Got to shoot the magnificent Six of Cups last week and by Jove I love the way this card turned out! Innocence and freedom in a nutshell.
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Did a two-card draw for today's energy, and this is what we got! It's a gloomy day here in MD, but these cards emanate bright and joyous energy. 🌞 The number six is associated with compassion, love, and mother earth 🌎 Here we have the #sixofpentacles and the #sixofcups telling us that abundance is making its way to us! The soul-work of yesterday is done, take this day to appreciate family and friends.
If this abundance has already arrived for you these cards remind you that money finds us, not so we can hoard it, but so that we may use it to enrich the lives of others. Share your blessings of abundance and what your own blessings multiply.
You get what you give, every action will have a reaction, and if you give your time/energy to others (which may at times be the only abundance you have) they will return it. Today give your time to close friends and loving family members, and feel your soul becoming enriched from the shared love. ❤
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Santa Monica Pier ❤️🌴✨ This is the second time that my love and I each separately took a turn shuffling one of my tarot decks (both on a beach even!) to pull out a single card and got the EXACT. SAME. CARD. One after the other. And they were perfect for those moments of our relationship. This is why I believe. ✨🔮✨ #santamonicapier #vaudevilliangypsy #love #sixofcups #pleasure #zoltar #tarotreader #onvacation #livingmybestlife

Daily energy~collective~ August 20th ✨✨✨
Nine of cups- wish fulfillment ✨✨✨
Seven of swords- secrecy and self deception
Six of cups- getting lost in memories

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The VI of Cups signifies an internal longing for what used to be and the past recollections from a younger, more vibrant you that you may feel you have lost. Don't be disheartened or feel like you'be left out of the loop because you've grown up and changed. This is a time to embrace your inner child and free yourself from the restraints of adulthood that tie you down and make you feel like the fun you used to have is gone. Wade through the creek or build a cushion fort with your best friend. Relive the good ol days and soak up the good vibes!

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Innocence lost. The past. Trauma that haunts. Someone who has trouble remembering the good and stays stuck in the memory of abuse. Reliving the memory as if it happened yesterday. The need for healing. The potential for lasting damage. You can't unsee the atrocities of our time and paint them as pleasant memories.

As a tarot reader, I often see the lighter side of this card which reminds me of the past and those who have helped to shape our existence. Many people remember the past fondly. Today, I'm seeing the darker side of the six of cups. It speaks to me of abuse, emotional trauma, misplaced trust and the resulting grief that needs to be healed.
Be careful not to let your current life reflect your past wounds. You can work on healing what happened to you. You don't need to continue to relive it. It doesn't have to be the badge you hold up over your life time.

I believe you. I know it happened.
You don't need to spend your life time proving to others it happened and how it happens to others too. Don't live in a state a of grief and despair. Concentrate on your own emotional healing and the steps you should take to love yourself and to allow others to love you again. You can attract real love and friendship into your life. You can learn to trust again. You are wiser. Don't align yourself with others who want to stay in a state of grief and despair, work on your own recovery, get counseling and encourage those around you to seek counseling for the abuses they experience. Friends and family are not counsellors. Don't use them as such.

In friendship, look for those who want you to have a lighter experience. Just because someone else has a similar wound doesn't mean they are your friend. Work towards creating healthy relationships and healthy boundaries. Do not dwell in the pain you experienced. Work on healing yourself first and then maybe then you can help heal others. Envision a positive future for yourself that includes healthy boundaries, earned trust, real friendship, love and compassion.
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Day #19 of #powerfullymagick tarot challenge hosted by @purefield.healing 🦋

How can I feel more unlimited ?

#Motherofwands reversed
#tenofcups reversed
To feel more unlimited I need to be less demanding and aggressive towards myself and others and keep working on self-love ,practicing every day....
The ten of cups reversed tells me to have more faith and to believe more in myself , also to live accordingly to my personal values and dont let anybody to tell me how I should live or what I should be doing in my life....
And the six of cups tells me to look at the past ONLY to see how far I've come and How much I have achieved, how many fears I have overcame and after that to live fully the present ...the six of cups is telling me " Dont live in the past !! Look all the progress you made and all the lessons you learned! And be proud of yourself"
The core of the answer I feel is to believe more in myself and have faith, that's how I can feel more unlimited. 🙌

How can I grow through adversity?

The #TwoOfPentacles is all about balance and being able to adapt to change. I feel like I’ve been able to do that pretty well with some of my recent endeavors. Quick changes have been coming at me and I feel I’m handling them pretty well.

What needs to be destroyed to allow for the new?

The #KnightOfPentacles makes yet another appearance but I was kinda confused by what it was trying to tell me, so I pulled a clarification card, the #FiveOfPentacles. I still have a mixed vibe about these cards but overall I feel it’s trying to say that I need to destroy this idea that the only way for me to get things I’d like in life is if I do them alone and be very persistent. While these are not bad things to do, the clarification card I feel is stealing the answer more in the direction of it being ok to ask for help and to realize other people really do want to see you succeed.

