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I am an abstract being with abstract thought 🍭

Yeah I got issues...and one of them is how bad these shorts fit 😆 #size00 #stillhuge #birthmark

My friend bought me lax so I think I'm gonna take some, it probably won't do anything since I haven't eaten in about 32 hours now. Will it?

So cuuute!!!

Saw my paediatrician today. She's been gone for like a year. But she's a lovely person. Did mention to her about turning 18, she laughed and said "Hmmm I wonder when they stop paying me. I think it's around 18..." she said she'll stick around to help my transition to being an adult. I told her about how I'm planning, now that I won't have her to fuck up my weight loss, I can FINALLY LOOSE WEIGHT! Then she went on about how it won't make me feel better. And all that. I also asked about if the youth clinic (place I go to see GPs, family doctors) can admit me into hospital if I become unstable. And she says that they don't had admitting privileges. So I'm happy about that. No more binging and purging because that always triggers an SVT attack. But I hate being this fat, so I'm onto trying to loose again. I'm starting at 1,000 and I'm aiming to stay on that for a few weeks and then go down to 800 😘. Finally need to get down to the weight I want. 🤷🏼‍♀️🌸👊🏻#ana #anorexia #ed #eatingdisorder #suicide #depressed #depression #mia #bulimic #size0 #size00 #bodycheck #weight #anorexic #pounds #fat #fatty #weightloss #thin #starving #skinny #bmi #suicidal #sadness #secret_society_123 #secretsociety123 #secretsociety_123 #empty #pure

Who's name makes you drink until you forget your own

About these shorts - I bought them SOLELY because they were a 0 at a time when I was a solid 2-3 sometimes 4... So I bought them because the size tag made me feel good about myself. Consequently, I loved these shorts, or more correctly how they made me feel about me.
Flashforward 5 yrs later and I'm swimming in them and really upset with myself for once placing such a huge value on the size of my clothes.
Do you do this? It's very common. And it's very difficult to overcome this kind of negative size image, but it starts with you. Ask yourself why you think a smaller size is better, or what the smaller size is going to hypothetically give you. Because I'm confident you can achieve those things without being a smaller clothing size. ·
#bodypositive #selfesteem


Burgundy is the best color in the world case closed


bella ☀️

Who's name makes you drink until you forget your own

This kid keeps screaming "mother nature" and humping trees what do I do

Started from the bottom now we're here lol.. Took me a minute but I'm finally at the size I'm gna stay 00. Think it's the perfect size.. Not too big not too small.
#startedfromthebottom #gaugedears #size00 #alt #loveit #perfectsize #justmyopinion

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