Strawberry milk kinda day.
🍓1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
🍓1 teasp chia seeds
🍓1 scoop vanilla protein powder
🍓Milk alternative of choice

I use coco quench which is half rice milk half coconut milk.

You were once a girl (or boy!) with big dreams. You owe it to yourself to find your “thing”. The things that fill your heart with fire, they’re not random. They are your passion. I started ballet at age 3. Dance was my passion from the age of 3 to 23. Dance evolved into teaching @lesmillstribe group fitness classes for 7 years alongside studying to become a lawyer & working as one. Group fitness lead to becoming a personal trainer, which led me to the sport of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding opened the door of my ability to inspire & impact you & here I am at age 30 feeling like I have found my “thing”. So why dance, group fitness, personal training & now coaching?
Dance taught me dedication & independence. I learnt that I was responsible for my own success & I always gave my best! Till I was in my mid teens (& things got much harder) I passed my exam every year with Distinction (top honors!). I grew passionate about testing the limits of my body & mind, about creating “art” (choreography) with the human body.
Movement & music led me to teaching group fitness. I fell in love with the energy of inspiring masses of people to empower themselves through fitness.

I’d become a lawyer to “make the world a better place” only to discover I hated corporate life stuck in an office & hated even more that my “making a difference” was mostly making a difference to corporates bank accounts. After 8.5 years committed to the legal profession (4 studying LLB(Hons) & 4.5 working) I took a leap of faith.
I re-qualified & begun personal training & coaching. I was impacting clients lives every day, not just transforming their bodies but their minds. I started competing, became an IFBB Pro & shared more & more of my journey via social media.

I was amazed how I could impact others just by being me & sharing my passion. I empowered myself & fell in love with empowering others.
It’s never too late to change direction. If you haven’t found your “thing” yet, look at what fulfills you. Unravel your passions — what’s the reoccurring theme?

It’s scary to jump into the unknown, but it’s scarier to spend your one precious life doing anything other than what makes you feel alive. ❤️

Sometimes it feels like it, I guess thats how you know your working hard 💃💃💃💃💃
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Congrats Henry for hitting your 6-week challenge goal! 🎉 💪 ⠀

Henry dropped a whopping 8.3% body fat, lost 14.8 total lbs and gained 4.1 lbs of solid muscle over the last six weeks. Now that’s how you change your body comp!

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TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY: KAREN! Aren’t you inspired by what she accomplished in just SIX WEEKS? We are so thankful she got the jumpstart she was looking for. She deserves it and so much more. Way to go, Karen! #transformationtuesday #bootcamp #indialantic #melbournebeachfl #getfit #weightloss #melbournefl #strengthtrain #transformationstudio #workout #workoutfamily #smallgrouptraining #personaltraining #healthcoach #gym #satellitebeach #indianharbourbeach #viera #bootcampworkout #oceanviewworkout #brevardcounty #sixweekchallenge

👊🏼WEEK 4👊🏼 (6wk Challengers)
- Invite a friend or family member to join you in coaching zone this week.
- Attend CZ mash-up on Saturday - Download the Headspace meditation app and commit to meditating for 5-10minutes each day this week.
- ESSENTIAL: Attend 3 CZ sessions this week.
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Protein pancake before going to bed 😋


Today I finished my #sixweekchallenge with @ministryofburn My last of 32 classes that consists of rowing, riding, rowcamps and riding dirty. With different instructors (all super human) I had to do 5-6 45mins classes per week. Never have I been part of a fitness challenge like this, I was very skeptical at the start, doubting myself all the time, that I could not finish it. It’s a struggle, trying to get a post partum (still breastfeeding) body back into shape. With a 3 yo, 5month old, work, I had to fit the classes in my crazy schedule. Rain or shine.
I know getting out and training is hard. My goal was to be stronger, have more endurance and stamina and just feel a whole lot better about myself and my body. I lost a couple of kgs in the process (thank god 😌) and have toner legs and arms. But most importantly, I truly honestly feel like a new person. More confident, more bounce in my step and I’m a better wife and mother for it. Yes, it’s amazing what fitness can do for you. Im not at my ideal weight yet, so that’s a work in progress.
So thank you @ministryofburn and the instructors and friends I have made along the way. It’s wonderful being part of your community. This is only the beginning. #mobsquad #121212 #rowsprints

Stay close to those who feel like sunlight ☀️ Photo: @kai.york.official
MUA: @makeoversbybrandy
Wearing: @urbanoutfitters

👍🏻 Week 6 of the #sixweekchallenge well underway. Thumb up for progress and commitment and a positive mindset for the last 5 weeks. Bringing it home! 🤛🏻💪🏻🥊🏋🏻‍♀️#transformationtuesday #weightlosstransformation #diet #exercise #lifestyle #mindset #positivevibes #weights #cardio #boxing #hiit #gay #instagay #gaymelbourne #bear #cub #scruff #scruffapp #thebeardedhomo #bringtheboystogether #gaystagram #gaybear #gaymuscle #gaycub

5.45am training made a little easier with a view like this! ☀️🌊 #sixweekchallenge #earlybirdgetstheburpees #nofilterneeded

Increasing my steps by participating in a fun activity. #turbofire #kickboxing #fitbit #sixweekchallenge #day1