Puppies that join you for a face mask session are the best kind of puppies. Sara of @blondehanes even prepped her pup with a pink kitten headband to join in on the fun! Sara wears our Sweet Retreat mini masks - shop link in bio! 🌟🎂

Make sure that your weekend involves masking with friends. Happy Friday babes! Photo by @notablyandrea

‘Twas feeling toot as a boot today!! Das all. .

Makeup deets:
Moisturizer: @banishacnescars vitamin c creme
Essence: @cosrx snail 96 mucin
SPF: @bareminerals complexion rescue defense protective veil SPF 30
Foundation : @tartecosmetics Amazonian clay powder foundation
Concealer: @tartecosmetics shape tape
Blush: @physiciansformula butter blush vintage rouge
Highlighter: @lauragellerbeauty Peach glow
Eyeshadow: @anastasiabeverlyhills modern ren palette
Mascara: @urbandecaycosmetics perversion *always*
Setting spray: @smashboxcosmetics water primer
Lip: @esteelauder liquid lip in bronze leaf

Hi, ⁣⁣
I'm doing a HUGE research on how Acne effects us at an emotional and personal level.⁣⁣
I'd be very grateful if you could answer any of these following questions, as it would help me to uncover some secrets about the underlying causes of Acne. ⁣⁣
In return, I will send you our latest Acne Program (see link in description) ⁣
Write your answers in the comment section, through DM or directly to my email denise@thechangefromwithin.com

👉🏼 Don't forget to give me your email address so I can send your Acne Program👈🏼⁣
These answers will help me to help others that suffer from acne.⁣⁣
You the best, Thanks kindly again 🙂⁣⁣
1. What keeps you awake at night, eyes open, staring at the ceiling?⁣⁣
2. What are you afraid of?⁣⁣
3. What are you angry about? Who makes you angry?⁣⁣
4. What are your top 3 daily frustrations?⁣⁣
5. What kind of treatments have you tried?⁣⁣
6. What do you secretly, ardently desire the most?⁣⁣
7. How do you make your decisions generally? ⁣⁣
8. What treatments are you currently on?⁣⁣
9. Which treatments have failed you?⁣⁣
10. You are awesome, thank you so much for answering these tough questions.⁣⁣

I wasn’t always comfortable in my skin, In fact, it took me a lot of work to get where I am today. I used to spend hours getting ready in front of the mirror, worried I would run into someone I knew, and constantly felt ashamed or embarrassed about my acne. Honestly, when I created this account it gave me the courage to live more confidently in my skin. .

First I started sharing images of my skin online, months later I went to the grocery without makeup for the first time EVER, and now years later I go weeks or sometimes even months without makeup.
It was sharing photos of my skin and realizing that I wasn’t alone in this journey that really planted the seed of confidence and allowed me to blossom into full on skin acceptance over time 😊 So thank you guys for that. Through connecting with you guys, I realized that I had nothing to hide. My acne doesn’t make me any less beautiful and it is a part of life, nothing to be ashamed about. I hope that you realize this too. .

I often get asked for tips on confidence when dealing with acne and the biggest thing you can do is just to make little changes. Start small when working up that confidence and skin acceptance, whatever that means to you. It could be speaking positive affirmations, going to the grocery store without makeup, or NOT cancelling plans because of a breakout. That’s why I’m so excited to share my story in partnership with @my_skin_matters!

Do you remember what your defining moment of courage was with acne? When you decided to start living more confidently and positively through your skin? Share your moment using #MySkinMatters on Instagram so I can see ☺️ !

SKIN UPDATE: 7 month difference! ▫️7 months of caring for my mental and physical health.
▫️7 months of eating intuitively.
▫️7 months of the same skincare routine.
▫️7 months of taking time to do things for me. 💙

Happy mask Monday! What face mask are you going to indulge in today? Photo by @whatwouldreado 💖

Treat your skin nicely ❤️ .

I did a crazy sfx makeup look for Halloween and ensured i had plenty of time at the end of the night for my skincare routine & a light mask to suck out alllll the toxins from the day 🌿😌

Me: 💕
Phyllis Vance: “Close your mouth sweetie. You look like a trout.”

😬 After Roaccutane 😬 🌞This is me currently. 12 months after finishing my 3rd round of Roaccutane I am still very very sensitive to the sun! 🌞 🤦🏼‍♀️This was after 1 hour in the sun last weekend with no sunscreen 🤦🏼‍♀️ Remember to #slipslopslap and be aware of the remaining effects of Roaccutane/Accutane.

🌟 Progress! 🌟
Last Friday, the 19th, I had a 2 hour acne skin treatment at @cosmeticeleganceclinic. This is now! 1 treatment, 2 light sessions (2 more to come) and using good quality @glymedplus skin care.
I’m wearing makeup in both pictures, but check out that change in texture! I can’t want to see the results continue!

I’ve only been alive and kicking for 21 years and 9 months but I know, for sure, that a support network is vital! 💕

I have so many support families in my life. My work family, my friend and church family and my biological family. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Each family listens without judgment and gives without an agenda.
When I release the stresses of the world with them, they don’t try and fix me. They offer a hug and encouragement that, this too shall pass.

