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Sjogrens Sucks!!! Cookies for the dentist and staff of Alred Family Dentistry. #dentist #sjogrenssyndrome #sjogrens #sjogrenssucks #teeth

Who loves baths to help relieve symptoms? #spoonie #lush #baths #symptoms #sjogrenssucks

Happy birthday mommy, my ONLY angel! Thank you for continuing to watch over me and keeping me safe... I love and I miss you so much! RIP 6/4/59-8/7/15 #sjogrens #sjogrenssyndrome #sjogrenssucks #sjogrenssyndromeawareness

I selfied on the way to see my rheumie earlier this week. I wanted to see how normal I looked before having lab tests run... and the labs that are back so far say I have an elevated CRP and sed rate (normal for me), I'm slightly low in potassium, and my kidney function has gotten worse. (I'm hoping that's from being dehydrated over the last week or two.) But hey, I look normal and well rested, and that's what's really important, looks over wellness, right? 🙄😁 #makeupfornomakeuplook #elevatorselfie #sjogrenssucks #yesiknowidontlooksick #ineedadrink

Håper kroppen min gir opp forsøket på å ta knekken på meg, før høstferien er over. Rimelig meningsløst å ligge her og stirre i taket, når jeg skulle vært ute og skapt nye minner med ungene...

Venus out there doing the most in Wimbledon with her sjogrens and I'm here on the sofa hoping the painkillers will take effect so I can walk to the bathroom 😫😫😫. Venus is my shero 😍😍. #sjogrenssyndrome #sjogrens #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunediseaseawareness #sjogrenssucks

Sjogrens Syndrome Awareness Month! It most often impacts those over 40, but I believe this is in part because people don't realize that they have it. Many are misdiagnosed, or aren't diagnosed for many years after experiencing symptoms. I'm apart of a couple of Facebook support groups and there are many like me in their 20s that are diagnosed. #sjogrens #sjogrenssucks #autoimmunediseases #sjogrenssyndromeawareness

@dyl702 I wish I could've been there during #skillsusa State comp. this week. #sjogrenssucks Glad you're having fun! I hope your #engineeringteam presentation went well today. Crossing my fingers & saying a prayer for awards ceremony tomorrow. #proudmom #future49


I love that this sign stays up all year. 😄 #sjogrenssucks #fibrosucks

Yesterday, my doctor diagnosed me with Sjogren’s Syndrome, a systematic autoimmune disease that affects the entire body. I am overwhelmed. What others see as resistance to change, I actually view as mourning the way things were. Yes, I’m relieved to have answers. Yes, I’m grateful it’s not cancer or lupus or anything “worse”. However, I am still upset and allowed to feel that way. My way of life has to change, and sure, I’ll adapt (I always do) but don’t expect me to jump right in. Allow me to mourn my old life and accept the way things are now. Until then, I’ll cry every time I look in the mirror to see that my clothes don’t fit today; maybe they will tomorrow. 🤞I’ll wince every time I stand up or go down the stairs bc of the pain in my knees. I’ll be grouchy bc no amount of sleep helps my fatigue, and I’ll be upset trying to figure out what causes a flare up and what doesn’t. Please don’t ask me to look on the bright side. Please don’t tell me to power through. Let me be pissed. Let me mourn. Let me adjust in my own time, not in yours.
This message is brought to you by the anger stage of grief.
#sjogrens #autoimmunedisease #grief #sjogrenssyndrome #sjogrenssucks

Guess who got 6 cavities filled 🙋🏻

Det är snart mörkt..och kyligt!
Blev en lugn kväll..jag och dag för den delen. Det får bli så nu ett tag framöver.❤
Redigerar och slipar på ny blogg..promenerat och sovit.💪🤓
#livetpålandet #sjogrenssucks #leverphoppet #rensakroppochknopp knopp

Fixade KNAPT 2 km...snacka segt och ont i leder.😕 Men En liten spruta D vitamin fick jag nog!👍😁 #höst #sjogrenssucks #solpromenad #livetpålandet

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