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Every thing is ok people we are safe I talked to the guy and we are all good,iam going to stay of his sites as respect but told him I don’t control the rest of use we are all enjoying life but stay safe people and be smart we are all being watched on story’s and posts 👊💯 also @alexanderfarrell1999 @mrallylaw @rikke_brewman walk past while I was on this rooftop so went down to have a chat about it and sounds like they had a fucked up day. I am lucky because I was about to head in to the building site but there were more Manchester rooftoppers already going in police turned up but got sent away by the gangster Because they was looking to beat me up. lucky I seen the site guy and thought fuck climbing this its to bangers tonight because he would of hit me before he knew me. All I can say is he has more to lose than us so I would stay of his sites but I am not your dad 😂if your still here thank you for your support this just means we doing something right 😂😂😂

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