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My scars make me unique, they’re my favorite accessory 💁🏼‍♀️ You can still be skin posi and work towards clearer skin. I embrace my scars, but I also micro-needle to help them fade. I’m friends with my pimps, but I also use spot treatments so they go away. It’s a weird fine line that can be hard to navigate. Skin posi to me means embracing how your skin looks in the moment, staying positive, and not letting the scars or acne drag you down. Basically it’s okay to want better for yourself AND love your self for exactly who you are in that moment. What does being skin positive mean to you?

💉 Blood test results! 💉
Before the naturopath decided what herbs/supplements/vitamins he wanted to give me - we tested everything!
One needle later and I have a heap of results.
I’m now taking supplements that’s have been indicated by my body, and for me, THAT’S EXCITING! I finally feel like I’m on the right path to take control of my skin and to continue to live in spite of it, not weighed down by the insecurity. 💪🏻 Keep and eye out for more detailed posts on the results and corresponding supplement/herbal tablets. 👁

Also! Repping a gift from @christianoutreachchurch ! Love that I have a church that makes fabulous t-shirts which have truth written all over them! #youmatter!
See you round, like a rissole!

Makeup AND acne fighting skincare in one product? Yes please!! #neutrogenapartner Today I’m using the @Neutrogena SkinClearing liquid foundation, concealer, and powder w/ salicylic acid to stop breakouts BEFORE they begin (concealer and liquid in shade buff, powder in shade natural ivory). Y’all know I deal with more than the occasional hormonal blemish, so finding a good foundation that doesn’t break me out AND helps heal current blemishes has been key to improving my skin (and my overall confidence). Of course I feel beautiful without makeup, but on those days that I want a full beat I need something that won’t break me out or break the bank. I started using Neutrogena wayyy back in middle school and to this day it’s one of the only mass cosmetic brands I truly trust to take care of my skin. #Neutrogena #NeutrogenaMakeup #NeutrogenaClearSkin

A few years ago I would never leave the house without a full face of makeup and my hair straightened. Even if I was only going to get some groceries. Flash forward to now and I feel comfortable enough in my skin that I don’t feel like I HAVE to wear makeup to hide my freckles and acne. Self love is a journey. I still love makeup but I no longer use it as a shield. What is an insecurity you have overcome or want to overcome?

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Healing isn’t linear. This can be applied to just about anything in life. There are so many twists and turns; and ALOT of trial and error. At times it’s not easy, but once you get to where you’re supposed to be- it’s completely worth it. I used to always repeat to myself: everything is okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. What this means to me now is that everything will work out exactly how it’s supposed to. Maybe it’s about learning a life lesson or something much deeper, and not so much about the clear skin you THINK you desire after all. So , repeat after me: DONT. GIVE. UP. I know acne can be discouraging when you “just want clear skin”, but try changing your mindset to “I am beautiful”. Not “regardless of my acne”, or “even though I have scars”- JUST I am beautiful. Instead of seeing breakouts as setbacks I now view them as part of my skin story. Two pimples? Cayutteee they’re unique accessories, hello Fredrick and Bertha. Whether I break out everyday for two weeks or don’t have a pimple for three months I know that everything happens for a reason, and only with time I will heal. The reason for my acne? Well I feel like it’s taught me to be more compassionate, patient, and understanding of people’s situations (also less of a control freak). There’s no rushing the process, and sometimes no controlling your skin. So all I can do for now is relax, sit back, and just go wherever this crazy skin journey of mine takes me ✌🏻

