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#willettwednesday • You line em up and will knock em down • @furtheric with a ridiculous set up right here • Giving us some serious #whiskeyenvy

🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Today I feel like comparing. And what's best to compare than two outstanding drams? Both #TheMacallan #Ruby and #TheBalvenie 15yo #SherryCask were reviewed individually sometime ago, so if you haven't read about them, take a break and check them out. If you're no rookie here, move on!
1. COLOR: neither uses artificial coloring, being that aspect originated only by barrel quality and the time the whisky has spent inside it. Amazingly to me, both have the exact same tone. I've tried several lights and surfaces to compare and they look the same, so if you're planing on comparing as I did, be sure to know what's on each glass!
2. AROMAS: Ruby presents gracious notes of spices, pepper, cinnamon and some honey. Balvenie presents a lighter and sweeter scent, like bananas, brown sugar, ripe oranges and some apricot. The end reveals something of wood. It's important to point out the absence of alcohol on both, but it's more amazing on Balvenie due to his higher ABV.
3. TASTE: ruby shows oranges, nutmegs, cinnamon, honey and a mild pepper. Balvenie on the other hand, shows banana again, cinnamon, nutmeg, some pepper and milked chocolate.
4. FINISH: Ruby has a honeyed flavor lingering. It endures for a long time on your mouth alongside oranges and pepper. Balvenie has a long finish, with brown sugar, chocolate and ripe fruits.
The result is that they're both high quality whiskys, but they each have their price to be paid. While Balvenie can be found costing € 130, Ruby is not likely to be found for less than €170. Even though I prefer Ruby, my suggestion is to start with Balvenie, which is a remarkable whisky to begin your sherry adventures! To wrap this review, one thing I've considered is that their color is the same, but Ruby has no age statement and Balvenie does. If Ruby has lesser ABV, it means it was more diluted in water. Therefore, to maintain its color equal to a 15yo whisky, it may have a higher portion of first fill sherry casks in its composition or he has spent more years in them. What's your opinion on the matter? I hope you share them with me! #Slainte!

I've never been what you'd call a fancy guy. I've generally preferred my whisk(e)y neat, usually drank it out of whatever was available, and if I had a cocktail, it's generally been of the 2-3 ingredient kind. Well, this latest box from @robbvices may have changed that. The company has sent me their boxes before and I've enjoyed the combination of decent to good whisky and more luxury items (like a pair of Finlay & Co sunglasses). But this latest box really hit it out of the park for me. The Highspire rye (look for a review soon) is an excellent rye on its own, but when combined with the 18-21 simple rosemary and sage syrup and bitters, it makes a powerhouse Old Fashioned. One that I drank in a lovely tumbler shaped like a spinning top. Simply loved this box. Here's to broadening our horizons and cheers, friends! - TM #cheers #booze #alcohol #whisky #whiskey #whiskygram #whiskeygram #ryewhiskey #instadram #instawhisky #instawhiskey #cocktails #slainte

Happy "Whisky Wednesday" and Summer Equinox! The sunset views last night up at Mount Tammany were lovely.

Remembering My Friend Kevin Kirk !! 3 Years Later !! He Is Missed !! The Good Times Will Never End !! #guardianxc #slaythedragon #slainte ☘️❤️☘️🍻

Man down! This bottle will be missed. Would I pay for it again at it's $300 asking price? Probably not. But I don't regret picking it up the first time!


Smuggling since 1835... unclefaf's choice 🥃🦅#vintagewhisky #lovevintage I smuggled a few of these for my drinking pleasure 😗cheers all 👉1970s #pirate face lable #slainte #kanpai #nazdrowie #whisky #whiskey #whiskeyporn #treasure #treasurehunt #slaintemhath #whiskyoftheday #scotchwhisky #gem #whiskybottle #instawhisky #oldsmuggler #whiskyporn #liquidhistory #forestfun #forestadventure

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#kelseysirishpub #kelseysirish #mcmanus #irish #clan #family #slainte #guinness #ellicottcity #maryland #local #familyowned #thirstythursday #patioparty #patio #paddyo

Ohhhhh, peated Kavalan new make! The next step perhaps? I did some quick tasting notes: •

Started off with a puff of smoke, followed by fragrant stewed fruits. The body is very sweet and floral. Dries up with chilli spice. •

Will look forward to the direction of this experimentation, the cask combinations with this new make and soon enough we might even see some interesting vatting!