How can I strengthen my relationships?

The #SixOfCups wants us to have a sense of nostalgia and to use our happy memories to reinforce the new ones that we are creating. I think about the old times a lot and it always fun to relive some of those memories.

What aspects of my shadow need to come into the light?

The #AceOfPentacles wants us to realize that opportunity and new venture is upon us. I think recently I’ve been hesitant to explore new things but it’s time to realize that I might not be bad at some of those things. In fact I might even be good at them!

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After a period of crisis, how do we move forward? The Six of Cups brings themes of nostalgia, the pleasure of past memories, the warmth of childhood. After the disappointment and defeat of the Five of Cups, this card reminds us that not all is lost, and in fact there is a lot to be thankful for in this moment. Find ways to reconnect with your inner child, who needs as much nurturing and love as you can muster. Be kind to yourself. Remember the richness of your friendships. You are more supported than you realize at the moment. Reach out. You will find open arms and flowers wherever you turn next. #tarot #tarotreading #strega #sixofcups #fiveofcups #paganotherworldstarot #uusi #nostalgia #childhood #love #eighthhouseastro

Card of the Day: Six of Sea ( #mysticalcatstarot ) -- nostalgia, childhood memories, innocence, inner child, playfulness, creativity.
Some days are made for work, for carrying around the weight of the world on your shoulders. Some days are made for heavy thoughts and intense concerns. Today is not one of those days. Today is a day for laughter, for joy, for letting your inner child out to play. This may mean indulging your creative side. It may mean taking the opportunity to do something silly just because it's fun. It may mean revisiting old haunts, old hobbies, old friends. Whatever the case, this is a time to indulge yourself, even if only for a little while, in the simple joys of a younger time. Relax. Have fun. You've earned it. ^_^
AH, what a wonderful card to pull today of all days! My niece and nephew are coming to visit and spend the night (and will probably want to go in the pool while they're here ;D). I'll tell you, I may get stressed out by the added socializing sometimes, but at the core of it, I just LOVE being an aunt. ^_^ I love those two little people with all my heart, and I love seeing them happy and at their ease the way they are when they come visit. I love that it gives me a chance to be silly, to play like I used to when I was young. I love sharing the things I loved in my childhood with them, getting to see those experiences through their eyes. Being an aunt is a pretty sweet gig, I must say. ^_^ Now to go get ready for them! Enjoy your day, everyone!
#crystals : #dumortierite for calm, relaxation, connection; #clearquartz for healing and for clarity; #citrine for joy.
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#JoeysDailyDraw - August 17th
#CardOfTheDay - Six of Cups in Reverse
Today the Six of Cups encourages a release of the past. The number Six in numerology represents higher ground, harmony and commitment. The Cups relate to the element of Water which deals with the our emotions and spirituality, how we empathize with others. The Six of Cups reversed can indicate an unhealthy emotional investment of the past, avoiding our present circumstances and limiting forward progression. The past may be a place of emotional support and seemingly unbreakable foundation. However we can not stop the naturalnof flow of things, we must remain adaptable like water. Today I am reminded to let things go bit by bit and find security in what the future will bring. I can no longer be dependent on the past I can only appreciate where I've come from and where it has lead me to today.
The Astrological Association of the Six of Cups is Sun in Scorpio, indicating the happiness of the past.
✨Peace and Love ❤️✨
-Joey Reads
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Today's cards are #fiveofpentacles, #chains (or #thedevil) reversed, #sixofcups and #adventure.
Today's cards are about reconnecting with our #innerchild and walking away from #situations or #people that are holding us back. Realizing that WE hold the #key and using it to release ourselves.
When things feel #hopeless and we are facing a time of #hardship we need to take a step away from #despair and #depression and reevaluate our options: "Am I really stuck or is there something I'm not seeing? Am I seeing it but brushing it off because I don't think I'm smart enough or strong enough to do it?". Life is an adventure that requires us to step out of our #comfortzone at times in order to succeed. Take the first step and see where it goes, look for #steppingstones that lead to your main goal, even if the main goal is "get out of here" there are steps you can take, you just have to find them.
Like the girl on the adventure card, you hold the #reins and life is your....giant #butterfly, I guess haha. Sometimes you'll get distracted and it will go wherever it wants to, but with enough tugging on the reins you will be able turn it back in the right direction.
Find what makes you happy and run with it, you'll be surprised by the opportunities that come up when you are doing something you love.
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Day 17 of #theaugusttarot
Manifesto I

Authenticity - #thehangedman
A lot of my summer has been shaped by a car accident that involved being hung safely but for an extended length of time. Letting that be something I passed through instead of somewhere I got stuck emotionally has been important work for me. Tarot has helped me laugh at it.

Respect - #sixofcups
I honor the natural flow of things by honoring this time where my active daily mothering is coming to an end. I focus on making memories and feeding my son's deep roots.

Maturity - #threeofwands
I am both looking towards the future and seeing how vital my support system is.

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