• Newest original in the works, stay tuned •

• Easy - The Commodores •

• Writers' block is such a real struggle. Nothing like getting inspired to write music and then finding yourself with a blank notepad after staring at the ceiling for over an hour..... #thestruggle

• 1991 Fender Stratocaster • When I was 8 years old I bought my first guitar. My old instructor at the time made me an offer on his personal favorite guitar, and I couldn't resist. Little did I know my life would soon be resting in the strings of the same guitar my old instructor taught me on. There's something special about sitting down and creating a sound that you've never heard before. To have an idea transmitted through my guitar and to have it sound even better than I could've ever imagined it would is a dream come true. To me, that's what music is all about. Music expresses the thoughts that float around in my head that I could never put into words. My guitar is the median between my soul and the people around me. Music is and always will be the center of my life! 🙌🏼 •

• Straturday • Concentration faces •

• Practice unplugged they said •

• Landslide by @fleetwoodmacc • This one is for you. You are my rock and I am beyond grateful for all that you have done for me! I wouldn't be the man I am today without you! I love you mom!

• Food for the soul •

" I tried so hard and got so far. But in the end it doesn't even matter" @linkinpark • Another great musician gone too soon. You will be missed! RIP Chester Bennington •

"I've got half a smile and zero shame • I've got a reflection with a different name • Got a brand new blues that I can't explain...Who Did You Think I Was" • @johnmayer

"A trail of ruby red and diamond white hits her like a sunrise" | Neon by @johnmayer | Do not try this at home!

• Tonight's setup • #taylorguitars

• "Ain't No Sunshine when she's gone. It's not warm when she's away...." • This is my own take on the Bill Withers' Classic. Hope you like it! •

• "Nobody's gonna come and save you, we've pulled too many false alarms" • Slow Dancing @johnmayer

• Come out to The Fat Pelican tomorrow night from 7-9pm for great food and live music provided by yours truly! Hope to see you there! • @alexmoralesphoto

• 2012 • #tbt

• It's not that we don't care...we just know that the fight ain't fair. So we keep waiting, waiting on the world to change • @johnmayer

• Tube Screamin' •

• Back to my roots. Where it all started for me 15 years ago....DRUMS!

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