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A packet of Splenda won't kill you. Nor will that Diet Coke. I'm not saying I advise you to swap out water for diet beverages, or use 87,483 packets of Equal a day, but there's bigger #fitspo battles to fight, like waist trainers, tea detox, JessicaFit100 with her promo code for over promising, BS products and carb-free diets. #toughlovetuesday

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Shite quality but thinspoooooo♥️♥️♥️♥️ •

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👱🏼‍♀️: "I only lost a pound." 👩🏻: Well, THIS is a pound of fat. Give yourself more credit for small victories. They add up to the full goal. #trusttheprocess

I literally can't even. 😂

Jesus, yes! 😂 Let me just do 87,423 kickbacks, drink "teatox" and pose scandalously with crap supplements with big promises, in hopes that all teenage girls use my discount code. 🙄 STAHP! ✋🏼 Eat all macros - carbs, fats and protein. Drink a lot of water. Stick to your plan, every single day, and I promise you'll get results.

I don't know about your routine in the morning, but here's mine: wake up, *comes to sense with body*, I feel ______ today (bloated, skinny, flat, fluffy, etc.). As a woman in particular, it becomes obsessive easily, especially when you involve the scale + macros + goals (dieting, reversing, show, meet). But ladies, we've got to try and take a step back, looking at the bigger picture: self love. I preach it often because I hated my body for more than a decade. It sucks. It consumes you. Instead, I challenge you to look in the mirror, and find one thing you love about yourself. Be honest. Be loving. It all starts within. Love yourself first. #selflove


Shite quality but thinspoooooo♥️♥️♥️♥️ •

#size4 #tinygirls #skinnyspo #thinspo #skinnygirl #bluehairdontcare #hisjeans #mirrorselfie

I haven't put much effort into weight loss tbh, I've just been trying not to go over 1000 calories a day... anyone got some good and effective plans for weight loss? comment below, thanks :) #skinny

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