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Иногда так хочется сожрать какой нибудь отравы😝🙊 #ilovefood #foodporn #angry #hot #aesthetic #bodypositive #ass #rippedjeans #girlsweekend #пп #skinny #slim #iphoto

Bikini season is right around the corner. Unfortunately, so is the pizza place. 🍕😛 #veganpizza #treatyourself #nocalorierestriction

Someone the other day messaged me asking "are you actually anorexic you don't look sick". So again, here we are with this issue of people assuming that you have to look a certain way to actually have an eating disorder and/or be sick. Idk what they saw in their eyes, but I can see that I'm too skinny, that I'm sick and unhealthy. But yeah, im not AS bad as others. I'm not a skeleton I can face the fact that none of my bones protrude through my skin, I don't have a HUGE thigh gap, etc etc. but why do I have to have those things to prove that I am sick? Why should anyone? I don't think people realize what affect their comments have. A lot of people will take comments like that and use them as motivation to lose even more weight. No ones body is the same, weight loss happens differently in each person, I have known a friend who had an eating disorder and she didn't receive help for a very long time even tho she was actually very underweight bc she still looked "healthy". It's just wrong and people should try to be more mindful of others bc comments like those do hurt! On the plus side I'm hanging out w a friend today and another tomorrow which is nice. Hope you all are doing lovely 💗


Привіт! Сьогодні субота, а це значить що: 1) ти знову не знайшла можливісті зібратися і прийти до мене на тренування 2) перед тобою ввечері буде купа спокуси, бо ти десь підеш з подругами чи хлопцем 3) до моря не так вже й багато, а ти й далі думаєш, що такий прес як в мене можна отримати за два тижні😂 Якщо ти десь себе впізнала,то я звертаюся до тебе: " Вистачаєєєє!!😒" Дівчатка, які тренуються зі мною вже дещо знають по правильному харчуванню, техніці виконання вправ і про прАтеїни. Може вже й ти наважишся?? Коротше, сьогодні 18-00, або Пн -10:30. Приходь! .
А тепер питання до тих, хто вже зі мною, і хто таки думає головою про свою фігуру! Мене часто питають, що можна їсти в ресторанах та кафе, коли ввечері кудись потрапляєш, що можна замовляти попити : мілкшейк, фреш чи лате? Який десерт найбезпечніший? І т.п. Я готова написати про це пост, розкрити секрети де і скільки можна поїсти, якщо так вийшло,що ти не вдома, а на обід нічого не маєш з собою. Якщо вам це цікаво, напишіть мені в коментах"цікаво", а також заклад, де ви найчастіше"грішите" в плані харчування😉 будьте активними і я поділюся з вами цими тонкощами.
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Views that keep me motivated. I remember the days where my belly touch the wheel and the seatbelt hugged me tight. Now I float around comfortably and have nothing to hide. #memorialdayweekend #mdw #weightloss #mystory #weightlossstory #loseweight #burnfat #skinny #slim #citybeautifulgirl #ehealed #loseseatbelt #nomorebelly

'If you can sit with the hot loneliness for 1.6 seconds today when yesterday you could only sit with it for 1 that is journey of the warrior'
I'm feeling all these feelings of fear, pain, doubt, unbelonging, feeling them in in a culture that focuses on happy feelings and smiles. I've taught myself these negative feelings are something to hide as if they aren't normal human feelings. That they are something to get rid of.
I'm trying to reteach myself.
By reading books and learning that i'm so quick to reach for the easy button --denial, anger, medicine, drinking, shopping, tuning out- numbing all of the hot loneliness.
When we transport ourselves out of our hot loneliness we miss all of our transformation because all the things we need to learn to become the person we need to become next is actually inside the hot loneliness of our now. So when we easy button our way out we're like caterpillars coming out of the cocoon the minute before were about to transform into a beautiful butterfly.
Pain is not like a hot potato that we need to throw at others to escape it is actually like a loving teacher who knocks on everyone's door and the wise ones, they come and sit down and don't leave until they have been taught what they need to know.
Grief isn't something to be fixed. grief is just the price of love. it's the receipt we hold in the air and say look!!! I did it. I was vulnerable and now I'm paying the price. for love.


Calça Jens #skinny raspadinha um sucesso , com bastante lycra , cintura alta #tntjeans linda ❤️
Tam. 36 ao 44.
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Assim você realiza suas compras no conforto do seu lar com toda segurança e comodidade. -
Corra e vamos às compras !!! 💃💃💃😍


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