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The cutest dog in the world! 😍☺️😍
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Stunning portrait by 18-year-old @skyhart18!

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Polar bear oc & commission extra for @its_nanciee 💕
Thank you everyone who commented sweet things to cheer me up 💕 Waking up to all my friends, & fans comments really made me happy & cheered me up! I've finished writing down more than half of your comments so far, for my jar to cherish forever 💕 I appriciate you all so much c':

3 hours straight & it was all worth it. 🙏🏽 @zendaya

Day 924. EMPATHY training. A group of six year olds was asked to "feel sorrow". To encourage the little actors, I took photos of each of their expressions for a competition of who could look the most sad. This little boy "won", hands down. When he struck this pose and didn't move, I thought maybe his feelings had really been hurt by one of the other children. It was all an act. The future Oscar winner was laughing and playing moments later. But I am left with wondering about the depth of his little soul. What was going through his mind as he posed? "It was a saying of Aristotle, that all noble-minded men are inclined to sadness. It is not merely the feeling that their lot is a hard one which oppresses them; it is something more--it is their inward sympathy and consciousness of participation in the sufferings of the human race to which they belong." (from 'Guesses At Truth', a periodical of the 1800s.) #empathy #compassion #acting #child #humanity #nobleminded #illustrator #fineartist #storyteller #figure #sketchoftheday #lasermodemasters

Reference studies night 😊 I always forget to browse deviantarts photography section, and I found these beautiful ladies under the "emotive portraits" section. 😍 how are you all? Did you have a good weekend?


A little setting sketch, based off medieval cathedral architecture ⛪️ I should reaaally start using a straightedge for this stuff. #gamedev #gamedesign #architecture #sketchoftheday #nawden

everything starts with lists! 🎼

Don't fly too high your wings might melt you're much too good to be true! | 2017 (I definitely didn't have the appropriate pen for the borders so if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears!!)

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