“It’s not bold It’s British!”
@kevin__mcbride on one spooky 5.10c

Kevin and I contemplating this excellent yet very British 10c route.
Also @kiersten_vincett rocked it today on her first day on rock... and on ice... and seconding trad!
Pc @kiersten_vincett

I lied! It’s still winter!!!!Skinning up to @gwynshighalpine today with my 2 favorites!!! #lateseasonsnow #10inches #splitboard #skiuphill #snowboarddown #thisdoghasthelife

🎼I get by with a little help from my friends🎶 Thanks to everyone who made #eisemanhut2018 such a success. Those three days and nights in the Colorado backcountry are some of the best of the year. Fresh snow helps but I’m convinced it’s because of the company.

#ikefarr and I poached the groomers on Palmer tonight. 😬

Can you see Pac-Man Couloir up there, staring down at us? Yesterday’s the second time he got away, the snowpack and slight sluffing from the sun turned us away at the entrance. Climbed up to the ridge on the left and got some mega deep turns instead.

Post lunch meeting skin at @eldoramtnresort #skiuphill

Fun morning trying to keep up with @slopperslapper . First time up Devils Kitchen Headwall for me. First time down Wy’East face for Andy. Go get it folks. The mountain is in prime form.

Squinty eyed mountain top selfies are my favorite.
#homesweetmountainhome #winterlives #skiuphill #aprilgoods

I currently kick no ass. Like, my ass kicking account is in the negative, overdrawn. I’m still months away from being able to kick ass. But I just read a review of the new Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro on @blisterreview and let me tell ya what... Next winter, when there is snow on the ground and my knee is 100%, these are gonna be on my feet as I roundhouse kick my way trough winter, like Patrick Swayze in “Roadhouse”, but not in a bar and with snow everywhere. Bring it, winter! #backcountryskiing #ski #skiboots #TakeYouThere #skiuphill #patrickswayze #roadhouse

Today I went skiing alone. All alone with no friends or dogs. It was the first time in my life that I went skiing alone. Despite being an only child I don’t really like to be alone. Even if I don’t have the company of a friend I’ve always had a dog with me. My parents had a husky when I was born and I’ve had one ever since. Maybe it is because I’m an only child that I don’t like to be alone.
The hardest part about skiing alone was just getting out the door. I had no excuse though. The sun was shining, no wind - conditions were absolutely perfect. There was no one else there to help set the pace as I skinned up the slope. No one to grin ear to ear with as the dogs ran up along side. Nope, it was just me and my thoughts, smiling to myself as the sun added new freckles to my face. Skiing is always better with good company but sometimes it’s good to be alone and I’m glad I did it today.

...well even though the lifts stopped spinning, the snow definitely hasn’t! #hikersonly eve has given way to one helluva #secondseason on the Mountain. Woken up to new snow every day this week, the most of which was this morning. It’s produced some wonderful results! I’m down for this April snow to keep going...as long as all the trails all dry out for mtb at the same time. K thanks! #postworkhike #earnyourturns #smuggslove #winterwontquit #letsridebikes #skiuphill #splitboarding #powday #gettingsendy #treeskiing #mountains #winter

Wishing I had some photos from @matt_ruta being the best skier on the mountain today, but the Whiteout icefields delivered another “atmospheric” day and we got shut down on our “let’s at least ski something” attempt...! #characterbuildingday #nogoodturnswerehad #wouldnotrecommend

How high is it? People frequently ask me about whatever peak we are discussing. I generally struggle to remember an elevation. I provide them something in the ballpark. Its easy to fixate on the numbers.... 8000m....20,200’....14,411’.... It’s a simple to understand metric.
It’s peaks like this that remind me that numbers don’t matter.
Just in case you need to know, it’s 6238’. @borealoutdoor @fitssock @catalystcase_ #skiwashington #mountains #snow #skiuphill #earnyourturns #avalanche #pnw

🙏🏼 #Snoqualmonix valley looking angelic yesterday 🙏🏼

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