#whisky #whiskey #instawhisky #ウイスキー #威士忌 #viski #singlemalt #dramfull #lifestyle #sydney #slainte #kanpai #taiwanesewhisky #singlecask #caskstrength #kavalan

Limeburners Cask Strength Directors Cut M230
[59.5%・NAS・Bottled in 2017・Official Bottling・Single Cask Release of 202 Bottles]
Slow-cooked prunes conveying that acidity across as the peat remains almost perfectly concealed. Thick strawberry jam and lemon preserve as a lace of earthy smoke faintly wraps around. Brandy flaming away as the Christmas cake is set ablaze, and a pot of black tea brewing in the background.
Palate & Finish:
Sticky and chewy, a thoroughly enjoyable mouthfeel. Buttery creaminess dressed with lovely raisins, after eight chocolate thins, moist Christmas cake. Sensational.
Mint cream with the Christmas cake note lingering on, there is a tidy oak influence which lays the path for a returning of jammy note, this time more gingery.
I will have to hunt down a bottle somehow.
Not a lot of Australian distilleries can put out a whisky of this caliber, and the Limeburners guys seem to have a higher strike rate that most other folks.
I have enjoyed quite a few Port casks from Limeburners now and cask to cask wise it's as close as consistency as you'll ever get with Australian single casks, somehow they are able to create a certain identity that just shows in their casks. This is really a testament to their crafts and their proficiency in picking great casks.

Last nights tasting battle between the Glengoyne range turned out to be interesting.

All three had a very similar nosing experience but undoubtedly the 15 stood out with beautiful toffee notes.

Funnily enough the palate for the 15 was dominated with and lacked balance. While the 18 had a great balance with cinnamon and fruity sweetness. But the winner was the 10. Surprisingly very smooth honey dominating with battling against subtle spices.

The finish for all three was reasonably dry and oaky.

All things considered the winner for the Glengoyne range is its 10 year old for me.

Have you tried any of these? Thoughts?

The guys smashed it last night as they took over the #RitzCarltonShanghai #bar with fellow #Chivas Master Jacakel He.. A missive thanks to #CrossYu (#EPICShanghai) , #DanielAn (#TasteBudsCocktailPalace ) #CarsonXie (#TheNest) and #EddyYang (#AboveTheGlobe) for the great drinks and good times, #slainte! #MeetTheMasters

Thankful for the return of some delicious aged Whisky along with some new expressions the #Macallan Rare Cask is said to hail from a marriage of some 200 rare casks and 16 different types in the Macallan Distillery. While quite fruity, woody and spicy, it's quite an approachable drop... that is if you can muster the $400 odd bucks. Maybe keep it in the cupboard for your close friends only.

What would taste colder 15 or 21😇🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Dram for tonight 😍😍

God morgon en varje morgon håller magen i trim när man är på semester eller? Skål🥃😎 One each morning Keeps the stomach in shape on holiday😆😎 cheers🥃
#morningwhisky #holiday #whisky #whiskey #dramoftheday #dram #dramgram #charterwhisky #cheers #slainte #scotchwhisky

Love coming home to vape mail! Thanks to the guys at www.vapeamp.com & @therigmod for sending these springs for my #rigv3 , you guys are the best! Thanks to the guys at www.vapefame.com & @majorleaguedripclub , my favorite e liquid! And last but not least to @mikevapes1 and www.hitthatjuice.com for stocking @coilologyofficial prebuilt wire! #rigv3 #recoilrda #apocolypserda #cottonbacon #hohmwork #coilologyofficial #cloudchaser #jellyfish #sourgummy #vapefam #vapelife #callyourcongressman #advocacy #abillionlives #dripaholic #flavorchaser #irishvaper #slainte #tiocfaidhárlá #mechlife
@majorleaguedripclub 👊

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