Por eso Yousef es perfecto para Sana, él cocinará para ella y los 12 niños ❤️

Hey there! Long time no see...😎ི

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can you feel my edginess?
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Feelin Blessed 🔥
*Flicker warning
This is a remake of an old edit I did a while ago (which is now archived lol 😂 ) I don't know if any of you will remember it tbh.
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i was inspired last year by a costume my friend was wearing during halloween, i havent gotten around to actually making what I wanted yet but here are two pages from my journal which were inspired by each other in the process of character design 16/5/2017
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She's so soft 💖 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is kinda a mess sorry :/
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‘s edit.
for @delley_ohennig and her only
I love my babies so much that it hurts, I miss them a lot.
My #3 babies are so pure, stop them please.

Miss them...and Henrik.

New picture of Henrik and Tarjei from the Interview Magazine photoshoot. ☺️

Tarjei's "Doody"'s part. I wish I was there singing and dancing with him...☺️

Tarjei's latest interview for Dagbladet, 30th,Dec.2017. He's one of the "young, up and coming people that are guaranteed to light up 2018”.
His words reminded me again that he's such a mature and humble boy, which makes me love him even more.

Tarjei's photoshoot for Dagbladet.
Happy New Year!♥️🙏🏻

What Evak was doing
one year ago | last night ♥️

🙈This is the kind of reunion I wanted, but Tarjei's beards tho...🙊

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