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Today, we end our journey together as a #BomberFamily of #Wrestlers. If you guys are wondering how many actual years I'd wrestled it would have to be 9 years total. Anyway, through out those years we fought great battles (and of course Sam was there as an awesome manager) we lost some we won some. Now let me talk about my friends in this pic rn. Frankie, your the type of dude who knows whats going on, does whats right and is always there for ya when ever your feeling down. @pastrami_boii tyler, when it comes to you in matches you seem to have a lot of heart when fighting especially the toughest opponents now that's a good wrestler. @asap_tico_ talifer, besides our fake rivalery lol you seem to be the fighter that knows like you be waiting for that move to come and go for the win. You also have very good brothers of yours that have wrestled successfully. Great job tic. @_porcarebear64_ Anthony, you were my very first friend since the 1st day of wrec wrestling when I started (2nd being frank, 3rd tico, and tyler 4th) from there you became my #1 best friend and which introduces me to your brothers @mikeporcaro60 & joey (your sis @pickynicky995 I didnt meet til high school lol) we always had each others back always and chill a lot. Later on you became 4th in the state and now here we are. what the hell you guys are my best friends. So here it is. The last time you'll ever get to see the #SL4Y3R and his friends wrestle ever in your life time. 4/4 😊😢

[Reupload] when u work ur ass off like a #SL4Y3R

life is great when u hav great friends in ur life.

We the realiset dudes around #boss #wrestlelife #SL4Y3R #Savage #porcarebaer

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