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Sjin aka 史今 aka 黃肯

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My favourite out of the three I've drawn. Sjin from the Yogscast! An old Channel I used to watch a lot 😊 #sjin #yogscast #paulskyes #sipsisnothere

Best day ever! First our Twitter pic is shown on the big screen. Secondly I get all the yogscast to sign my tee. Then I get a hug with my favourite person ever!!!!!! #sjin #love #insomnia55 #yogscast #yogscastsjin

#Sjin Romanos after party#fabrizio #gaaaasss❤💛💚

by @drmariamb "بعد سن الثلاثين بعض التغييرات الرئيسية تحدث للبشرة:
قلة الافرازات الدهنية مقارنة بالسابق.
فقدان جزء من الدعامة والحجم بالجلد حوالي ملعقة شاي من انسجة الدعامة تختفي، وهذا سبب مظهر التعب والشحوب والعين الغايرة وبداية التهدل والتجاعيد.
الي كانت تستخدم واقي الشمس وكريمات الريتينول تقل عندها حدة هاذي التغييرات، كما ان الجينات والوراثة تلعب دور.
الحل الامثل والافضل لاعادة الحجم والامتلاء هو حقن التعبئة.. لكن الفحص بيحدد ايش المشكلة وايش علاجها الامثل.
#مريم_باقي #جلدية #تجميل #صحة #mbaqi #dermatology #sjin #health #tip #beauty" via @PhotoRepost_app

Happy birthday Sjin! Also merry Christmas for those celebrating it today; and merry Christmas Eve for those who celebrate tomorrow! 🖤🖤🖤
#yogscast #sjin #birthday #Christmas


Please can you answer the question I posted on Alex's photo -->

This is an accurate representation of how I feel right now. Everyone hates me😩👏🏻

Are you guys enjoying this theme? I'm not too sure hmm

Recent meme materiel, as seen on twitter. Many have been made, make one and comment it below if you dare :O




Also y'all should eat shit xox

I'm going to i61 so you guys should too. It's gonna be so fun!!!!!

It might be early af but is anyone going to insomnia 61?

I want some major hat films nostalgia~recommend some series plssss

Only one person said trott was their favourite member :(( poor crispu

Who's your favourite member of hat films?

Hello be friends with me

Smile honey you're doing amazingly

I haven't posted in three days panic!!!!



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