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Trying out minimal skincare routine 🍃 #skincaredietchallenge

My take on the #SkincareDietChallenge ☁️ I think this the most minimal I can get 😂 not pictured - sneaky dab of #larocheposay cicaplast gel on a couple of bumps 😅 #rasianbeauty

Inspired by @aboutliahyoo // keeping it as minimal as possible
#skincaredietchallenge #palmpalmfam

Night Time Routine:

When you take your skincare routine too seriously, you can easily go overboard. I did all these steps every night thinking that my skin needed it.
But since my skin has strengthened through proper care, I can definitely skip 4 steps or 5 from this. Which is why a #SkincareDietChallenge is in order and I've been testing a new skin care routine that I will share later on.

Still feeling bit 😷 mehhh.
PM skincare routine: #SkincareDietChallenge 🌴
💧Cleanse: Water and pat dry (stayed home all dayyyy!)
🌵 Essence: #Huxley Oil Essence
🍡 Serum: #theordinary "Buffet"

(Like my products-I've-been-using post, I'll be devoting an actual and lengthier blog post to this when I have the time.)
🌟The challenge came from @aboutliahyoo. 💕
🌚The Skincare Diet/Fast was perfect for me since before starting it, my skin was being overtreated—I had stopped Retin-A usage for about a month then, but was still bombarding my face with spot treatments, an anti-acne toner, a salicylic acid scrub, tea tree oil... virtually good things for the skin that are horrible when done in excess.
🌝In a way, I'd forgotten what I'd already been telling people months ago when my skin was clearer, happy, and healthy: to focus on soothing, hydrating, and nourishing your skin instead of drying it out and attacking it.
🌈This is the main principle of the Skincare Diet. From a routine that consisted of seven or more products per session (day or night), I stripped it down to the bare minimum: a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.
🌞In the daytime I would apply sunscreen (indispensible!), while 🌑 at night my last step has been Jojoba Oil.
🎈Around two weeks in, I incorporated an alcohol-free toner. I believe this helped because I think one of the cleansers I'd been using was TOO gentle—I discovered this as I used toner after double-cleansing one night and still seeing so much foundation on the cotton pad. The said too-gentle cleanser, I now use only in the morning.
🎉Three weeks in, I began applying one spot treatment to pimples that looked on the verge of erupting—yes, I still break out but they have lessened in both number and severity over the past month. I noticed that the pimples responded better compared to when I'd been overusing anti-acne treatments.
🔵The Skincare Diet also says no to exfoliation, but alas I used a peeling gel (Cure) once a week. 😅
🔴I also remember breaking out A LOT when we were in Baguio—which I assume was partly because of a sachet moisturizer (no, not iWhite) I used while I was there 😔 and partly because of the weather change.
THE ACTUAL EFFECTS OF THE "DIET?" (Continued in comments)

🌴💚NEW VIDEO💚🌴Showing you a minimal acne skincare routine without using any acne treatment. #SkincareDietChallenge
This video is for those…
⚪ who are on acne meds/treatment for a long period of time and still getting new acne
⚪ who are not seeing improvement with their current #skincareroutine
⚪ who tried everything and they couldn’t find an answer
⚪ who’s just simply LOST.
I know acne treatments can be really effective in getting rid of (or suppressing) the acne causing factors on the skin. But it never gets to the root cause. If you’re not seeing improvements with those strong treatments, maybe your skin is just saying it needs a BREAK. And all it needs is some gentle TLC💖 -
Our skin is a part of our body that is able to self-regulate and self-heal. But, we’re accustomed to use more skincare products and a wrong approach can damage the skin barrier function weakening it’s ability to function as it’s supposed to. And I realized that I was assaulting my skin for the longest time, overusing products and making my skin vulnerable. I hope you get the message right from the video and if you’re determined to join this, tag @aboutliahyoo and update me on your journey/progress with #SkincareDietChallenge I’ll be there to comment and support you!
And again, I’m in no means forcing you to follow this or saying this is the only correct way. Skincare routine shouldn’t be a religion. Just make it enjoyable and take it as a celebration of #selfcare. Love you all 🌴
제가 여드름을 가장 효과적으로 없앨 수 있었던 #화장품다이어트 여드름피부편을 공개해드려요. 유튜버인데 피부가 너무 안좋아서 수백가지 화장품을 번갈아가며 발라보다가 결국 피부가 더 엉망이 된 것 같아요. 작년 말 쯤 제대로 결심을 하고 오히려 미니멀하게 스킨케어 루틴을 축소하고, 거기에 #디렉터파이 님의 화다법도 많이 참고하면서 스킨케어의 노예에서 해방되기 시작했어요. -
트러블 치료제는 정말 많고 효과적이라고 입증된게 많죠. 저도 과거에 벤졸퍼옥사이드를 오래 썼지만 문제를 근본적으로 치료해주지 않으니 사실 피부 장벽만 손상시키지 않았나 생각이 들더라구요. -
이런 치료제에 의존하지 않고 피부가 스스로 힐링할 수 있도록 도와주는 스킨케어 루틴을 만드시는게 오히려 여드름 개선이 도움이 될 수 있어요! 꼭꼭 실천해보시고, 알려주세요!