Skin today VS in February 🌟
It’s been a few months since I’ve gotten a proper cyst *minus my retinol fiasco* so I’m gonna say that this is working for me! Main things that have changed in my life:.
. + way less stressed (no longer in school, working stressful jobs, etc.)💓.
. + using acne targeted skincare (branched out from ONLY natural, now I use both!).
. + food freedom (eating more carbs/dairy/ not stressing out about every little thing has helped my mental state sooo much. Everything online says high carbs & dairy= acne .. but honestly my body LOVES carbs and I feel sooo good eating them so fu internet 😂) .
+ wearing makeup again (went 2 years without it and my skin only got worse 🤷🏼‍♀️ now I’m having so much fun playing around with makeup again!!) .
+ being true to myself (not trying to act like a health goddess because yes I love celery juice but chic fil a breakfast is also bae, why can’t I do both? We all have so many different sides to us so it’s silly trying to fit into a box.) .
It’s crazy to me that after years of stressing out, not eating dairy, or wearing makeup, trying every anti-acne fad and worrying about it every day—- the thing working the best for me is doing the complete opposite. I kept trying to “fix” my skin, but the thing is- having acne doesn’t mean you’re broken. Once I realized these things WEREN’T working for me, I decided it would be insanity to keep repeating the same process but expect different results. So I went the exact opposite direction. Low stress, incorporating chemicals, no diet, wearing makeup = no acne? For me it works! And tbh it’s crazy, I wish I could tell y’all why this is working. Acne has so many different causes and I could sit here forever thinking oh maybe it was this causing it or maybe this cured it or maybe “xyz” but I would literally drive myself insane. So for now, this is it! Acne is so unpredictable and uncontrollable so who knows if it’s permanent or not? But for now I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!

You guys know it takes a lot for me to really love a product. And as an acne prone skincare-junkie, it has to be AMAZING for me to recommend it! Let me tell y’all, this mask is legit 💯. Matcha tea, lemon grass, and benotite clay are the three main ingredients that help to moisturize, heal, and detoxify the skin. To be honest with y’all, I was really hesitant about this mask in the beginning but- after the first use I immediately saw a huge difference in my skin!! Unlike other clay masks that pull and leave my skin irritated or raw, this one is really gentle and soothing. It leaves my skin feeling more hydrated and wayyy less inflamed than before (which I def need being prone to hormonal/cystic breakouts). What’s evennnn better?! It’s cheap af. And with the code - KALIK - it’s even cheaper 😋 (Non affiliate code) #teamipartner #thankyouteami

🌟 Banish back to school bash giveaway now closed! 🌟 winner announced via IG STORIES. Thank you to everyone who entered!!

I have a beef to pick with a lot of skincare company ads, they go something like this “LET THIS SUMMER BE THE SUMMER OF YOUR HEALTHIEST SKIN YET!” *enter picture of a woman (usually thin, often white) with a photoshopped complexion free of any pores, lines, hyperpigmentation, zits, etc.🙄Your healthiest skin, they say, is PERFECT skin. 🤨NEWSFLASH: your skin is an ORGAN: An ever moving, living part of your anatomy that works to protect your body everyday. It’s main functions include protection, regulation, & sensation. What it DOESN’T include? A perfect ‘canvas’ for makeup, photos, a beauty trophy, or any other ornamental use we are being told our skin serves.🙅🏻‍♀️ ______________________
YES, chronic skin conditions can be connected to imbalances in the body. But the OPPOSITE of unhealthy skin is not necessarily perfect skin.🚫STOP: please read again.⭐️HEALTHY SKIN DOES NOT = PHOTOSHOP PERFECT SKIN.⭐️It means BALANCED skin that does it’s job & function well. For some, it looks like perfectly clear skin. For me (and others with different genetics), it can look like stress breakouts here and there with hyperpigmentation DESPITE my skin being the healthiest and most balanced it’s ever been.🤷🏻‍♀️After years I can say confidently my skin is healthy, despite it not looking like a covergirl model’s.
Our obsession with perfection has not only caused a mass hit on female self esteem, but also exploited real health to sell more unrealistic beauty standards.😡The pursuit of perfection in the name of health is, ironically, more damaging to our wellbeing than anything else. Let me be a reminder today:❗️HEALTH IS NOT PERFECTION.❗️And any company or product telling you it is has more an interest in money than medicine. You rock that skin baby girl.💃🏻

