Travis Prange, Doctor of Physical Therapy. From growing up a grimy skate rat (still am) determined not to go to college, to spending my senior year of high school in a lock down facility, to some thoughts and dreams manifested into reality. Ended up graduating with high honors🎓 Life’s a trip huh? Incredibly blessed and proud of our class who started and finished with 40 strong. #SkateboardingGotMeHere #DoctorOfPhysicalTherapy #Graduation #Honors #Skateboarding #WestCoastUniversity #LosAngeles

Today was rad! Chillin with @guymariano volunteering for the #LifeRollsOn event out in #VeniceBeach Really blessed to chill with some incredible people! #skateboardinggotmehere @liferollsonfoundation

#tbt cause it didn't get enough likes the first time.. Back at the #zumiez party at the top of the palms.. One of the only parties I've ever been to, hosted by #diamondsupplyco and @zumiez. And yes nick diamond was there. #skateboardinggotmehere #zumiez #skateboarding

Still hasn't hit me yet. Crazy. Those that know me personally know I spent the last five years of my life going back to school, volunteering, observing, and doing whatever it took to make this dream a reality. In all honesty it has been the most hopeless and depressing process of my life thinking that I'm not good enough, I did everything backwards, it's too competitive etc etc. HOWEVER, regardless of how I felt I stuck with it and didn't give up. Completely astonished. Cheers to the next chapter in LA🙏 #SkateboardingGotMeHere

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