Kept me holding on
Even though holding on felt like nails
Stabbing through my fingertips
Even though your harsh words
Cut through my veins
It was better to bleed out
Than be alone
The things one will do for love is unbelievable
Love is like wrapping a noose around your neck
And jumping
The pain is inevitable
Death, a possibility
But no promises come from it
And as you leap you pray
To whatever you believe in
That it doesn't fall apart
That when you jump
They catch you

But you didn't catch me
You let the noose tighten
And watched me dangle
And as my heart began to skip beats
You danced along like it was a tune
You pressed your lips against my ear
Telling me to jump again
And I did

N.M//suicidal love// my eulogy// 6:25 am//

This is a freestyle, don't judge me I'm writing this as I'm writing the caption,
Taking late night photography classes to see if your beauty is something I could capture,
Ever seen someone smile so bright it swarms and enraptures?
I don't care for god but you got me fearing the rapture,
I'd hate to lose days of being in your presence,
Hate to lose sight along the way of your essence,
Beating inside I know to you my heart prolly iridescent;
You're a blessin,
Shit I don't talk about how I feel often but you claim I'm transparent,
Complacency is clearly a trait I inherit,
Could you merit, an hour of your time,
Quarter of your mind, slice of your kind-ness,
One thing not hereditary is my blindness,
I'm writing all this and I ain't even said hi yet,
Ima leave this note by your coffee and hope it gets blind sided,
Not tryna be reminded,
Of the girl who stole my heart but never spoke and now I can't find it.
#poetry #poem #spokenword #slampoem #slampoetry

"cough drops from the herbal clinic" (inspired by Ross Gay's "to the fig tree on 9th and christian")
honestly i love writing poetry? traditional pieces like this are super great but slam is also very dear to me. please let me geek out over poems heh

There are bros you brunch with and then there are bros you go to slam poetry with. That's why these are my boys 🎤 #boweryslam

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