#Repost @jorea.journey (@get_repost)
#chokchok come to me!

My number one fav atm - Huxley Extract It Toner. It is so hydrating (5 times tonight) with this toner that is infused with Sahara Cactus Extract full of hydrating and antioxidant nutrition!
🌵I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that this toner is alcohol-free ✨ not needing to worry about it drying my skin. It helps to restore and improve skin barrier as well. 🌵Very fresh and gentle on my skin ❤️ #cactusclub .
On a side note, 🤓 I've always been curious what's the difference between Dry vs Dehydrated Skin. Went through some readings, the following are a brief summary:
. .
🌼 it is a skin type
🌼 it is lack of oil / lipids
🌼 feels rough, appears dry and can be flaky
🍂 skin condition that anyone can experience due to various causes (UV sun exposure, hot showers/baths, ageing, air-condition, central heating etc) .
🍂 it is lack of water on the top layer of the skin
🍂 feels tight/rough, looks dull, sensitive, show fine lines (damn!)
🌸 Hope this info helps ^^
p/s: Oops it must be the photo lighting effect that makes it look pinkish sorry! It is pure white 😅😅


Breakfast -Almond milk
-Chia seeds
-Maple syrup
#skincaredietchallenge #liahyoo #skincare #takingcharge #vegan #butnotvegan

I post pictures of my routine a lot as a way for me to be comfortable with the amount and types of products I use. I don't switch out products that often because that's expen$ive and my skin doesn't react well to constant switching. But I see photos of pretty packaging and nice flatlays and I want to be like those people. However, just like in academia, I'm trying not to compare myself, my products, and my photos to others. It's a challenge sometimes but I'm working on it.

🍁BP spot treatment
🍁Glow recipe x Whamisa green tea serum toner - First week impression coming soon!
🍁LJH tea tree essence
🍁Stratia liquid gold
🍁Bio oil scar treatment

I'm trying to finish up both my Hada Labo toners, so currently this is my staples since last week. Used the toners for #7skinmethod and seal it with the Witch Pouch Suncream SPF 50+ PA+++ (also want to finish up this too) in my morning routine and for night routine i will sealed in my 7skin using a sleeping mask. Currently rotating Donginbi Overnight Mask and Cosrx Honey Sleeping mask (both decanted by Liz from @naturalbeautyactives101 ) and i'm almost finish up my decanted samples and DEFINITELY will repurchase the deluxe size. Later in Seoul. God please let there'll be Buy 1 Free 1 promo 🙏🏻
#skincareregimen #skincareroutine #basicskincare #skincareroutineforthelazies #hadalabo #witchpouch #thechoute #amroutine #pmroutine #skincarediet #skincaredietchallenge

Exciting to see how my face will be in a month.

The beginning
September 19th 2017

My literally number 1 hydra mask — #Rexaline Hydra 3D Shock Mask ✨ This mask is so flawless!
My skin is extremely dry, and this mask transforms it. Extra boost — yes. A big difference after just one use — yes. Pleasing fragrance — yes. Extrem moisturizer — yes.
Absolutely in love❤️
Buying it at #Douglas for €46,99

My 2 Holy Grail sunscreens 🙌🏻❤️ #HadaLabo Perfect UV Gel SPF 50+ PA++++ leaves a minor white cast. Well it is normal as it is a physical sunscreen (or rather both: physical and chemical together?) and Titanium Dioxide is one of the ingredients. It doesn't dry my skin out and doesn't break me out.
#Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ I believe it is a 100% chemical sunscreen? I dunno of this is just me or everyone else is in a panic about chemical sunscreens? Anyway, the sunscreen hands down is A1. Non greasy, light, very affordable... Well, you know.

