Friday's coming 😏
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We all come in different shapes and sizes and everybody is perfect - it’s nature baby! So put your roller skates on, feel your body and realize how great life is ❤️🧡💛💚💙
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My kids and I had a great time at @skaterising this morning. Thank you so much @kidsthatrip @stacylovell5 @janthavy @nataliekrishnadas @calamity_jean @laschicaz @skatetrue13 for hosting this event. It's such a cool program that they put on for these young girls. Allie won a new deck in the raffle and is so stoked about it. Noah spent his time dropping in on the mini spine ramp. June rolled in on the banks with no fear and started to learn her kick turns. #skateaz #skateboards #skateramp #skatepark #skatergirls #skatergirlscrew #selfesteemboost #skaterfamily #familytime

[Find that one thing that you will keep doing whether you’re happy or sad, in love or heartbroken, bored or busy, lively or lazy.]

Is it a hard manual or not?🤔 Сложный мануал или изи?🤔
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Captured a snap during working on @urbanveganfest 🥑 I eat meat but really love vegans' festivals and food. And you guys, are you a meateater as me or a vegan?😏 Сделали снимок, пока работали на @urbanveganfest 🥑 Вообще, я ем мясо, но очень люблю веганские фесты и еду. А много ли веганов среди моих подписчиков?🤔
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[Long weekend ahead.]

[you ask me if I’m up for ice cream.]

[Find what you love and let it keep you alive.]

Scary enough?😂It's the 3rd floor of a cottage. Swipe to see how the pic was done 👉

Достаточно страшно?😂 Третий этаж коттеджа. Листни вправо, чтобы увидеть, как мы сделали это фото 👉
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