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Do you recognise her?
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Rainbow Chart 🌈
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How amazing are these wood joints?

When you've watched so many horror movies, inspiration starts to seep its way into your artwork subconsciously. ✋💀
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So I'm heading to Japan next week (otherwise known as home of the Copic Markers 😍) so decided to sort my collection and make sure I come back with every missing marker, waaaaaay too excited! Going to be drawing heaps while I'm there so stay tuned for lots of posts! 💕

charge on. never stop.


Если вы подумали, что это просто сумка, то вы ошиблись 😄
Уже 9 лет она - свидетельница незабываемых мгновений моей жизни. И вот лишь часть из них:
🔅 Первые профессиональные кисти, карандаши и наброски, мебельный степлер и скобы - вся тайная жизнь художественного универа.
🔅Первое признание в любви к будущему мужу - рядом с билетами на экскурсию по каналам и мостам Петербурга.
🔅 Первые засушенные цветы, письма с пометкой "армия РФ", ещё письма и ещё. Целые две коробки воспоминаний.
🔅 Первое фото Ульяны после УЗИ. Много мятных конфет от тошноты и обменная карта, которая "всегда с тобой".
🔅 А ещё флейта, походный нож, метательные иглы, бесчисленные блокноты, подарки друзьям и от друзей, записки от мамы и бутылочки с водой для дочери. Такой странный, разнообразный, настоящий мой мир.

Спасибо #sketchflashmob2017 от @natalie_ratkovski за эту всколыхнувшуюся память. А что помнит ваша сумка?)

Mermaid hair don't care ;-). I'm sketching up some new designs ... #doodling #sketching #mermaids #instagood #naplesmermaid

🍂→ 2408.17
I've decide to try some new concepts to draw and, here is it!!! it's messy tho, nether less I'm happy with the result🌝💖
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hello darkness my old friend...😫

#meettheartist remake! I dis this forever ago but it was scheduled today! (Sorry if this is italian only ^^" if youre curious I could translate it to you tho!) This feels like a journey. I adopted this cartoony style for the first time on my first meet the artist, and used it sometimes to make funny comic strips for my boyfriend, but never actually "studied" it. When I started I had a more zerocalcare-ish style in mind but ofcourse I wanted something original so I tweaked and adjusted it to my please. I'm VERY satisfied with the result! Only one tiny tiny tiny thing: i can do sidefaces only. Haha joking I can do profiles too. Ok. But it ends there. So sad.
Anyways, enjoy my new self! The current self is having so much fun with life! I'm very positive about everything and a lot of this is thanks to the amazing people surrounding me and an open and positive mindset. Life is just so much fun and I'm surrounded by so many new things rn! You really gotta make the best of everything that happens to you.
Just because this post is not long enough already, have some random facts about myself!
🌻I have a sister, @vivaere
🌻I'll move to florence to attend @nemoacademy this yr
🌻I am unable to get a tan.
🌻I will prepare you mojito.
🌻I want my hair to grow longer so bad
🌻My favourite colours are aqua blue and red (not together tho)
🌻My favourite animals are wolves
🌻My favourite artists are Gustav Klimt, Alfons Mucha and Egon Schiele. Also Caravaggio.
🌻 I'm awkward af irl
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