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I'm just so amazed on how far this account has come. I started this account in February last year and already I'm so close to 10k followers. 10k. Ten thousand. That's insane that's completely insane. I never thought my account would get this much recognition.
So many people have thanked me for helping them with their confidence or making them smile and fuck that makes me feel so good about myself. I always say that I made this account to help others feel good about their insecurities which is true but I also made it to help myself. I thought maybe if I could help others then maybe I could get something out of it too? Which is exactly what's happening. Whenever I get submissions from people loving their stretch marks or their scars, or a part of their body they dislike all I can think is "hey look how beautiful this is" and then I realise I also have those marks and it's like ??? Holy fuck???? I've been making myself feel bad about all these things but when I see other people with them I find them beautiful?? I'm now finding the beauty in the things I hate about myself which is amazing.
A year ago if I looked at my moles all I saw was ugly marks that ruined my skin but now I see star correlations. When I used to see my stretch marks I thought they were disgusting but now I see them as fireworks and shooting stars. I love my perfect imperfections and so should you. -alics -
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If you want to submit check out my bio or dm me #gore#gory#gruesome#bruise#bruises#blood#bloody#scary#creepy#grunge#darkgrunge#palegrunge#tumblr#tumblrgrunge#body#skin#bodypositivity#submit#submission#bodysubmission#pale#skin#skintheme#skinposi#skinpositivit


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