I think my cat is melting. 😳

Sometimes I really worry about this cat... 🤦‍♀️

Such a tired kitty who is happy to be home! 😀😀😀

Kitties taking care of kitties.

My poor, sick kitty has been sleeping on me all night long 😿

🎶 Oh Christmas cat, oh Christmas cat...

Sometimes they get along and it's adorable.

Batman wants to face-off against Skye.
Skye (probably) wants to eat him.

That face tho...

"Glass. Why did it have to be glass."
~ Cat thoughts.

Super sleepy.

Someone is starting to feel better!

She's still mad at me for taking her to the vet. Won't come near me. Won't even look at me.

In deep thought... and all up in my face.

Yes, my kitten sleeps on me every night. And, yes, it is adorable.

Sometimes she's too adorable not to share.

Walking Dead took too much out of her, and she just can't...

"Lounging on clean, dark clothes is my favorite" - Jerk Cat

I think someone hears birds...

Kitten dreams.

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