I am so inspired by other beauty blogs ❤️ Wanted to have my own!
No ads! Just my experience!
I really love #kbeauty and #jbeauty
Will be sharing the parts of my daily skin care routine & the products that actually work!
ps: yep, English is NOT my native language✋🏻

So I thought I'd share what I learnt while I was on #skincation:
☘️I can afford to reduce my AHA use- without it (for 18 days and counting) I'm still pretty happy with my skin texture. 1-2 times a week is plenty for me.
☘️I need to use BHA consistently, at least on my t-zone. You might have guessed this from my "super pore killer method post", but man my blackheads are a force to be reckoned with.
☘️Its better for me to keep one active (particularly acids and retinol) per routine. Less chance of irritation and overwhelming my skin.
☘️I need (okay, want 😜) to prioritise tackling my pigmentation. My only serum right now is #niod's CAIS and while acids and retinol can help with dark spots, they haven't really done much for me in that respect. Going forward there are more pigmentation busters I plan on (re)introducing into my routine such as niacinamide and vitamin c.
It's been nice taking a step back to re-evaluate my skin condition/needs. I would do it again (but keep up with the BHA). It was also a good time to rediscover how my actives were working for me- I'd forgotten this but #sundayriley 's Luna packs a strong punch, same goes for #paulaschoice BHA 👍🏻.
For those of you that have done it, what are some things you took away from #skincation ? -N
#skincaresg #365inskincare #skincareobsessed #skincarejunkies #skincaretalk #skincaredietchallenge

Been wanting to try the skincare diet challenge because of @aboutliahyoo and because I may need it... You guys know my struggle with adult acne, so here's my current skincare routine... You may be curious... Or maybe not hahaha 😅😅😅 and now I'm on Day 2/30 #SkincareDietChallenge

AM Routine
▪ Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick Green Tea
▪ Son & Park Beauty Water
▪ The Saem Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel + The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (mixed)
▪ Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream Long Lasting for Oily Skin SPF 50

PM Routine
▪ Banila Co Clean It Zero Pink (I ran out my Purity ones)
▪ Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick Green Tea
▪ The Saem Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel + Organic Supply Co Rosehip Oil (mixed)

FYI : I'm trying to use all my skincare without buying new ones, I have too many of it 😂

#skincaredietchallenge #skincareroutine #skincarediet #oilyskincareroutine #acneproneskincareroutine #acneproneskincare #oilyskincare #oilyacneproneskin

Tonight's simple skincare routine✨Recently, I've been unintentionally reaching out fewer products in my skincare routine and this has been working out very well. Skin feels less congested and able to absorb products better! As mentioned in a previous review, I'm not loving the Albion Skin Conditioner because it's kinda drying. I'm just trying to finish it up because it was expensive! I really love its "Grandma floral smell" and I really wanted to like this toner but oh wells. Throwing in CNP's Propolis Ampoule, MBD's Black Pearl Mask (it's my last of the box of 8 😢) which is superb at whitening and brightening and Innisfree's light yet Hydrating Aloe Sleeping Pack ✌🏻

Estos cachetes necesitan cuidados 🍚 #cosrx #skincaredietchallenge

☀️ Morning Skincare Routine ☀️
.My morning routine is perfect for the #skincaredietchallenge. Well, it isn't really a challenge for me because I like to use minimal products during the day. The reason is, I don't want my face to feel heavy because of all the layering especially with the kind of weather that we have here in the Philippines. During the morning, I only do the basics which are cleanse-tone-moisturize-sun protect. .
✨Cleanse- During the morning, I only clean my face with water. It's my personal preference, I just don't feel the need to wash my face with cleanser knowing that my face was not exposed to dirt.
.✨Tone- I use the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner and do the 3 Skin Method which I find very hydrating. I also apply a generous amount to my neck. This product is my holy grail because it is so gentle. .
✨Moisturize- During the day, I prefer a moisturizer that is lightweight. Good thing there is Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum for that. It is actually a serum but I double it as a moisturizer because it has a lotion-like texture. I love how it leaves my face soft and glowing. I also apply a generous amount to my neck. This is another holy grail product for me! .
✨Sun Protect- This step is very important to me. I never leave the house without applying sun protect. I use Innisfree's UV protection cream. I love the dewy effect it leaves after application.