When your hormonal acne flares up because your uterus just does not give a damn, so you take selfies to remind yourself of the fullness of your eyelashes to cancel it out. .
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All things are possible with some coffee, moisturizer, & a little mascara ✨☕️😆•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Please don’t fall for a hypocritical highlight reel. I have an infinite list of physical “flaws” (by society’s lies) that come & go with my time and experiences on this planet. Remember, we don’t always look as “good” or “put together” (again, society’s lies) as we do on our best days. I rarely post here, even of professional pics, but some days I look way “better” than this, & some days way “worse.” I just exist. But often we’re not even certain how we look so fluctuatingly different daily. & that’s okay. Social media & editing apps have made dysmorphia & dissociation & illusions & personas much more prevalent; I don’t even use those editors or apps, & I still experience it from pics. We’re living. We’re all perfectly imperfect & imperfectly perfect 👑 Acne, allergies, freckles, wrinkles, “unwanted” hair, injuries & scars remind me that I’m still alive. Fun facts: I’ve never colored/styled my hair. I’ve never had a facial, manipedi, brows done, or professionally whitened teeth. I’ve never worn false lashes, contoured, or highlighted, unless I had to (dance company or tv). I’m usually layered in sunscreen & sweating it off like a glitter shower, & don’t wear much makeup besides occasional mascara & some spf powder/lip balm. & this day was no exception. Even with how sick I was, this was still a better day, regardless of how I looked. But I like me even on the other days too! Everyone is unique, & you can be art & an artist however YOU like. We’re already beautiful every day, & being pretty isn’t the goal. Conforming to societal BS is not our purpose in life. Do you, for you. Present however makes ya feel good that day, less or more, & know that your beauty & validity aren’t contingent upon that.
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Acne glow ✨
Gotta have spf protection from @peterthomasrothofficial All Day Moisture Defense Lotion + color correcting with @drjart Cicapair Derma Green Solution
Light mascara with @bellapierreofficial waterproof Volume Lash .
Highlighted w/ @makeupmonsterscosmetics Illusive Lights highlighters in Divinity and Ardour .
@elfcosmetics lip plumping gloss in Peach Bellini
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Let me be one of the first health practitioners to grace your screen with this hard truth:👏🏻ACNE ISN’T ALWAYS A SIGN OF POOR HEALTH👏🏻. Everywhere we look in the holistic world, acne is said to be a sign of something that is ‘wrong’ or ’off’ in the body.☝🏻It’s the GUT they said. NO, ITS THE LIVER they said.☝🏻NO, ITS THE DIET, they ALL said.
It is EASIER to believe our skin is completely in our control, because then we could just work harder to ‘fix it’.🧐I spent 5+ years on the path to holistically healing my skin, and guess what, it was NEVER (and still isn’t) perfect!🤷🏻‍♀️After every lab test and symptom relief pointed to a healthy, balanced body, I STILL went searching for the secret problem I had because my face wasn’t perfect.🤦🏻‍♀️So OF COURSE there must be something I’m missing, right?!👋🏻NEWSLFASH: there are genetics, stress, environment, mental health, and individual androgen sensitivity that all play a role in breakouts. Many of which are practically impossible to COMPLETELY control for! (trust me, I tried and I went CRAZY😰). Though I am grateful for the holistic education that helped me heal my skin loads, I am DONE seeing people make perfect skin the universal sign of healthy.🙄It only makes those of us who don’t have it obsess over what is ‘wrong’ with us, sometimes even looking for problems where there ARE none and pouring money 💰down the drain on the next supplement, lab test, or diet.
So I get some spots when I ovulate.🤷🏻‍♀️Big frikin deal. So I breakout when I’m stressed.🤷🏻‍♀️Whatevs. That doesn’t mean I’m battling a major health crisis or hormone imbalance.😜Pimples don’t make you broken. They make you human.❤️ Welcome to the club girlfriend.🙋🏻‍♀️Where all my humans with skin at?!👇🏻#acneawarenessmonth

Bae: “JESSICA GABRIELLE there’s no room around our bathroom sink anymore, there’s skincare bottles everywhere. 😑There’s no way you need all these”
Me: “HOW DARE YOU. I have a system” *proceeds to describe in detail the necessity of every single product I own in said made-up system until the subject is dropped.... repeat for the rest of my life😂🤷🏻‍♀️
💃🏻Fun fact: I LOVEEEEEE all natural skincare. Years ago my product purchases would be fraught with desperation and insecurity.😣Anything to ‘fix’ me. 🙅🏻‍♀️Now, I’m liberated to say I experiment for FUN, just to find things that better support my skin health and show a little TLC to the face I used to 💩 talk all the time. I get so excited when I find products that work for my sensitive & picky acne-prone skin, and I LOVE trying new companies! 🤑Plus, it’s an extra bonus when the companies I support are run by strong AF female leaders👭. My all time favorites so far are @cocokindskincare , @paintedearthskincare, and @madhippieskinproducts . TELL ME, what are your FAVORITE all natural skincare brands?👇🏻👇🏻go ahead, fuel my addiction😎
p.s. use code WHOLLYHEALED for 25% off Cocokind’s Raspberry Vinegar toner purchases, valid until Saturday. This puppy is the BOMB for acne prone skin AND doubles as a dandruff and dry scalp tamer. 😍*swoon*

