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TV Tuesday...
Now that the tennis and football is over, I’m looking forward to watching some of the great new TV adaptations of books that started here in the U.K. last week. Top of my list is Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects, which stars the fantastic Amy Adams. The reviews have been amazing so far and although I haven’t yet read the book, I can’t wait to dive into this series. Picnic At Hanging Rock is another series that looks great and is also another book high on my list ever since I heard @thebookboy rave about it!
The one show that I have been glued to is The Handmaid’s Tale and Sunday’s episode was superb. Every episode is always excellent, but this one still has me thinking about it two days later. In a world where the US President is Donald Trump is a stark reality, Sunday’s episode couldn’t have been more timely with his visit to the U.K. last week. The episode (minor spoiler ahead!) saw Commander Waterford and his wife visit Canada for diplomatic talks, only to be met by a storm of angry protesters. Without going into too much detail, the Commander spoke about extraditing illegal immigrants and increasing border security during the diplomatic discussions, which had uncanny echoes of real life, as well as hinting at a worrying turn of events possibly to come in the show. A range of emotions swept over me during this episode and although I have only just reread the book in May, I now want to pick up the book again! The show is just so good and Elizabeth Moss is incredible in it. I was lucky enough to see her perform on Broadway years ago with William H. Macy in Speed-the-Plow and she was brilliant in it. It was during her Mad Men years and she really has continued to make great career choices ever since.
There are now only four episodes left to air here in the U.K. and while it is difficult to avoid any spoilers online, I do recommend a great article online by The Guardian about Sunday’s episode. It echoes many of my sentiments and also has a wickedly humorous tone. In the meantime, I’m nervous yet excited to see what happens next!
Are you watching The Handmaid’s Tale and did you see Sunday night’s episode?!

TV Thursday...Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects has been adapted for the small screen by @hbo with five time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams in the lead role, playing a reporter who has to confront the psychological demons of her past when she returns to her home town to cover a violent murder.
The series will air simultaneously with the American premiere at the eye-watering time of 2am here in the U.K. on @skyatlanticuk this Monday. The episode will then be repeated at 9pm Monday evening for those of us with a much earlier bedtime!
Advanced reviews have been glowing, so this looks set to be the summer show to add to your watchlist! The eight-part Gothic mini series comes from the director of the hugely successful Big Little Lies, so this really is certain to be another fantastic adaptation!

I Love technology!!!! We are holidaying abroad and while my Mr is resting (😴), I can catchup with my favourite tv shows, how cool is that?! 🙏🍸🍹#happinessisinthelittlethings
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Westworld’s Dolores #wip, go to @skyatlanticuk to see the finished piece #Westworld #skyatlanticuk #dolores #maze #illustration #art #sofiabonati

Here’s a wip of Maeve Millay from #Westworld, see the finish artwork over @skyatlanticuk #skyatlanticuk #wip #art #maze #portrait #maevemillay #illustration

Westworld Season 2 airs tonight 9pm #skyatlanticuk Rodrigo Santoro's Hector, was my pick of the characters in season 1. The best Easter eggs, was when you see the original gunslinger in the basement, the background music and noise is from Westworld (1973). #westworld #yulbrynner #cowboys #ghostnation #delos #hbo

Yes!!! Series 2 of ‘Save Me’confirmed👍🏻 .
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#SaveMe Series 2 is CONFIRMED!!! 🙌Excited? 😬

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