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This fade is fire 🔥

Little pre-work #wwc this morning! Glad this week is over, super busy week ahead!

Evergreen SKX #seikosaturday

There’s no beating the SKX009 faded look ❤️💙

Must of been the subway lights but the #SKX009 bezel was looking super GMT-y colour wise ❤️💙

Some mid week #SKX lume for you folk! 😍

Little Wednesday afternoon @seikowatchuk #wristrolls for everyone 😂🎉

Does anything about this photo annoy you? ... what about that bezel being over clicked by one 😂😂

Trying out a lens I recently sold...kinda regretting it as I forgot how sharp it is 🔪🔪 This awesome Seiko Padi is brought to you by @thewatchdude2 👌🏻👌🏻

I never realised how a little subtle bezel swap can completely change the feel of a watch! I’m loving the fun I’m having with this one!!

Yesterday’s mid bezel change on the SKX

Throwback to last years (last weeks) snowfall!

Normally not a lefty but when your out in the sticks wwc’ing with a proper camera it makes life easier 😂

Great day climbing up Queens View on January 1st! Feeling good and feeling fresh!

Stay warm everyone!! ❄️❄️

TB to the pre faded SKX. Definitely one of the best value for money mechanical watches!!

Hope everyone’s enjoying themselves and isn’t too hungover from yesterday😂 pretty thankful I was designated driver #fresh

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