When you’re the go to Hormone expert👩🏻‍⚕️ and ppl assume that means your skin & hormones must be perfect and you just laugh because what better way to show people perfection doesn’t exist than be like “Yo. I studied hormones & skin for years and I’m still on that anxiety-prone-cortisol-spike-ovulation-breakout-hyperpigmentation lyfe🤷🏻‍♀️”, but you still chill AF because you know life isn’t perfect so why should you pretend to be?✌🏻
Alternative caption: @cocokindskincare turmeric stick is BAE. 💛

Coolness hahahahaha 😎

Make-up?... Like "Make-up your mind"? Or "Make-up time for all the things you prefer doing"? Maybe "Make-up safe spaces without judgement"? Or "Make-up for all those times you felt needlessly uncomfortable because you haven't spend all morning to put on a face"? Feel like needing Make-up to look "good enough", "polished" or to be passing?
Please keep in mind that your look is nobodies businesses and that you really are good enough or polished enough just the way you are and everyone should respect your gender identity regardless of your momentary looks.
So if you ever feel pressured into wearing Make-up, try to remember that noone has the right to make you feel bad for rather not wanting to.
Make-up can be so much fun, if you use it along your own wishes.

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2 DISCOUNTS IN ONE WEEK?!😱 #winning. For real you guys, I don’t mean to toot my own horn but DO I KNOW HOW TO SPOIL YOU GUYS OR WHAT.😏💃🏻
Since ya’ll are the best, I wanted to brighten up your friday by giving you ANOTHER @cocokindskincare discount code for their product of the month: SEA MOSS EXFOLIATOR. The ONLY exfoliator I’ve been able to use on this baby soft sensitive AF skin of mine.👶🏻🙄 Made from only the best natural ingredients and one of the softest, smallest physical exfoliators on the market, this puppy allows you to slough off dead skin WITHOUT causing micro tears or using plastic beads that ruin our oceans🌊 (#savethefishies🐠). ___________________________________
Use code WHOLLYHEALED at checkout for 30% off the Sea Moss Exfoliator PLUS since all their gift sets are 30% off right now for Mother’s Day❤️ you can try most ALL their products for 30% off with my code and the sale.🤗valid until the end of April 29th! I bought the baby set this morning (that dry shampoo is life🙌🏻 #idontshower) and the beauty set for my mamma🤰🏻! YAY FOR SPOILING MOMS AND ALSO OURSELVES TOO FOR FUN😂 #selfcare

Feb 2018 - April 2018
Thanks to @niathelight
The #nomakeupmarchchallenge was a journey for me not just because I love lipstick & glosses but because I was so self conscious about my scarring & little breakouts I would just do what every girl does & pile on the color corrector, & concealer, & the foundation, then powder to make sure I was “perfect”. Now I know I’m perfect just the way I am, feels good to feel good in my own skin, even my scars have lightened up & my skincare routine is so much more loving & catering to the fact that I feel good in my skin. Its amazing to see results like this with just a month of not clogging my pores 😫🙃☠️ self love & self care are so over looked by society because it makes you seem selfish. But if taking care of yourSELF is SELFish I guess I am too 🤗 #skinposi #verynervousaboutmyskin #bodyposi #selflovejourney

It's getting warm outside where I live.
For everyone who has a chance to get a first glimpse of spring, here is a small reminder:
There is nothing about your skin you would ever have to hide. Acne is human, freckles are human, vitiligo is human, stretch marks are human, scars are human, birthmarks are human, moles are human, additional nipples are human, every skin condition humans can have is human. And I bet every single person out there has at least one of those skin traits.
You are a human. You have your very own, super unique skin, and I swear, the sun doesn't care, it will kiss it anyway.
So get your sunblocker and enjoy the weather outside!
#skinpositive #skinposi #skinpositivity #bodypositive #bodypositivity #spring

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