💥feeing light as a feather of late! .
💥sneak peak at the scales a few days ago.....101.9🤗 💥official weigh-in tomo morning 💥week 6/12 starting...Bring it on💪🏻
💥 9kg lost in first 5weeks😄
#sub100kg #pbsarecoming #fitness #weightlossgoals #skinnyrunner #sundaystrolling #testway #runner

We can’t take our eyes 👀 off this gorgeous vintage rug runner. BRECKEN measures 2’3 x 9’7. A perfect skinny runner with lots of style! 👀 Tap the tag to shop BRECKEN or click to link in profile for one-of-a-kind vintage rugs! #vintagerug #kitchenrunner #hallwayrunner #rugrunner #skinnyrunner #rugs #rugsale

3 sisters from the ♥️ of Anatolia ready for you up at the site!
Find them under “New Arrivals”
Skinny runners, the best solution for your narrow spaces👌🏻

ATTENTION ALL SKINNY RUNNER HUNTERS! I got an extremely rare size for you! Here’s a sneak peek of the yummy “Owen” who measures at 2x10.3 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Send a DM to inquire and claim before it hits the site tomorrow morning! Happy Thursday everyone. #kennedyroseinteriors

Lille tynde løberkrop er klar til en lang og hård tur imorgen #skinnyrunner#dietofpizza

My 1 friend is in town!!! Aaand this is the best picture we got at lunch. I think we forgot how to take pictures together since she went off the grid.
Here are 7 flashbacks from our friendship ..... 1. Me and @barleshambone in OC.
2. ‎That time she WON a marathon and pointed out my chest looks super flat in that pic and I should never pose like that again.
3. ‎ The time she baked cookies for me 💗 (or I went over and ate all the cookies she baked for her book club... still unclear.
4. ‎The time she ran 30 miles and I met up with her for the last 10 miles...
5. ‎I have several pics of her randomly squatting... 6. ‎She orders a lot of extra ranch. (With everything - even sushi.)
7. ‎One of my fave pics of us....
8. ‎When she was the biggest running blogger in the USA and the paps caught her off guard... It's too bad she moved to Alaska... I really want more of those cookies.
Thanks to KT for the pic 💗
#skinnyrunner #runeatrepeat #fbf

Stunning sunset on Sunday the ebbing light beautifully reflecting my ebbing strength at the end of a long and arduous day of training. #sunset #elvaston #riversoar #borrowash #beautiful #skinnyrunner


You come home from the office crabby and cranky. Your boss has asked you to work an extra project without the extra pay. You need to get groceries but haven't had time to make a meal list let alone make it to the store. And your children (or 4-legged kids 🐶) need your attention NOW! .

You don't even know where to begin you're so overwhelmed. Then it hits you. The perfect answer. A long run in nature to clear your mind, to get your thoughts together and priorities straight. .

So you change quickly, grab your ipod, and sprint out the door to squeeze in that run before you need to start dinner. .

And it TOTALLY WORKS. Running was JUST what you needed to find that clarity. To set your priorities. .

You get home, rush to make dinner, and before you know it the night is over. .

But you neglected to stretch before running. Neglected to stretch after running. And you didn't have time to make a hearty and healthy dinner so settled for frozen pizza (runners need carbs, so it's fine. Right?). .

Your problem is NOT time. You think your problem is time. But your REAL problem is that you don't possess the knowledge of knowing proper stretching techniques, or good nutrition practices. You need help. .

And you're ready to make that change in the New Year! You feel good about your running itself, but you want that FULL PICTURE. You want a well-rounded healthy routine. .

Ready for help? Join my FREE Facebook community to get tips on stretching and nutrition specifically for runners. AND don't wait because tomorrow I will be going live in my Facebook community with a relaxing yoga practice to start your 2018 !! .

Such disasters happen when u do only rigorous cardios like an idiot!
Down to 50kgs!
Now, no cardios till i reach about 65kgs!#skinny #running #runner #abs #skinnyrunner #obsessedrunner

Stunning Views on this morning's #longrun. a Long run doesn't have to be local, it can be anywhere. 11.5 miles of fells is equivalent to approx 15 miles of flat so it all counts! #marathontraining #marathon #instarunner #focus #instarunuk #theskinnyrunner #skinnyrunner #fellrunning #derbyshire #peakdistrictnationalpark

Nice little leg stretcher before Derby 10 (10 mile road race) tomorrow. Message me to follow me on Strava #parkrun #roadrunner #theskinnyrunner #skinnyrunner #training #longeaton #nottingham #marathontraining #marathon

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