Just a quick one for today 👊

Got a quick switch noseslide flip out on the bank ledge at Ed bennidict.

Got a new trick took a few tries tho. (Fakie flip sex change 180?). Idk what it is if you think you know put the answer in the comments below 👇. (Also I dont own the music or copyrights)

Hey peeps, heres a few tricks I have been working on. (Also I dont own the music or copyrights) If anybody didn't know, I started skating when I was 12. I started because my friends were all getting into it. What about you? How did you get into skateboarding?

Hey everyone. I have been so busy recently I havent had any time to get some footage in. So here are some basics. 🎥

Just out enjoying the sun 🌞 (music choice is the magnetic zeros, and no, I dont own the copyrights)

It was a good battle. Im happy to say i came out on top 😄 thanks @seanhawkins94 for filming this for me

Skated vista park with the homie @gabeneedsham for a change of pace.shout out to the music @lil_cully_

Ricky ticky tam tam! @seanhawkins94 going first. and he films me cleaning up.

Had some fun in the sun. @vinniemackstho is the first, next is @seanhawkins94 who also filmed me. Hopefully more to come in the future

Wam bam thank you ma'am @yaugerskatepark @summerlin_ryan for the photo credit

Throw it up and hit it with a baseball bat. Tre bomb on a hip Thanks @summerlin_ryan for the photo!

Working on consistency and a photographer came by the park. I had to get a few pics. Thanks @summerlin_ryan

It was such a nice day 🌞had to go out and get a clip. 🎥 thanks for filming @ecksyfegmail.com_ and @aaronmiles_style for the good times

When she asks if you want a bandaid, you should probably take the bandaid. 🎥: @compassionate_thug

Just a little post from the other day at the skate park. Hard to skate often when it rains so much. Missing the sun right about now photo credit goes to @scarywindow777 full video part in bio #skateboard #skate #olympia #skateportal #shralpin #skategram #theroofskateboards #roseskateboards #solaceskateco #skateclips #skateclipsdaily #zonedinapp #skateclipsglobal#beskatemag #skatemag #iloveskateboarding #skateboardingisfun #ineedafilmer #sponserme

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