So 6 months ago I said I do to my best friend and it was the best day of my life. So far marriage has had its ups and downs but at the end of the day he’s the man I can count on, he’s the man who knows me inside and out, my crazy my goofy my weirdness everything lol. I miss you so so much babe😩 be safe and come home soon my love❤️ I love you @adrianc889 6 months down a lifetime to go💋

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Happy six months to the best friend I could ever ask for. Thank you for loving me and being there for me. This summer has been amazing and I’m so sad that I’m leaving you next weekend. Through all the breakdowns and tears and all the happy moments where we can’t stop laughing, you have been my rock. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. ❤️❤️ #boyfriendappreciationpost #anniversary #sixmonths #boyfriend #love #selfie

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6 month progress pics
I’m not where I want to be yet, but damnit am I trying. Now it’s time to overhaul my garbage can eating habits 😈😈😈 #fattofit #fitness #workout #sixmonths #happy #motivation #progress

this chunkster had his final x-ray today to rule out hip dysplasia, courtesy of him being breech in my belly for so long🤰🏼
it was just a precaution - but mannn, it seemed SO ridiculous to have to expose him again to the radiation & germs. especially when he already got the 1st green light at six weeks old AND seeing by the way he moves..clearly his #hipsdontlie 💃🏽😅 hey..at least that souvenir x-ray photo was worth all our time & money #NOT 😑🙈😂 #momrant #thanksforlistening // however, no matter how silly/annoying/risky it may have seemed, all of our babes’ well beings always come first to us. this mama is truly so grateful that our bABE got the official 💯 & that the rest of #bergpartyof5 have been blessed with another beautiful (fri)day of health & happiness ! now, here’s to the weekend ! 🍻⭐️🤙🏼 #tgif

Because I can't choose just one 💙 happy 6 months baby boy. @ncamp879 and I love you to pieces! You are such a happy baby, you make being a mommy easy 😚 •

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Mi amor no me cansaré de agradecerte por todo lo que haces por mi, por todos los momentos que hemos pasado juntos, en estos 6 meses me has enseñado tantas cosas, me has dado tantos consejos, siempre has estado para mi, no hay un solo momento en que me hayas dejado sola Y eso lo valoro tanto mi amor😍 Gracias por siempre ser el mejor para mi, por siempre dar lo mejor de ti y gracias por amarme tanto💖 eres único mi vida😍
Te amo como no tienes una idea😍 y créeme que siempre lo haré😍💖
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I swear he likes me....
How cute was the pupper though?
🐶 .
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Look whose teeth came out! Does this mean we are supposed to play that game where she picks what she’s gonna be when she grows up!? (Armo thing) 😆😋👶🏼💕

How is she 6 months old already?!? • Started solid foods: sweet potatoes, peanut butter, and butternut squash 🍠🥜
• Slimmed down quite a bit due to being on the move
• Favorite method of locomotion is inch worming
• Got 2 teeth during month 5 and didn’t make a fuss about it (I still don’t understand the teething madness I hear from everyone 🤷‍♀️)
• Sits up with help from one arm
• Currently obsessed with how her fingers move
• No fear of strangers 🙅‍♀️

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Дальше больше 😬 Thanks ❤️ #what #sixmonths #littleyear

Wow! How has it been 6 months married to this amazing man? @t_snug here’s to 6 months and many more to come #halliegotrobbed #marriedlife #sixmonths

This little munchkin turned 6 months old today and said Mama ♡
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Here’s a few of our favorite diaper bag essentials. 🤗 Of course we had to include our on the go wipes case and our travel size diaper cream brush from @baby_bumco which is my personal favorite because I hate using my fingers for diaper cream. 😅 Check out my stories to see the full gift set I received!
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Six month photos! Two weeks late, but closer than last month! 😂 At 6 months old, Leland has one tooth, crawls and pulls up with confidence, and has started cruising. He tips the scales at over 16 pounds and is becoming quite the tall, chubby baby. 💙 His favorite things are to go swimming and play with Atticus (when Atticus is being nice). He hates car rides and loud, sudden noises. He is so smart and getting so grown up, and we're head over heals for this boy!!

Porque con una nos basta no!! 4 tienen que ser jajjaa 💕
Bueno hemos estado alejados de la RRSS porque mamá luchona volvió con todo @distritovintage 💅 y ademas el Balti estuvo apestado dos semanas, pero en fin, este mes en general no me ha dado el tiempo porque entre cocinar , darle comida al Balti, mamaderas complementarias a su tetita , estimularlo , hacer una zona de juegos en el depa para él y mi regreso la tienda , de verdad que no me da mucho el cuerpo , pero mompower todo el rato instinto de madre leona y toda las volas !! 🔥Bueno hace rato que guaguito es contorsionista : primero cuando hace sus rabietas de exorcista y segundo para chuparse sus patitas de empaná. 🤭Y eso que se acabe luego el año cierto? Jajaja necesito vacaciones 🏝
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🤗 Look who figured out what to do in this sling #Jump I was so tickled 😂😂💓 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #sixmonths

Sullivan is SIX MONTHS OLD today! I don't know why time has to go by so fast. But I enjoy watching my littlest boy grow. He got to eat baby food for the first time today. Carrots; and he was was unsure about them at first but it's safe to say he liked them. He can roll front to back and back to front. He can sit up by himself. He can get on all fours and rock. He scoots backwards. He has great hand and eye coordination. He has lungs like his momma and screams loud and proud. And we have officially made it to six whole months of breastfeeding and I couldn't be more proud of the both of us. #sixmonths #slowyourrollsully #breastfeeding #growingtoofast #littlestwright 😭😍😍💞👶😘 @lonnie_wrightii

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