My current holygrail skin care 🔥
Thanks @aboutliahyoo my skincare guru 🙏 for making videos about skin care (esp. about acne 👍) that inspired me, and making my skin getting better by understanding a lot of skin care ingredients and how we should use them.
Been using The Ordinary Niacinamide, Rosehip Seed Oil and Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid since May and regretting why i dont know these products from long time ago 😕. And my new recent The Ordinary (Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, MAP, NMF) i bought from @theginaedit 💕👌.
My skin gets better ever since, even i dont use acne medicine at all, i simply just cleanse+exfoliate+serum, after suffered from severe acnes, because i was addicted to doctors prescription for treating acnes (i've stopped since 2015 after using them 2 years 👏), weather factors (pollution, sunburn), bad diet consumption 😂.
Now i love my face more than ever💞
Am Skin care routine :
Cetaphil oily cleanser, toner from Bragg ACV, The Ordinary MAP+NMF sometimes switching with Niacinamide

Pm skincare routine:
Viva Spirulina Milk Cleanser, Cetaphil oily cleanser, toner from Bragg ACV, The Ordinary Lactic acid+Salicylic Acid if i have pimples. Switching with Cosrx BHA in the other nights.

It has been a month since I embraced the #SkincareDietChallenge and has also started using double cleansing technique with Clean it Zero from Banilia co. following up with sum:37 cleansing stick. BHA Aloe skin toner to tackle those blackheads. I recently started testing out using oil in my routine and adding it to my moisturizer. Thanks for getting me into this new realm of face oils #aboutliahyoo

Ok so I've been hemming and hawing over this. I know my skin needs a break from all the acids and retinol I've been using. Unlike M who is a disciplined #skinminimalist, I have the tendency to overdo things. @lizalaskabeauty gave me the final push to announce: I'm on #skincation for the next 14 days! No acids, no retinols. Resist the temptation 🙅. -N #cultbeautyskincarechallenge #listentoyourskin #septembergoals #skincaredietchallenge

Trying out seven skin method morning and night with @pyunkangyul essence toner. Simply put, it works. It's great for layering. The consistency is on the thicker side. Depends on how my skin feels or how much time I have, sometimes (ok, like always) I apply less layers if getting slow absorption. I gently pressed the product in rather than tapping. 5/5

This moisture serum is quickly absorbed with zero residue. However the dropper is difficult to pick up the white thin lotion. I can see past that though, for the result. 4/5

I use less and less product each day because my skin is pumped and healthy after I started using this set.

One month in I've used half of essence toner and moisture serum. My skin is well hydrated after toner and serum so I only apply cream on cheeks or skip the step if I don't have time. The moisture cream (3/5) jar is generous can probably last six months.
I love the fact that there's no fragrance and products are short on ingredient list. My skin just calms down when I stick to this set and only use this set.

#koreanskincare #kbeauty #skincaredietchallenge #pyunkangyul

🌵 PM Routine 🌵Skin Diary: Day #2 of #SkincareDietChallenge - AaaAAaAahhh I’m going to wake up tomorrow so early to go dermatologist.. 7am.. I usually wake up at 10am lol (yeah I know its so late but I go sleep at 2am so.. >.<‘) Today I used a sleeping mask as moisturizer, I’m just in love with this mask but I don’t know how will be my face tomorrow at morning if I use it only :S Let’s see. Wish me luck tomorrow! This will be my 4th dermatologist.. :S I’ll tell you what she recommended me. :) Stay tuned to my stories tomorrow! (in a few hours lol) .
⚡️ #klairs black deep oil cleanser - loving it so much!.
⚡️ #cosrx low pH gel cleanser - this cleanser has 5 months? lol.. it’s eternal.
⚡️ #theordinary niacinamide /hmm.
⚡️ #theordinary rosehip oil - just 2 drops mixed with the mask.
⚡️ #laneige water sleeping mask .
🇪🇸🌵 PM Routine 🌵Diario: Dia 2 de los 20 días de rutina minima. Menudo madrugón me voy a tener que meter mañana para ir a la dermatóloga! >.< a las 7.. de normal me levanto a las 10 así que me costará la vida.. Hoy voy a usar mi sleeping mask favorita, la de Laneige como hidratante, he oído que hay gente que la usa como hidratante por la noche sin llegar a usar la crema, así que a ver como me levanto mañana. Antes la usaba más a menudo y es de las pocas mascarillas de noche que me tienen enganchada. Desearme suerte mañana! será la cuarta dermatóloga que visito.. Espero que de verdad me ayude y no me mande una crema cualquiera para tratar este brote eterno. Os contaré que me ha recomendado! Estaros atentos al stories!

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