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#sketch50 My new fave tool, the Apple iPad Pro Keyboard Cover 42/50.

Rabbi Michael Cohen aka @thetechrabbi is a Los Angeles-based consultant focused on innovating education through creativity, collaboration, and technology.
He uses Paper "to create illustrations for social media, slides for conference presentations, and as a simple outlet to enjoy drawing." He also recently participated in a daily drawing challenge called #Sketch50.
We ask all the #PaperProfile participants what their favorite Paper feature is and Rabbi Cohen said, "I absolutely LOVE the fill feature. Drawing has never been the same."
Swipe left to see ten of his favorite #madewithpaper drawings and be sure to follow him here on Instagram to see more of his work!

On the hunt for a new kitty after our little Jasmine passed away a few weeks ago. Brush sketch of one candidate named Boodle. #sketch50 45/50

Day 1 of 50 for #sketch50 - brush pen Thomas The Tank Engine in my mini @baronfig Confidant for Landon.

@hostetterhappenings and I are getting some #Sketch50 work done today @cupajoeraleigh - y'all should join!

A brush pen sketch of our new cat, Jett, as he's snuggling in between my legs, while we watch TV. #sketch50 48/50 #hobonichi

#sketch50 Ginger Turmeric Spiced Latte (w/ coconut milk) 43/50

#sketch50 Linnea's Amazing Lego Bits Sculpture 40/50.

#Sketch50 Jegan's Murukku Rice Snacks 37/50


Day 22 #sketch50 Arrows 🏹

Day 21 from #sketch50 : World.

#sketch50 Day 20 (almost half way!) today drawing is Sign.

#sketch50 Day 19: fire!

#sketch50 Day 18: empathy

Day 17: Respect others ideas. #sketch50

#sketch50 Day16. Win-win.

For today, I tried to catch all the elements for a great brainstorming: heterogeneous group, happy people, tones of ideas, Aha! moments and post-it 😂 Day 15: brainstorming #sketch50

Teamwork. Sketching for 50 days to improve visual vocabulary. Day 14. #sketch50

Helping hands #sketch50 Day 13

Day 12: students #sketch50

#sketch50 Day 11: differentiation

Day 10: Knowledge #sketch50

Day 9: hobbies and interests #sketch50

World Wide classroom: Day 8 #sketch50

Sketching for 50 days: day 7. Computer #sketch50

#sketch50 Day 6: #SocialMedia Icons

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