Almost Friday🏁

Congratulations to Sarah Norman, who's really sunk her fangs into Wreck!⠀

Sarah is the first of many Wreckers to qualify to play in the end-of-session Wreck Bout. Congratulations, Sarah!⠀

Want to be like Sarah? Show up any Sunday from 12-2 at the TXRD Thunderdome (1131 S Loop 4, Buda, TX 78610) and you, too, can have a Wrecktacular October. ⠀

All genders, all skill levels welcome and supported -- including flat track skaters. It's just $15 to drop in, and if you make three practices you'll qualify to bout. Save the date -- 12/15 marks the witching hour for our Wreck bout, and there's still plenty of time to get your practices in.⠀

It's positively spooky what fun you'll have -- so haunt our warehouse! No tricks, just treats!⠀

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Found out yesterday that @tragiccityrollers are headed back to Low Down Throw Down again next year and I am pumped! That was a tough tournament personally because I was suffering from a stupid injury and we lost a couple close games. BUT it was also a defining moment for our team because we could tell that we had developed a trusting bond that pushed us to move up a hundred spots in the @wftda rankings. Our recruitment has been astronomical this season. TCR is showing no signs of slowing down. Can’t wait for the 2019 season!!

The happiest of birthdays to our dear friend, photographer, videomaker, artist, shredder and one of the greates people we know! 🎉
We love you @murielbrodoloni ❤️
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Its sale time! Stock up on essentials, or do some early Christmas shopping. Head over to www.pivotstar.com sale starts tomorrow #derby #rollerskate #skatedonthate #chicksinbowls #womanownedbusiness

'Excuse me, we can't really have you doing that in the hall' 🤣😂🤣🎤🤘 Dazzler causing a scene at New York Comic Con #causingmayhem #okayimdone #troublemaker #skateordie #skatedonthate #dazzlercosplay #discodazzler #shoottheduck #nycc2018

You can still nail the landing even when you don’t land on your wheels 😎
Thanks for the 📸 @bjoernfan . . .
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This week’s edition of Motivational Monday features our resident webmaster and designer of promotional materials, Samwise Banshee!

1) What do you love about derby?
I love how powerful I feel playing roller derby!! I love being on skates and I love having this one thing that is fully for me: my health and my happiness and the confidence I've gained from following through on this commitment - because being committed to roller derby is a commitment I've made to myself.

2) What motivates you to get better in derby?
Derby is something I've always been looking for in the sense that it provides a network of people to help hold me accountable to keeping myself in shape. When I started a little over 2 years ago, I wanted to get better so I could be like the badasses I was skating with and so I wouldn't hold them back in a game, or just embarrass myself in general lmao. But this year in particular, I've watched myself grow so much and really started to become my own inspiration. Even since this January, I've seen so much improvement in myself, and I'm just excited to see all the unexpected things I'll have learned a year from now that I think are impossible now.

3) What would you tell your fresh meat self?
I don't remember what it was like learning to ride a bike, but I remember how terrified and intimidated I was when I was learning to drive. There were way too many things going on at once, I could not understand how people were able to keep track of everything, and I was fairly certain I was going to die. Learning how to play roller derby is pretty much exactly like that. So just be patient and know that it's not supposed to be easy at first. But eventually and somehow suddenly, it will become second nature.

Photos courtesy of Brandi Hill, Ray Rodin, and Samwise
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The cold is reaching our doors! Get yourself a #skatedonthate hoodie and be ready for winter!
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DM for any info!
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