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Skidmore is just a gorgeous campus! #skidmore #skid4life

Can’t beat the view of late night dhall 😍 #skidmore #skid4life

Kadang kala kesusahan itu mengingatkan kita sentiasa bersyukur dan terus berusaha supaya tidak bersikap lupa diri .
#morning #bicycleride #fixie #fixied #fixieporn #street #fit4life #skid4life #smilealways #ajgymfitness

@skidmoresports is celebrating National Women and Girls in Sports! Thanks ladies for helping out.

Throw ya legs up if you’re excited for taper! 🐎💚🏊‍♂️

Members of the OP council...and Aaron 👨🏽‍💻 #skid4life #skidmore #OPthings #anotherone

Spreading the love on Valentines Day with Hannah and Elizabeth! 💚🐎💚

Warm up Wednesday at the ICC always blesses with the free food! If you don’t have a Valentine’s this year, eat some valid food! #skid4life #skidmore #OSDP @skid_osdp

Tell us one thing you love about Skidmore, Saratoga or the class of 93. #happyvalentinesday #skid4life (image via @skidmorecollege )

Hey everyone! My name is Richie and I’m taking over the @lifeatskidmore page for this week. I am a first year from New York City! I am apart of the OP program at Skidmore . My intended majors are Economics and Political Science. I can’t wait to share my week with you! #skidmore #skid4life #skidmore2021

Great turnout at Big Green Scream! #skid4life

Skids wishes you a happy snow day!❄️ #skid4life

A snowy Superbowl Sunday here at Skidmore! It's just a game....but I hope the Patriots lose *gaaaaasp*

Hi everyone! My name is Andi, and I’ll be filling up your feed this week! I’m a senior Education & Spanish major and I work as a tour guide, in the IT department and as an usher on campus. I’m also part of the Ad-Libs, an improv comedy group, AND am a co-producer of this year’s National College Comedy Festival! Join me on this wild ride, as we lead up to the festival on Friday!!! #skidmore #skid4life

Raíces is attending the Latina Empowerment and Development Conference (LEAD) at Harvard University this weekend. #Skid4life #Skidmore @raicesskidmore #skidmore

Ice Climbing in Keene Valley. Photo by @benjuneau.

On this busy weekend our only trip going out is to a dope quarry in Vermont. Stay tuned for photos! Check on Skidsync for upcoming trips you would like to sign up for! #skid4life

2017-18 Winter Intern Rachel Rosenfeld '18: "Nicole Eisenman's 'Hillbilly Moonlight Dance' sets up a curious juxtaposition between early twentieth century modernist painting and American Atomic Age animation. Eisenman references 'La Danse' by Henri Matisse at the top of the canvas, with a ring of dancers around a bound figure. The tone of this piece is consistent with Eisenman's on-brand sinister humor: a tall flame in the foreground illuminates the group of captors, creating the illusion of the bound figure being burned at the stake. Eisenman commands direction of sight by aligning her figures, from the top down, to the color spectrum – working from the blood-orange of the dancers, to an olive-green hill, to the pthalo blue Hillbillies. The titular hillbillies in the forefront appear to be a cross between Picasso’s blue period figures (the one on the far right specifically reminiscent of ' The Old Guitarist') and Hanna-Barbera’s Yogi the Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and other early television anthropomorphs." —  @hankchampagne_bowlingchamp
Wednesday, February 7, at 6 PM, artist Nicole Eisenman will inaugurate the #TangMuseum’s new Winter/Miller Lecture series. The lecture is organized by Winter Intern Rachel Rosenfeld ’18, who selected Eisenman for her forward-looking approach to discussing the current socio-political climate.
The #WinterMillerLecture is made possible through a generous gift by the family of Eleanor Linder Winter ’43.
@nicoleeisenman, Hillbilly Moonlight Dance, 1994, oil on canvas, #TangCollection, gift of Peter Norton
#TangCollectiveCatalog #TangMuseum #teachingmuseum #NicoleEisenman #AntonKernGallery #skid4life #SkidmoreCollege

Throwback to the @skidmoreoutingclub winter break trip to Joshua Tree. It looks like it rocked! #tbt #skid4life (📸@reece_photo)

CLIMBING ROCKS !! Join Skidmore climbing nights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at @rocksportny . $4!
Photo from our winter break trip to Joshua Tree . 📸@reece_photo.

#skidmorecollege #skid4life

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