I have come to learn, that being in someone’s support network doesn’t mean you are there to fix all their problems. 💕We are here to help hold them up when they feel like life is pushing them down.💕 🌸I am so blessed 🌸

"Sometimes it's going to be hard. Tbh acne made me strong and every day I thank my past self for sticking it through those difficult days when my face was so sore with cystic acne, when people would stare at me like I’m a monster, and when my students were scared because they didn’t know why my skin was like that. But despite all of it, I held onto hope. I thank my past self for taking this photo to remind my current self of how far I’ve come. 😃 A little motivation from your average Sydney gal, stay strong and stay hopeful. You got this ❤️❤️❤️"
#inspo from beautiful @prettyprogress23!
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Good luck! 💕

Let me start by saying that, contrary to what we’ve been told, acne, eczema or wrinkles DO NOT mean that we are ‘unhealthy’ or unworthy. ALL skin is beautiful and worthy. 🌟

I’ve been getting hormonal acne ever since my first period when I was 11 and got WAY worse when I got off synthetic birth control! I can always count on a little fam of pimples making my chin and/or jaw line their home around day 23. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 I’ve tried everything and anything to get rid of my acne or hide it. It’s only recently that I’ve come to embrace my skin and show it lots of love instead of constant hate and criticism. 💕

Being engaged in the process of making my own skin care product has played a huge role in my skin acceptance. I choose the best oils for my skin and lovingly mix them together! (Not going to lie, I kinda feel like a chemist when I make it.👩🏻‍🔬) I look forward to indulging my skin with it every night!

Here’s my recipe, for combination skin type/texture
Take a small glass vile and add :
30% castor oil (al little more if you have very oily skin, a little less if you have very dry skin)
50% jojoba oil (this oil is the closest to the sebum our skin naturally produces)
20% oil(s) of your choice, I like to add mostly Sea buckthorn seed oil and temanu oil, which helps with scaring, and a few drops of argan oil for hydration!

Mix well and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a homemade oil cleanser! You could also add some essential oils - I like a few drops of Frankinsense or geranium! (I got mine from @vitruvi )

Here’s how I use it : I add a quarter size amount to the palm of my hand, and massage it into my skin for about a minute. It feels GREAT, so I like to take my time! I then take a washcloth, run it under hot water, ring it out and then drape it over my face and let the steam help loosen the oils. I like to take 3 deep breaths, to help be relax AND as a timer for how long to leave it on. (Always multitasking! 🤷🏻‍♀️) I repeat this one more time and that’s it! I like to apply lip balm and eye cream and if my skin feels like it needs more moisture, I’ll add some @cocokindskincare chia facial oil!
PS. This is a GREAT makeup remover!

Fall in the city 🍁 🍂 Having lunch tacos with my bestie and then doing some *light* shopping 😻 what’re you guys up to today?
Overalls: @kismetcollections
( use code “myfacestory” for $5 off! Non affil)

Points out my nasties before anyone else does so that I can have the final laugh because I'm liKE THAT ;^). Anyways, it's time for...
real • talk ♡!!
Since we're sort of kind of not really on the topic - blemishes, discolouring, eyebags, acne, and other medical skin conditions shouldn't make someone feel less beautiful or less valid than the other!
Obviously I'm not saying glamourise bad skin conditions entirely and not do anything about it (because having eczema sucks major BALLS if I don't maintain my skin routine - uh oh gUilty!!), but don't shit all over someone who is going through a breakout or who has dry skin or who has weird ass colours on their face!
Sometimes, breakouts or inflammed skin are caused by puberty or stress or during one's period or from change of season and that's completely N!O!R!M!A!L!! Let's stop making these things a social taboo and let people go outside with their family and friends without feeling self-conscious all the time uwu. Let people take selfies in the sun where all of their flaws can be seen. Let people have their hair tied up in a cute bun or pony instead of hiding their face from everyone. Let people go by their day happily by not judging them based on their outer appearance!
Let. People. Be. ❤
(Also DISCLAIMER: My acne doesn't look that bad in this picture because I think my phone automatically puts on a softer filter - issa samsung and y'all know Koreans love their skin - so please don't think I'm over exaggerating because it honestly is breaking the hell out!!!!)
#skinpositivity #skinposi #realtalk #thatsme #poetry #poem #creativefreedom #filipinxpoetry #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #vsco #photography #skinpacewrites✒️

Them: “redheads can’t wear red”
Me: 💅🏼 Hi Bich
Lip is @toofaced in lady balls 🏀. Yes that’s really the name. No I can’t make this stuff up. .
Rest of makeup deets:
Base: @sundayriley Martian toner & ufo oil
SPF: @bareminerals complexion rescue defense protective veil SPF 30
Foundation : @neutrogena skin clearing foundation and powder in shade classic ivory & natural ivory
Concealer: @firstaidbeauty avocado bendy concealer shade 2
Setting powder: @rcmamakeup translucent powder
Bronze and blush: @physiciansformula butter bronzer in shade light bronze and blush in vintage rouge
Highlighter: @lauragellerbeauty Peach glow
Eyeshadow: @badhabitbeauty Aphrodite palette
Mascara: @urbandecaycosmetics perversion

🌧 When it’s raining, you go shopping right? 🌧

This weekends purchases included the @renskincare cleanser and @meccamaxima bronzer. Super excited to try both of these! 👇🏻👇🏻Have you used these products? Let me know your experience! 👇🏻👇🏻 💧I find my skin works best with a gentle cleanser and heavier duty treatment products, rather than a strong cleanser alone. 💧I have a hunch that the current bronzer I am using is breaking me out! I seem to be getting regular breakouts in the exact line of my powder 👊🏻 So washing the brush and trying a new bronzer is my plan of attack 👊🏻

🌸Accept where you are, but determined to be better 🌸

This picture and video 👉🏻swipe to see it👉🏻
was taken in mid February.
I wish I had appreciated my skin more then. At that time though, I never thought my skin would continue to break out. 👊🏻So!👊🏻 At the moment, I’m trying hard to appreciate my skin... I know that there would be people thinking ‘my skin is worse than yours, you have no idea’. I know I have had those thoughts too, especially when they complain about a couple little spots.

I’m trying hard to appreciate where I’m at and but believing this isn’t where I’ll be forever.
I encourage you to do the same! 🌸

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